Patek Phillipe Watches (Most Expensive Picks & Why)

The world of luxury watches seems to revolve around Swiss brands, and that is justified. Whether it be Rolex or Patek Phillipe, Swiss watchmakers continually emphasize luxury, style, and performance. So, why are Patek Phillipe watches so expensive?

Patek Phillipe watches are so expensive because many models contain, gold, platinum, and diamonds. They use over 50 movements throughout their lines, and they produce just over 60,000 watches per year. There is a low supply and high demand for Patek Phillipe watches which is why they can often double in value over time.

Celebrities like John Mayer, Joe Dimaggio, and Victoria Beckham publicly wear Patek Phillipe watches. This luxury brand is as good as Rolex, if not better, and is just as recognizable. Follow along as we explore why Patek Phillipe watches are so expensive.

Why Are Patek Phillipe Watches So Expensive?

Patek Phillipe watches are so expensive because of the style, function, exclusivity, and premium materials. Their artisans craft each watch carefully and focus on style as much as functionality. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect why Patek Phillipe watches are so expensive.


Patek Phillipe watches vary in style between collections and appeal to any luxury watch lover. For example, the Grand Complications line focuses on elegance with the use of gold and diamonds. The Nautilus line, however, features 27 models and is more likely to appeal to fans of sporty watches.

Artsy luxury watch collectors relate more to the Gondolo Collection and its art deco aesthetic. Each series looks unique, but you can always tell that it is a Patek Phillipe watch. You can always find a Patek Phillipe watch to match your style whether it’s a Calatrava or Aquanaut.


Each Patek Phillipe movement is unique and offers accurate precision. Whether it be the 240 series or 324 series, Patek Phillipe carefully crafts each movement. Patek Phillipe chronographs are distinct and set themselves apart from fellow Swiss brands such as Rolex.

Some of their watches, such as the Grand Complications 7140R even have mechanical memory for leap years. The four-year memory function allows you to go about your day whether you know it’s a leap year or not without needing to reset the watch. This attention to detail as well as their accurate split-second chronographs are why Patek Phillipe watches are so expensive.


You will be hard-pressed to find a Patek Phillipe watch that is less than $20,000. Patek Phillipe watches start at roughly $19,000 and climb to six figures quickly with each of their collections. This greatly limits how many luxury watch enthusiasts can purchase a Patek Phillipe watch which makes it exclusive.

The exclusivity and luxury that Patek Phillipe watches display are why so many celebrities wear them. Joe DiMaggio and Victoria Beckham are two of many celebrities that publicly wear Patek Phillipe watches. Patek Phillipe watches are expensive enough that they limit their customer base and rare enough to justify the cost.


Patek Phillipe uses fine materials such as rose gold, diamonds, and sapphire crystals which add to the cost. Some models even contain 27 jewels which reaffirm that Patek Phillipe spares no expenses during production. The cases for several Patek Phillipe watches contain platinum which is among the most expensive metals.

Craftsmanship and materials go hand in hand as they create each component in-house. You don’t just pay for the materials themselves, but the countless hours it takes to bring them together. There are 275 parts in many Patek Phillipe watches that professionals assemble painstakingly.

Which Patek Phillipe Watches Are Most Expensive?

Several Patek Phillipe watches from the Grand Complications line are among the most expensive they offer. In the past, Patek Phillipe has produced watches that cost $2 million. Let’s take a look at the most expensive Patek Phillipe watches.

Grand Complications 5271P

With 58 baguette diamonds, it is easy to understand why the 5271P costs $298,070. Even the clasp set contains another 22 diamonds and the 12 o’clock marker has another one. This is one of the most expensive Patek Phillipe watches, and it contains 456 pieces.

The sheer detail and effort that each Grand Complications 5271P contains can explain the cost. Patek Phillipe even included details such as moon phases and an accurate perpetual calendar. This watch is also water-resistant up to 100 feet and has a comfortable 41-millimeter diameter.

Grand Complications 7140R

The Grand Complications line is Patek Phillipe’s most luxurious series, and the 7140R is no exception. This watch costs $102,900 and features rose gold and diamonds which drive the price. Patek Phillipe’s 7140R is also available in a white gold variant that is equally stunning.

The bezel set alone features 68 diamonds that draw attention to your wrist. Functionality is just as important as style with this watch, and the self-winding mechanism is impressive. You won’t need to worry about water damage with this watch either as it is water-resistant up to 100 feet.

Grand Complications 5327J

Another watch from the Grand Complications line, the 5327J displays why watch enthusiasts love Swiss watches. This watch costs $99,950 and boasts 27 jewels and an accurate perpetual calendar. It is hard to tell that the 5327J consists of 275 parts because of how tightly it is crafted.

The addition of 22k gold and an alligator leather strap is the icing on the cake for the 5327. This model comes in either yellow gold or white gold depending on your preference. The only difference besides the gold is that the white variant features a distinct blue dial.

Are Patek Phillipe Watches Considered Luxury?

Patek Phillipe watches are considered one of the top luxury watch brands. Enthusiasts mention Patek Phillipe in the same breath as Cartier, Breitling, and Rolex. The combination of the cost and craftsmanship ultimately determines whether or not a watch is considered luxurious.

Patek Phillipe watches are a perfect example of how fine materials and craftsmanship can increase the cost. Their watches are also luxurious because they are designed to complement dressy attire. The addition of materials like rose gold and diamonds exude class, wealth, and luxury.

Is Patek Phillipe as Good as Rolex?

Patek Phillipe watches are just as good as Rolex watches, if not better. Both brands produce luxury watches for a wealthy customer base. Rolex is known for their sporty watches whereas Patek Phillipe watches emphasize elegance and class.

An entry-level Rolex watch costs $5,800 and is more affordable than the cheapest Patek Phillipe watch. Patek Phillipe watches start at $19,000 and only appeal to the wealthiest watch enthusiasts in the luxury market.

Do Patek Phillipe Watches Increase in Value?

Patek Phillipe watches are a good investment and they increase in value. Keep the original packaging and papers to authenticate the watch to increase the value as much as possible. Patek Phillipe doesn’t produce many watches which makes each one rare and unique.

This ultimately is why you can often sell a Patek Phillipe watch for more than its original price. They produce just over 60,000 watches each year which isn’t many for such a well-respected brand. Patek Phillipe watches can often sell for double the original price, particularly if it contains jewels, platinum, or gold.

Summing It Up

Patek Phillipe watches are so expensive because they contain hundreds of parts and fine materials. Many of their watches contain 22k gold and several feature diamonds. For example, the Grand Complications 5271P features 58 diamonds on the bezel set alone.

Patek Phillipe watches can increase and even double in value. You can ensure that the watch holds its value if you keep it in good condition and hold onto the original packaging. The cheapest Patek Phillipe watch costs $19,000 compared to the cheapest Rolex which costs $5,800.

Their watches are considered luxury and exclusive. Several celebrities such as John Mayer and Victoria Beckham wear Patek Phillipe watches. They are ultimately so expensive because Patek Phillipe makes watches out of expensive materials for a wealthy customer base.

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