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Top 10 Women’s Snowboard Brands [For Beginner & Advanced]

It’s the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to start looking for the best snowboard is now. Female snowboard riders are well-represented at various stages of the snowboard industry, starting from hobbyists to top performers and professionals.

The snowboard industry is increasing its production of women’s gears to meet the needs of these female riders.

There is an increased production of new specifically-designed boots, boards, outerwear, and bindings for women. With the advent of better snowboard technology, women snowboard riders now have better options.

However, the numerous brands of women’s snowboards in the market make it challenging to get the perfect snowboard collection. It becomes more tasking when you’re not armed with the correct information.

That’s why we have compiled this buyer’s guide on the best women’s snowboards of 2022. Our guide will help you make better choices out of the best options we’ve discovered. We will also offer a few tips on choosing the best snowboard gears to make your shopping much easier and more seamless.

Read on to find our favorite women snowboards and get yourself all ready for winter. A quick breakdown of our best women snowboards is given below.

Women's Snowboard Brands

Top Women’s Snowboard Brands

1.Burton Hideaway – Overall Best

This is the ideal board for the stylish woman looking for comfort and the best snowboarding experience.

Its soft flex pattern, directional shape, and slight taper help you lock into carves with ease.

This board’s Squeezebox Low increases stability and makes it easy to manipulate, and the Super Fly 800G Core ensures additional easy pop-off jumps. This board features a Super Sap Epoxy that provides the board with a low carbon footprint and high durability that lasts for years.

The Hideaway snowboard has an exciting directional shape with great versatility and performance that will leave you wowed.

The Burton Hideaway is the best board for all major functions that you may desire.


  • Soft flex pattern
  • Stable


  • Quite expensive

2.Jones Dream Catcher – Best Technology

The JDC (Jones Dream Catcher) snowboard provides you with one of the best snowboarding experiences.

The board is designed with new technological innovations to help users have the best experience and take them to new heights on the mountain. This is the perfect board if you’re on the lookout for the perfect board with sustainable and recycled materials that will be able to withstand any terrain.

It’s the perfect board for unbeatable freedom, direction, and possibilities.

The 3D base contour and the Directional Rocker camber profile increase durability, and the ForeverFlex helps maintain flexibility. The V-Core construction makes the edge-to-edge response amazingly fast, and the Sintered 8000 Base gives you the optimum snowboarding experience. The Jones Dream Catcher also comes with FSC proven sustainable wood integrated into it for optimum durability and strength without losing its eco-friendliness


  • Best for all-mountain
  • Works in heavy powder
  • Camber between feet


  • Not for beginners
  • Quite expensive

3.GNU Asym Ladies Choice

Snowboarding can be fun for women if they have the right gear. Enjoy an unlimited and unbeatable fun snowboarding experience with the GNU Asym Ladies Choice snowboard. It is designed with great features that ensure better control during hardpack and icy landings.

These features – Sintered Knife Cut Base, Magne-traction edges, Eco Sublimated Bio Beans Top – make the board ready to withstand anything thrown at it. The medium flex also ensures seamless riding.


  • Magne-traction construction
  • Easy and stable riding


  • Chatter could occur

 4.K2 Dreamsicle – Best for Beginners

Who wouldn’t want a board that strikes a balance between all-mountain versatility and edge-hold? The K2 Dreamsicle provides all the qualities you need without making any compromises.

The Directional Rocker profile ensures a smooth-riding and seamless turn initiation, and its Rhythm Core makes it exciting for female riders.

The 2000 base is extruded for extra durability, speed, and performance in any condition. It also features a ten biaxial glass laminate that offers durability and power.

The K2 Dreamsicle ride will make you dream of your next ride!


  • Twin rocker profile
  • Rhythm core
  • Fast and Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Not for experts

5.Gnu Ladies Choice Snowboard – Women’s

This board by Jamie Anderson is excellent for icy riders who want to have a great fun-filled day. The GNu board is great for both freeride and park rides.

The C2 camber profile, Magne-traction, and asymmetrical sidecut profile make it the best board to ride on ice with fun.

This is the board for you if you’re an intermediate or advanced rider with an eye for a medium flex board that offers the best experience in the mountains and around the park.


  • Easy gliding
  • Floats well
  • Versatile
  • Fast and responsive


  • Not for deep powder riding

6.Yes. Hel Yes – Best Rugged Snowboard

This award-winning board is inspired by Helen Schettini to withstand any condition.

