Omega Watches (Pricing, Value & Top Picks)

Swiss watchmakers have a pristine reputation in the luxury watch market. Brands like Omega always come up at the top of the list beside luxury watch legends Rolex. So, why are Omega watches so expensive?

Omega watches are so expensive because of the inclusion of gold, stainless steel, and sapphire crystal. Each Omega watch line is unique and implements impressive movement mechanisms that are accurate. Some models feature diamonds, and the cheapest Omega watch costs $3,750.

The luxury watch market considers Omega one of the best because of its craftsmanship. Omega watches are just as nice as Rolexes even if they cost less. Follow along as we explore why Omega watches are so expensive.

What Factors That Make Omega Watches So Expensive

Omega watches are expensive because of the style, function, exclusivity, and materials. Countless celebrities from Tom Hanks to Steve Carrell wear Omega watches, and that is because of the status they display. Let’s take a look at the key factors that determine why Omega watches are expensive.

1. Style

Each Omega watch collection offers a unique style whether it be their Seamaster or Deville line. The Constellation series watches display simplicity and luxury in a way that only a Swiss watchmaker can. Omega’s De Ville line, however, focuses more on the flashy side of things with unique number markers and bracelets.

Omega Speedmaster watches are sporty and appeal to wealthy collectors with a penchant for nice cars. Each line has models that vary as far as the colors and design go yet maintain a look that connects it to the others. Interchangeable straps allow you to alter the style of your Omega watch, so the possibilities are endless.

2. Function

The unique Omega Caliber Master 8511 movement is one of several movements the brand utilizes. Swiss watchmakers such as Omega continue to update movements that focus on function and accuracy. You don’t have to worry about your Omega watch falling short on time.

For example, watch enthusiasts universally praise Omega for their use of Co-Axial movements. Movements are the ultimate decider for whether or not a watch functions well. The accurate and innovative movements that Omega puts into each watch are part of why they are so expensive.

3. Exclusivity

Omega watches are among the most exclusive luxury watches on the market. You won’t find many people wearing Omega watches in your everyday life, that is unless you’re a wealthy business person. That is because the most affordable Omega watch starts at $3,750.

This limits how many people can wear an Omega watch, especially when you get into high-end models that exceed $40,000. Celebrities such as Steve Carrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Hanks wear Omega watches. The exclusivity of Omega watches is both because of the high cost and part of what keeps the cost high.

4. Materials

Omega uses fine materials such as stainless steel and gold that are expensive to mass-produce. The inclusion of stainless steel in Omega watches ensures that you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. Some Omega watches contain gold and rhodium hands that can quickly catch the eye.

Some Omega lines, such as Trésor feature an 18k gold case which adds value to each watch. The inclusion of gold certainly adds to the price tag, but it also reiterates that Omega cares about the craft. Omega watches are also known for the Sapphire crystal dome that can resist glares and is sought-after.

Which Omega Watches Are Most Expensive?

The Seamaster 300 and Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronomaster are the most expensive Omega watches. Omega’s Trésor line is another example of well-crafted, expensive, luxury watches. Let’s take a look at which Omega watches are most expensive.

Seamaster 300

The Omega Seamaster 300 costs $42,000 because of the superior materials and craftsmanship. This watch combines the sought-after vintage style with modern technology. Each Seamaster 300 contains a platinum case which helps explain the high cost.

Omega makes use of their Swiss chronometer technology that makes the Seamaster 300 so accurate. The 60-hour power reserve makes this watch as practical as it is stylish. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dome is the icing on the cake that makes the Seamaster 300 the most expensive Omega watch currently available.

Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronomaster

Omega’s Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronomaster is one of their most expensive watches and costs $30,700. The Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronomaster features 18k gold which is enough to deem it a luxury watch. You can draw eyes to the blue dial right away which creates a contrast to the gold bracelet

The crystal domed watch face provides perfect clarity and you won’t have to worry about scratches. You get a 55-hour power reserve with this watch so you can travel without worrying about it dying. The Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronomaster is one of the most expensive Omega watches because of its performance and materials.


Omega’s Trésor line consists of some of their most luxurious watches. The Trésor Co-Axial Master Chronometer costs $17,500 and exemplifies what most luxury watch enthusiasts look for. This watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet and is a great example of a durable luxury watch.

The 18k gold case is just one of the reasons why this watch is so expensive. Omega creates a great contrast with the blue leather strap that stands out among their other watches. Each Trésor watch comes with a sapphire dome watch face that can resist strong glares.

Is Omega as Good as Rolex?

Omegas is as good of a brand as Rolex in the eyes of many luxury watch enthusiasts. However, Rolex is better than Omega in terms of its reputation in the world of luxury watches. Both brands are Swiss luxury watchmakers who produce watches with superior function and materials.

The cheapest Omega watch that you can find costs $3,750. However, Rolex doesn’t offer any watch that is cheaper than $5,800. The cost difference between an entry-level Omega watch versus a cheap Rolex is minimal, but it shows how they vary in the eyes of the market.

Are Omega Watches Considered Luxury?

Omega is a luxury watchmaker that caters to wealthy customers. All but one Omega watch costs below $4,000, and that is a low price for the brand. Many Omega watches fall between $20,000 and $40,000 depending on the line.

They are just as well known for their innovative movements as they are for being expensive. Watch enthusiasts find Omega worth the cost because of the status that their watches signal. The luxury market consistently states that Omega and Rolex are the top two Swiss watches.

Do Omega Watches Increase in Value?

Unfortunately, most Omega watches don’t increase in value. Omega watches depreciate by an average of 30% in the first year after you purchase one. There is a high demand for Omega watches, but the brand always keeps many new models on the market.

This sadly makes it nearly impossible to flip an Omega watch for profit. However, Omega watches made before the 1990s or 2000s are more likely to increase in value than modern models. Your best bet is to keep the original packing and maintain it so that your Omega watch holds its value.

Summing It Up

Omega watches are so expensive because of expensive materials like stainless steel and gold. Some of their models even contain 18k gold which adds to the price significantly. Omega watches are just as accurate and luxurious as a Rolex even if they cost less.

The most expensive Omega watch is the Seamaster 300 and it costs $42,000. Omega produces only one watch that costs less than $4,000, and most of them exceed $8,000. Sadly, Omega watches are unlikely to increase in value and they decrease in value by 30% in many cases.

Limited edition Omega watches are more likely to hold their value, but only if you keep the packaging. Omega watches are exclusive and celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Steve Carrell, and Tom Hanks wear them.

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