TAG Heuer Watches Worth The Price? (Value & Pricing)

TAG Heuer has always been considered a prestigious watchmaking brand, and it is well deserved, despite some controversy. And, like most high-end timepieces, they may be extremely expensive. But why are TAG Heuer timepieces so pricey?

TAG Heuer is a famous brand name that sources its materials from high-quality companies. Their watches contain sapphire crystal for the scratch-proof face that can only be scratched by diamonds, 18k gold, 316L stainless steel for the casing, and ethically sourced gems and diamonds. Each watch is also assembled and inspected in Switzerland, adding to the cost.

TAG Heuer is a fantastic watchmaker that strives to project status and luxury. And they’re not afraid to charge that much for their timepieces. This article will explain why TAG Heuer watches are so expensive and whether they are truly worth it.

What Factors Make TAG Heuer Watches So Expensive

Like most Swiss watch brands, Tag Heuer watches may be quite expensive. Prices range from roughly $1300 for the more affordable variants to tens of thousands of dollars for the higher-end models.

The name of the brand, the materials used, the production process, and the reliability and durability of their timepieces are all factors for their high prices. 

1. Brand Name

The brand name is always one of the most important driving forces behind the high price tags. Yes, high-end timepieces are made using expensive materials that they put through a lengthy production process.

The most significant price-raiser, though, is the brand’s name and the sense of status and luxury it wishes to convey.

TAG Heuer is a watch brand that is synonymous with high-end watches. People are aware that their timepieces are of excellent quality and do not manufacture watches for everyone.

This brand isn’t entirely on the same level as Rolex, Omega, or Patek Philippe, but it is a step above most other watch companies.

As a result, the price reflects this. TAG Heuer aspires to be a premium watchmaker, and in order to achieve that goal, the price is increased.

2. Materials Used

The cost of making a watch is determined by the quality of the materials used (together with the manufacturing process). And, because TAG Heuer isn’t afraid to use high-quality materials like diamonds and 18K gold, the costs of producing a TAG Heuer watch are slightly higher as well.

TAG Heuer uses 316L stainless steel for the case and bracelet, which is the industry-leading stainless steel alloy. They also use titanium, which is a more opulent material than stainless steel.

Furthermore, every TAG Heuer watch features a sapphire crystal, the most durable option for a watch face. Sapphire crystals are incredibly resistant to scratches and can only be scratched by diamonds.

3. Manufacturing Process

TAG Heuer watches are Swiss-made, which is a prestigious distinction. Brands that stamp their watches as Swiss-made are audited on a regular basis to ensure that they follow the set guidelines:

  • It has to be a Swiss movement.
  • The watch must be assembled and inspected in Switzerland.
  • At least 60% of the manufacturing costs and processes are made and performed in Switzerland.

TAG Heuer does, in fact, follow these guidelines. Every TAG Heuer watch is handcrafted in Switzerland (La Chaux de Fonds). Also, while not manufactured in-house, the movements used inside their watches are sourced from Swiss movement manufacturers.

Two apparent factors drive up the price in this manufacturing process. To begin with, in order to comply with Swiss-made guidelines, much of the manufacturing must take place in Switzerland.

Parts and components must also be sourced from Switzerland, which, to put it simply, is an expensive country.

4. Craftsmanship

A TAG Heuer watch is also handcrafted. And, as with any luxurious and expensive watch brand, such a timepiece cannot be assembled by just anyone.

You can imagine that having a Swiss watchmaking expert work on a watch by hand raises the production costs. Not to mention that wages in Switzerland are significantly higher than in most other countries.

5. Reliability & Durability

A TAG Heuer watch is, without a doubt, a dependable and long-lasting timepiece. We briefly discussed the materials used to manufacture TAG Heuer watches, all of which are of exceptional quality.

The best options for the watch face are sapphire crystals, and the 316L stainless steel alloy is one of the more dense and scratch-resistant options.

TAG Heuer watches are also highly accurate. They have several quartz models that are well-known for being reliable and precise, but their mechanical and automatic watches are also very authentic.

