G-Shock Watches: Everything You Need To Know

You’ll never see or hear about a G-Shock Watch at SIHH or Baselworld, or even hear about it in the Swiss watch world, but ask any sportsman, professional, or member of the armed services. They’ll always have this one as their favored timepiece. Even though the G-Shock is over 30 years old, it remains a must-have wristwatch even today; but why is it so expensive?

Casio G-Shock watches contain yellow, rose, or white gold and are dotted with genuine, ethically sourced diamonds, crystals, and gems. They are created with only high-quality materials. Each watch has technologically advanced functions such as built-in solar panels to the watch face, and altimeters. They are protected from sweat, and dirt, have a scratch-proof screen, and waterproof technologies. 

G-Shock is possibly the only watch collection in the world that makes sense (in terms of price, durability, and timekeeping), delivering a package that no other watchmaker can match – and at a bargain price. Let’s talk about this in depth.

Are Casio G-Shock Watches Worth the Price?

People pay a pretty penny for a Casio G-Shock, but is it worth the price? Below, we list a few of the features that make these watches so pricey.

Are G-Shock Watches Durable?

These G-Shock watches, as you may know, are quite resilient. The company’s mission is to “make a watch that never breaks.”

As a result, the company makes them with the highest endurance level conceivable. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the cheapest DW-5600 survived being run over by a car and continued to work usually.

As a result, they’re dubbed “the Toughest Watches of All Time.” Electric shock, gravity, vibration, and extreme cold are all resistant to these items. You may scuba dive to depths of up to 200 meters with a G-Shock (660 feet).

The company’s motto for these clocks is “Triple Ten,” which means they’re shock-resistant to 10 meters, water-resistant to 10 bars, and have 10-year battery life.

What Materials Do They Use to Make G-Shock Watches?

When it comes to the material, they were previously mostly constructed of plastic, which resulted in a low cost. However, the business has recently decided to make this watch out of titanium.

Titanium is a breakthrough in complete metal technology that keeps the lightness of plastic. It also has a scratch-resistant DLC coating on the outside. Furthermore, all of the watches include a pricey sapphire glass that is both scratch-resistant and shiny.


To gratify customers, G-Shock products are continually built with cutting-edge technology. Some versions are compatible with smartphone features and applications in addition to core functionality.

You may use them to control your phone’s music player, receive email notifications, locate your phone, and set up social media alerts, among other things.

Solar energy is another notable element of this device, which is provided through solar panels on the watch’s face. This function makes it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The battery is also charged automatically and does not require turning on.

Aside from that, another advantage of a G-Shock is that it has an STN-LCD display. It signifies that the dark text is visible against a light background.


The eye-catching luxury design of these watches, with precious stones set in them, is also a big element in their exorbitant costs. Casio even employs gold in some of their G Shock models.

For example, the G-D5000-9JR, which is constructed of 18-carat gold and costs around $68,600 (£52,000), is the most expensive G Shock watch to date.

What’s the Price of a Casio G Shock?

The G-Shock MT-G series has a starting MSRP of $900. The watch was released in 2013, but it is still one of the most talked about.

These watches, according to Casio, are intended for buyers who are passionate about the brand and wish to amass a collection.

Is Gshock A Good Watch Brand?

Gshock watches are expensive, but does this mean it’s a good brand?

Built to Last

Sure, Swiss watches have finesse, but if you’re known for being ‘indestructible,’ G-Shock is the watch for you.

It’s also the only watch globally that offers a ‘Triple-10’ guarantee, which includes 10 bar or 100 meters water resistance, a 10-year battery life, and the ability to withstand a 10-meter drop (a three-story building).

If you pay a few dollars more for the premium version, you’ll receive one that’s even water-resistant to 200 meters!

More for Less

A variety of qualities, not simply endurance, are a significant reason why the G-Shock is the favorite watch of various armed services worldwide.

The watch not only stood out in terms of toughness and longevity, but it also allowed wearers to view the time to the second with unrivaled accuracy (after all, it’s digital).

