Cartier Watches (Pricing ,Value & Worth)

It won’t take long for a watch enthusiast to mention Cartier in the same breath as Rolex. That is because Cartier watches have a reputation for style and craftsmanship that is easy to recognize. So, why are Cartier watches so expensive?

Many Cartier watches contain yellow or rose gold, diamonds, sapphire crystal, and alligator leather bracelets. Cartier watches contain advanced mechanical or electric movement functions that are precise with telling time. They can appreciate over time, particularly if you maintain the watch and keep the original case and paper.

The cheapest Cartier watch is $2,740, and they rapidly jump to the $8,000-$10,000+ range after that. Elaborate Cartier watches like the Ballon Bleu De Cartier cost up to $30,400. Follow along as we explore why Cartier watches are so expensive.

What Makes Cartier So Expensive?

Cartier watches are so expensive because of how much work they put into crafting them. Each model is unique and features the best materials and most advanced functions. Let’s take a look at what makes Cartier watches so expensive.


Cartier watches come in several styles that embody different styles. You can even change the style of your Cartier watch if you change the bracelet. Some enthusiasts prefer a traditional or alligator leather bracelet over gold yellow and stainless steel.

Luckily, Cartier can accommodate you as they produce many watches with interchangeable bracelets. Several Cartier watches feature a sapphire crystal cabochon that increases the value and style of the piece. High-end models like the Pasha De feature diamonds and personify class whereas more affordable models demonstrate quiet elegance.


Cartier continues to innovate and introduced new quartz-movement technology in 2018. Their watches utilize several movements, such as the vintage 1847 MC or the modern take on the skeleton movement. New high-efficiency quartz movement technology shows that Cartier cares as much about the technology as the appearance.

Modern Cartier batteries have a capacity that is 5% higher than their previous generation of watches. You can operate a Cartier watch for up to 8 years with a quartz-movement battery model.


Typically, wealthy people wear Cartier watches because of the high price point. This makes them exclusive when you consider their most affordable model costs $2,740. Everyone from Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal to Tom Hiddeslton wears Cartier watches.

Even Michelle Obama has publicly worn Cartier watches which instills the luxurious appeal. You can find Cartier watches in several films such as Syrup, Mortdecai, and The Big Wedding. Everything about Cartier watches screams luxury, exclusivity, and expensive.


Cartier includes 18k gold in many of their watches and several have real diamonds. The scratch-resistant glass watch faces are durable and easy to clean. Even the strap on a Cartier watch can draw attention with its luxurious alligator leather band.

Many Cartier watches have interchangeable bracelets that let you swap between leather and metal. Models such as the Panthere De Cartier feature an elegant yellow gold band and case. High-end Cartier watches contain sapphire crystals and even platinum which solidifies them as a luxury brand.

Which Cartier Watches Are Most Expensive?

The Ballon Bleu De Cartier, Tank Louis Cartier, and Santos De Cartier Chronograph are their most expensive watches. Each of these watches contains fine materials such as rose gold or sapphire.

Ballon Bleu De Cartier

The Ballon Bleu De Cartier features extravagant rose gold and costs $30,400. Each watch comes with a large blue cabochon on the side that serves as a fine piece of jewelry on its own.  Ballon Bleu De Cartier watches have a fluted crown piece on the side beside the blue sapphire crystal cabochon.

Sapphire crystal, rose gold, and the impressive movement makes this one of the most expensive Cartier watches. The bracelet is interchangeable if you prefer to pick a leather strap, but the gold is classic.  Small details such as the blue sword-shaped hands contribute to why this is one of the most expensive Cartier watches.

Tank Louis Cartier

You won’t find a Tank Louis Cartier watch for less than $29,300. This watch features manual winding and comes with a rose, red, or pink gold band. The traditional Roman Roman dial markers evoke a classical elegance.

The Tank Louis Cartier watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters which adds to its value. Each Tank Louis Cartier watch comes with a sapphire cabochon. It may seem like a lot to spend $29,300 on a watch, but it is likely to appreciate over time with proper care.

Santos De Cartier Chronograph

The Santos De Cartier Chronograph watch originally dates back to 1904 and was used for aviation. This watch costs $28,700 and features accurate automatic movement. The mixture of yellow gold and diamonds creates an elegant contrast that draws the eye right away.

An alligator leather watch strap makes the Santos De Cartier Chronograph as comfortable as it is stylish. Haute Horlogerie designed this luxury watch that continues to stun enthusiasts. The addition of sapphire crystal is another fine touch that adds to the high cost and prestige of this piece.

Are Cartier Watches Considered Luxury?

Cartier is a luxury watch brand that uses the finest materials such as gold, sapphire crystal, and diamonds in some cases. The company continues to change with the times and put as much detail into the function as style. Craftsmanship from creatives at Cartier such as Marie-Laure Cérède and Haute Horlogerie focuses on luxury.

Cartier limits the stock of several of their watches which adds to their status as a luxury item. Celebrity ambassadors such as Timothée Chalamet help reiterate the public opinion that Cartier watches are for the wealthy elite.

Are Cartier Watches as Good as Rolex?

Cartier watches are as good as Rolex in terms of function and history. Rolex may spark more recognition, but Cartier has been around longer since 1847. Cartier frequently ranks second under Rolex in top luxury watch brand lists, but they aren’t that different.

The most obvious difference between Rolex and Cartier watches is the cost. Cartier seems to be more budget-friendly (just like Invicta watches) than Rolex is. Rolex produces pricier watches than Cartier, and the cheapest Rolex costs $5,800. The cheapest Cartier watch sells for $2,740 but still features fine materials like quartz, leather, and steel.

Do Cartier Watches Hold Their Value?

Cartier watches hold their value if you keep them in good condition. You can resell Cartier watches for hundreds or thousands more than you originally paid depending on several factors. The best way to ensure that your Cartier watches increase in value is to keep the original packaging.

Cartier includes packing and papers that help to authenticate the watch. It helps significantly at retail if you can provide the box and papers. You aren’t like to get more than 60%-85% of the original price if you sell a used Cartier watch without the proper documentation.

Papers can tell a potential buyer that you have an authentic Cartier piece and not a cheap knockoff. Vintage Cartier watches are the most sought-after and can sell for 15%-60% more than their original value depending on the condition.

Summing It Up

Cartier watches are expensive because they often contain gold, stainless steel, platinum, and sapphire crystal. Many models come with gold or alligator leather watch bands that increase their value. The cheapest Cartier watch retails for $2,740, and high-end pieces such as the Tank Louis Carter cost $29,300.

Cartier has improved their performance significantly as recently as 2018 with its quartz-movement technology. This allows for a 5% higher battery capacity than previous electric Cartier watches had. You can resell an old Cartier watch at a profit because they increase in value over time.

However, a Cartier watch can only hold its value if you maintain it well and keep the original box and paper. Cartier watches are as good as Rolex, they just aren’t worth quite as much. The cheapest Rolex is more than double the cost of the cheapest Cartier.

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