Is TAG Heuer Considered A Luxury Watch Brand?

TAG Heuer is not officially recognized as a luxury watch brand. Although they produce high-quality, luxurious watches, the movement is not produced in-house.

A watch must meet specific criteria in order to be considered a luxury timepiece. The most important feature is that the watch is powered by an in-house movement.

That is not the case with TAG Heuer. They get their movements from fantastic companies, but because they get them from them, they don’t qualify as a luxury watch brand.

Aside from the movement, TAG Heuer checks the majority of the boxes. They use high-quality materials and are not afraid to use exotic materials such as gold or diamonds. The TAG Heuer name is also well-known, and the watches are all handcrafted.

The price of a TAG Heuer watch also makes you think of it as luxurious and prestigious, and most people associate a TAG Heuer with luxury. Only when you look closely at the details does it become clear that TAG Heuer is not a luxury watch brand.

Are TAG Heuer Watches Worth The Money?

A TAG Heuer watch is long-lasting, dependable, and of exceptional quality. They are pretty expensive, but if you have the money, a TAG Heuer watch is a good investment.

It is always up to you to decide whether or not a watch is worthwhile. Do you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a watch? More importantly, are you capable of doing so?

Despite not carrying the ‘luxury watch’ title, a TAG Heuer is still a luxurious watch. They’re of fantastic quality, and despite the movement being outsourced, they’re outsourced from reputable companies. If you have the money, a TAG Heuer watch is definitely a good purchase if you’re looking for a nice watch!

What is the Most Expensive TAG Heuer Watches?

The company pioneered the use of timing devices in ski races and motor racing events such as Formula One. From the 1950s to the 1970s, this accounted for its popularity among professional and amateur racers.

In collaboration with Breitling and Hamilton, it was also the first to introduce the automatic chronograph. It also created the Chronosplit, a digital chronograph watch with LED and LCD displays.

Here are some of the most expensive TAG Heuer watches:

Mikrogirder 10000 Watch

The Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 10000 Watch is nearly identical to the Mikrogirder 2000. It is accurate to 5/10,000th of a millimeter, which is the same as 1/2000th of a millimeter.

This watch displays 10,000 instead of 2,000 at the 12 position. It also has a more industrial design and a light grey and silver outer ring, as opposed to the Mikrogirder 2000’s Anthracite dial.

The outer scale is divided into five time zones as well. The price quoted is also an estimate, but it can range between $100,000 and $150,000.

Mikrogirder 2000 Watch

The Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000, like the Mikrotimer, lacks a balance wheel. It, like the Pendulum, lacks a hairspring. The watch has a high frequency of 1,000 Hz and vibrates at 7.2 million times per hour.

The central Chrono spins 20 times per second. It has an accuracy of up to 1/2000th of a second. It was the winner of the Aiguille d’Or, the watch industry’s Oscars. This watch also runs over $100,000.

Mikrotimer Watch

The TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Watch has a frequency of 500 Hz and a beat rate of 3.6 million beats per hour. Every second, the central Chrono completes 10 full rotations.

Its case is made of black titanium carbide, and its horns are made of contrasting silver titanium carbide. It has two chronograph hands in the center. The first gives readings in 1/100th and 1/1,000th of a second.

The second displays the number of minutes and one-twelfth of a minute that have passed. There is no balance wheel on it. This watch is less expensive than the other two but still runs $88,850 retail.

Summing It Up

TAG Heuer watches are pricey because they are frequently made of gold, stainless steel, platinum, and sapphire crystal. Many models include gold, which adds to their value.

These watches will only retain their value if it is well maintained and the original box and paper are kept. TAG Heuer watches are just as good as luxury-brand watches. You get what you pay for, and that’s the truth with this brand.

The durability, value, and the features of a watch depend upon the quality of materials that are used to manufacture it. With TAG Heuer, the watches are wholly Swiss-made and inspected to guarantee the quality of each timepiece.

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