The watch’s rubber strap and shell made it an ideal companion for extended journeys and missions in the harshest of environments.

Wise Investment

If you consider time to be money, you’re certainly receiving more than you bargained for. The latest ‘G’ series has intriguing features. Some include a built-in altimeter, navigating compass, Bluetooth connectivity, and a world timer that is accurate to 1-2 seconds every month.

Loved by Celebrities Around the World

For years, celebrities such as Eminem, Pharrell Williams, Chris Martin, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Bradley Cooper (and the list goes on) have flocked to the G-Shock.

Of course, they flaunt their fancy timepieces when the opportunity arises, but they’re as outspoken about their fondness for this one. Obviously, something isn’t quite right with this watch.

Survival Technologies

How fast can you go? How hot is it? What’s the depth? How high do you want to go? The G-shock will easily inform you of this.

Their collection’s tools and features are extensive and, of course, correct. You can obtain all the information you need with just a push of a button.

These watches can tell you whether you’re driving in the proper direction, control your music, alter time zones, or even help you conquer a mountain.

To give you an idea, their altimeter watches can read altitudes ranging from 700m to 10,000m (Mt. Everest is 8,848m).


Mud, perspiration, and dirt may not seem like a big deal to you, but any sportsman can tell you how dirty your watch can get after a jog or a game of football, cricket, or tennis.

Dirt from playing might cause problems if it gets into the watch’s mechanism or (worst case scenario) dial, and this is where the G-Shock shines once more.

The rubber body is sealed to withstand any onslaught of dust, sand, or water particles, and it houses the innovative “floating module.”

The floating module allows the watch’s quartz mechanism to essentially float free inside a urethane foam, allowing it to survive all types of shocks while you’re playing.

Sense of Fashion

The G-Shock is to Asia and America what the Swatch is to Europe. People with a sense of fashion, in addition to sports figures, celebrities, and professionals, have always included a G-Shock in their collection. You may be sure that there will be one to fit your taste, as they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Which G-Shock Watches are Most Expensive?

Casio isn’t known for producing high-end watches, so the fact that they make very pricey G Shock watches comes as a surprise.

Sure, G Shocks aren’t their most affordable timepieces. However, if you’re familiar with Casio G-Shock, we’re talking about tens to hundreds of dollars at most.

Dream Project G-Shock

The Dream Project was first shown as a concept watch at Baselworld 2015,  made completely of 18k yellow gold.

The G-Shock Dream Project ‘Pure Gold’ was shockingly priced at $70,000, around the same as a Patek Philippe ref. 5172G chronograph or a Voutilainen Vingt-8 in steel. The Dream Project, however, sold out faster than you could say DW-5000, with only 35 manufactured.

G-Shock with Gassan Sword Finish 7,400

An annual tradition at Baselworld is the announcement of a specially constructed limited edition watch from G-flagship Shock’s MR-G series.

The MRG-G2000GA-1A, like the MRG-G2000RJ-2A from January, is inspired by the strength and refinement of Japanese swords, as well as the highly-skilled artistry that goes into their creation. This particular model is $7,400.

Sadanobu Gassan, a master craftsman in the world-renowned Gassan school of Japanese swordsmiths, hand-finishes this model, which is limited to 300 pieces.

Square G-Shock

The square G-Shock is one of the most popular types, having been around since the G-Shock brand was founded in the early 1980s. It’s decorated with gems, and a fashionable strap finished with smart technology.

A sizable portion of an already substantial fan base is eagerly anticipating this. This model retails at $4,000 and is the most expensive non-limited edition model.

How Can You Tell If a G Shock Watch is Real?

Having a well-known watch, such as the Casio G-Shock, comes with risks, one of which is the abundance of replica (fake) copies. And while they may appear to be identical or similar, they may not last even a week, let alone ten years!

So, if you do decide to add one to your collection, make sure it’s a genuine one that comes with the original guarantee and certification.

Also, ensure that you’re getting it from an authorized dealer, as that’s the only way to prevent yourself from falling victim to scams.

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