The edge design and hybrid rocker camber elevated the board’s position as one of the best products in the Yes Snowboards women’s line.

The board is stiffer than most female boards, but it will provide you with the fast edge-to-edge, and playful experience you desire.

The board is built to withstand aggressive terrains very well and offers stiff flex in mountains.


  • For aggressive riders
  • Easy turning and edge hold
  • All-terrain board


  • Not for beginners
  • Limited production

7.Salomon Pillow Talk – Best for Freeride

Boards come with various features that differentiate them from others, but the Salomon Pillow Talk has a crazy powder-specific shape that sets it apart from other boards. It also has a centered stance that helps you get unbeatable fun in the mountains while retaining its versatility in being the all-mountain board for Freeride terrain lovers.

It’s fast, floats in powder, and jumps off anything, making it the best board for riders who love the steeps and powder more and would only use it in the mountains on a few occasions. It’s not the best board for people who are beginners or don’t enjoy powder riding.


  • Stable
  • Responsive
  • Powder riding board


  • Not for beginners

8.K2 Wildheart – Best for Powder Lovers

This light and versatile K2 Wildheart board are short and light-footed and easy to maneuver, giving you that modern surf experience.

It’s designed to float in powder, making it the perfect choice for powder lovers and people who enjoy playing on various parts of the mountain.

The camber baseline is directional and there’s a camber at the middle of your feet and a rocker on the top and tail for better floating.


  • Specifically designed for powder days tree-riding
  • Makes turning effortless
  • Works great on hardpack and ice
  • Easy to control and maneuver


  • Not the best board for beginners
  • Small size range

9.Arbor Cadence – Best for Beginners

The best snowboards for beginners tend to be those with softer flexing and twin-tip. These boards are relatively affordable, and you can use them for many years without feeling any need to change them, even after you’ve advanced and are no longer a beginner.

The Arbor Cadence is one of the best affordable boards for beginners and intermediate riders who are willing to perfect their skills. The soft flex and easy turning make it the ideal board for you if you’re using a board for the first time.


  • Great price
  • Durable construction
  • All-mountain board


  • Not for high speeds
  • Too soft

10.K2 First Lite – Best Affordable Board

If you’re a beginner and you’re on the lookout for the best board to get without breaking the bank, you should consider the K2 First Lite. It comes in a fun and versatile design that helps you learn with little or no frustration. The rocker baseline helps reduce how often you fall off the board, and the soft design makes it easy for you to learn and develop your skills.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable


  • Not for experts

Tips on Buying the Best Women’s Snowboard

A snowboard is designed to meet the specific needs of a user, and buying the wrong one can affect your performance.

Our tips on buying the best women’s snowboard will guide you in making informed decisions and choosing the right board.

Board Shape

Women’s snowboards have different flex, width, and weight. Since women’s feet are usually smaller than men’s feet, their board’s waists are made to be narrow to make it easy to turn.

The women’s board also tends to have softer flex for better response and control. For ease of maneuverability, the boards are also constructed from light materials.


Another factor to consider is your ability level as a rider.

Every snowboard is designed to help a rider perform based on their ability. That is, a snowboard designed for experts should not be used by a beginner to prevent them from having it hard.

Also, If you use a beginner’s board as an expert, it will hinder you from performing much better, and you will not find it interesting.

Snowboard usually come with ability levels that include beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, advanced and expert

Intended Purpose

The intended purpose of getting a snowboard is another thing to consider. Normally, snowboards are designed for different terrains and riding styles. Boards are categorized into all Mountain, freestyle and all-Mountain freestyle.

All Mountain boards are perfect for beginners. Freestyle is specifically designed for tricks on boxes, jumps, rails and banks, and logs. All Mountain boards are very common, and they provide users with the best experience. It’s great for riders who want the best mountain experience and a little bit of freestyling.


The general misconception is that a board should measure up to the rider’s nose and chin, but this doesn’t work for slim or heavy riders. Sizing a board based on your weight is better than using your height as a measurement.

Other factors to consider include the price,  board width, rocker profile, flex, shape, construction, sidecut, base, edge, and price


Snowboards come in different shapes and sizes, and they serve various purposes. One of the common mistakes people make when buying a snowboard is going for looks or buying a popular brand.

Regardless of the type of boards you settle for, the past few years have experienced some huge innovations, and you should consider them before making a buying decision.

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