Are Movado Watches Worth The Price?

Movado is a recognizable name in the world of watches because of its excellent style and function. They produce watches that range between under $400 and well over $2,000. So, why are Movado watches so expensive?

Luxury Movado watches are so expensive because several models contain gold and diamonds. Top Movado watches such as the Faceto feature a diamond-set bezel that increases its value. Models like the Faceto and Vizio are notable for their impressive movements and diamond-studded markers.

Movado also produces budget watches, but they are most known for their luxury models. Whether it be the function or materials they use, there are several reasons why Movado watches cost so much. Follow along as we explore why Movado watches are so expensive.

5 Reasons Why Movado Watches Are So Expensive

Movado watches are expensive because of their style, function, and materials they use. Each luxury Movado watch makes use of Swiss movement technology that explains the excellent performance. Let’s take a look at the key factors that explain the cost of Movado watches.

1. UniQue Style

No two Movado watches are alike, and each of their series has a distinct personality. Whether it be the unique Artist Series or their Faceto line, you can find a Movado watch to suit your taste. Their luxury watches such as the Faceto are recognizable for the simple-yet-elegant aesthetic.

The Movado Vizio, however, exemplifies a more traditional luxury watch aesthetic. Movado watches are known for the dot at the top of each watch face. This is just another touch that shows that Movado values style and spends plenty of attention on detail.

2. Function & Movement

Movado watches make use of a Swiss self-winding movement function that results in a great performance. Many Movado watches feature Swiss chronograph technology that the region is known for. Movement is the most important aspect when it comes to a watch’s function.

Watch enthusiasts rejoiced to learn that Movado now uses Ronda movements. The dials on luxury Movado watches such as the Vizio are unmistakable in style and accuracy. Look no further than the hands on a Movado Faceto to see how the brand values user-friendly luxury.

3. Crystal Materials

Luxury Movado watches often contain diamonds, stainless steel, and even gold. Many models feature sapphire crystal and quartz movement which adds to the cost and appeal of luxury Movado watches. Premium models such as the Faceto feature diamond markers for each hour that drive up the cost.

Movado adds diamond-set bezels to their premium watches that are as gorgeous as they are expensive. Stainless steel is durable and visually appealing which is why Movado continues to use it. Cheaper Movado watches don’t feature the same high-end materials as the Series 800 Automatic and Faceto models.

Which Movado Watches Are Most Expensive?

The gold and stainless steel Faceto models are the most expensive Movado watches. Other models such as the Vizio and Series 800 Automatic are among the top luxury Movado watches. Let’s take a look at the most expensive Movado watches.

Gold Faceto

The most expensive watch that Movado currently makes is the Gold Faceto which costs $3,295. Yellow gold is among the most luxurious watch materials, and it fits the Faceto perfectly. You can quickly spot the diamonds on this watch which helps explain the high cost.

Each Gold Faceto watch contains 12 diamond markers that glisten in the light and draw the eye. Movado Faceto watches utilize Swiss quartz movement to accurately tell the time. The diamond-set bezel is the cherry on the top as to why the Faceto is one of the most expensive Movado watches.

Stainless Steel Faceto

You can also find a stainless steel Movado Faceto variant which costs $2,995. This variation of the Faceto still features diamond lugs and excellent craftsmanship, albeit at a lower cost. Stainless steel Movado Faceto watches feature a classy black dial with diamond markers.

The nearly $300 cost difference between this and the gold Faceto doesn’t indicate a drop in quality. Watch enthusiasts seek out both stainless steel and gold watches which makes this Faceto a hot commodity. It is one of the most expensive Movado watches because of the expensive materials and attention to detail.


Movado’s Vizio watch costs $2,795 and is so expensive because of the yellow gold case and sturdy steel bezel. The Vizio measures 44.5 millimeters in diameter and is as comfortable as it is luxurious. This watch is durable and is water-resistant up to 50 meters which adds to the modern appeal.

The Movado Vizio has 3 sub-dials that are practical and easy to read. Watch enthusiasts will appreciate the simple clasp closure function and K1 crystal. This watch is one of the most expensive Movado pieces, and one of the most affordable luxury watches on the market.

Series 800 Automatic

Movado’s Series 800 Automatic watch costs $2,295 and stands out as one of the best of the brand’s efforts. The series 800 Automatic watch is ideal for many practical purposes because of the interface and convenient calendar. This stainless steel watch is durable and water-resistant at up to 200 meters.

Series 800 Automatic watches have a 38-hour power reserve which is useful for emergencies. You can tell the hour, minute, seconds, and date with a Movado Series 800 Automatic watch. The addition of sapphire crystal is what knocks this expensive watch into the luxury territory.

Are Movado Watches Considered Luxury?

Movado does produce luxury watches, even if not all of its watches fall into that category. You can find several Movado watches that are under $500 and are not considered luxury, such as the Movado Bold Thin. However, the gold and stainless steel Faceto pieces are impressive luxury Movado watches.

The main difference between Movado’s standard and luxury watches is the materials. Standard Movado watches like the Bold Evolution doesn’t feature diamonds like the Faceto. Movado is among the most diverse watch brands in that they cater to working-class consumers and the wealthy elite alike.

Are Movado Watches as Good as Rolex?

Movado watches are not as good as Rolex, but they are still luxury watches. The cheapest Movado watch costs $395 whereas the cheapest Rolex watch costs $5,800. Movado watches are unlikely to increase in value whereas nearly all Rolex watches appreciate over time.

However, Movado watches are reliable and feature impressive Swiss movement technology. Movado and Rolex vary only slightly in terms of performance. Watch enthusiasts also appreciate luxury Movado watches are much more affordable than brands like Breitling and Rolex yet still feature fine materials.

Do Movado Watches Hold Their Value?

Movado watches hold their value, but they are unlikely to increase in value. Most of Movado’s watches are not considered luxury items. Even luxury Movado watches like the Faceto is unlikely to appreciate over time.

They are less rare than watch brands such as Breitling and Rolex which limits their value. Brands that dump a large number of watches into the market limit the resale value of their products. It is a simple matter of supply and demand, but luxury Movado watches may eventually appreciate if they stay in good condition and demand grows.

Summing It Up

Movado watches such as the Faceto are expensive because they contain stainless steel or gold. Many of their luxury watches feature diamond number markers and even a diamond-set bezel. This drives up the cost and makes Movado watches more desirable for collectors.

Movado continues to innovate and make use of new technology, such as quartz movements. Models such as the Series 800 Automatic watches feature a 38-hour power reserve which is useful in emergencies. This watch is also water-resistant up to 200 meters which adds to the value.

Movado watches are not as nice as Rolex watches, and the cheapest Movado costs $395. You can find both budget and luxury watches from Movado which makes them more well-rounded than other high-end brands. The only downside to Movado watches is that they generally won’t increase in value as there is little demand for them and there are many on the market.

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