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3 Best Turkish Cigarette Brands

Cigarette smoking is a passion among the Turkish, many of whom overlook No Smoking signs in public places such as theaters, railroad stations, and airports. Essentially, the Turkish relinquish cigars for the smooth flavor of a great Turkish cigarette. However, what are the leading brands of Turkish cigarettes?

Tekel’s brand of cigarette stands out among the other Turkish cigarettes. It ticks off all the good features of a cigarette Tekel means monopoly or Single-handed and was a true monopoly until 1983.

After that, Tekel controlled only the production of alcohol and tobacco leaf since 2002. Tekel became the best cigarette made in turkey, so much so that people who were fans of American blends such as Marlboro shifted to Tekel.

However, there are other good Turkish cigarette brands. The smooth, thrilling, and exciting effects of a puff of Maltepe or Samsun cannot be denied. Scroll down and continue reading to learn about the major brands of Turkish cigarettes.  

3 Best Turkish Cigarette Brands

Major Turkish Cigarette Brands

Turkish tobacco is the most aromatic and smoothest leaf in the world. Turkish tobacco plants are characterized by smaller size leaves and have a significant number.

These distinctive features can be accredited to treatment methods, soil, climate, and cultivation. The incredible features of Turkish tobacco give their cigarettes their distinct quality.


Until around 2008, this brand happened to be the only manufacturer of cigarettes in Turkey until it experienced the same thing other cigarettes across the globe experience – the British American Tobacco bought it for 1.72 billion US dollars.   


Maltepe cigarettes are manufactured in Turkey. It contains twenty sticks of long (100mm) or king-size (85mm) cigarettes in a pack. This is one of the smoothest brands in Turkey.


The nicotine content of 0.7mg in Samsun cigarette would place it in the “light” group of cigarettes. It would be an understatement to describe this brand as “mild.” A draw might trick you into thinking that the cigarette is yet to be lit.

The flavor becomes obvious with the exhale. The time it takes for the flavor to become apparent makes it very pleasant – makes it different from regular cigarettes.

If you have the chance to travel to Turkey, we highly recommend that you try Samsun.

International Brands Smoked In Turkey 

In the world tobacco production, Turkey ranks number five and ranks number six in exports. In the total value of culture crops in Turkey, Tobacco ranks number six.

The export of tobacco in Turkey generates five hundred million US dollars annually. Below is a list of international cigarettes – some of which are produced with Turkish tobacco.


Camel brand is one of the best international cigarettes produced with Turkish tobacco. It is also more often seen compared to other brands. It is affordable and does not make one’s throat hurt so much after chain-smoking them at some events and parties.   

This cigarette is absolutely one of the best. Unlike others, their filers are cotton. Camel is synonymous with quality and not just some reputation.

Most people who have smoked other international brands attest that none comes as close to Camel. Its rich taste, nice burnt, and great smell are well known.

They are several Camel flavors such as Camel Crush, Camel Filters, Camel Turkish Jade Silver, and Camel Blue. Regardless of the brand you already smoke, you certainly need a Camel in your life.

If you are a menthol smoker, we recommend that you try Camel Turkish Jade Silver. It is the best menthol cigarette today.

5.Lucky Strike

This is a strong cigarette in its own right. It uses a great effect by toasting tobaccos leaves during its preparation, giving it its signature taste. It is a great cigarette brand to try. It is simply fantastic and unique in a delightful way, giving you a smooth and fantastic flavor.

It has a mild and smooth taste. If you are a non-filter smoker, Lucky strike is the perfect cigarette for you.


Marlboro is a very smooth cigarette brand. You can get it anywhere around you, such as local stores.

Marlboro is great to get you on your nicotine level. It has a harsh and strong buzz and is best for smokers who are fans of solid buzz. Its tobacco is very delicious and rich, having a chocolaty taste embedded in it.

Unlike Camel, Marlboro is harsh. In the US, both brands are the trendiest, perhaps because they are entirely different compared to each other. Marlboro comes in various flavors, such as the Marlboro Red. If you are a fan of strong cigarettes, you will probably not find other brands better than this.

With each draw, you will get the taste of rich tobacco with a hint of chocolate taste; you will feel a very strong buzz oozing from your nostrils and after which, completely relaxes you. Become a Marlboro person, and enjoy the taste of life.


This is an American cigarette brand presently owned and produced by ITG brands. They are a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco in the US and outside the US, Japan Tobacco.

Admirers of this brand of cigarette note the outstanding quality of tobacco used in manufacturing it. In addition, the manufacturers are very conscious of the filter.

This brand became the first commercially available filter cigarette in the United States. In 1956, they were referred to as the best cigarette brand.  And in 1965, they were recognized as the best-selling cigarettes in the United States.

Most times in the collection of Winston, there are new items with changes to the exterior design of the packaging, the type and size of the filters.

Thus, allowing even the most impulsive smoker can choose for themselves their most preferred version of this brand – based on taste and preferences. In any case, for every pleasure-seeking person, the abundance and diversity of the tobacco choice will be crucial.

Winston is everything a cigarette is expected to be. It is very smooth, has excellent taste, is long-lasting, and doesn’t have an iota of chemical taste in it.

8.Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament brand of cigarette was launched in the early ‘30s and is unique for its paper filters. When cigarettes did not have filters, it was initially used as an advertising tactic. In 1935, the first viable cigarette papers came into use.

Until the late ‘50s, this brand of cigarette was packaged in a hard pack of two layers. After Parliament adopted a conventional paper pack, the two-layered hard pack continued under the Benson and Hedges brand.  

Parliament is one of the few cigarette brands on the market to feature a recessed paper filter. In the ‘50s, filters became very common in most cigarettes. In the ’40s and ‘50s, Parliament brand was marketed for its outstanding filters, having advertisements that read,”Tobacco tastes best when the filter is recessed and “Only the flavor touches your lips.”

In addition, this brand explained that, unlike standard filters, the recessed filter barred tar from coming in contact with the mouth of the smoker. Parliament makes up one point nine percent of the United States cigarette sales. And from the ‘50s until now, this brand has had a reputation for being the trendiest among well-off smokers.

Parliament is the fourth biggest PMI brand and the twelfth best-selling international brand. It is sold in over thirty countries. In 2016, they had produced a volume of forty-six billion cigarettes.  


The Turkish have a passion for smoking, and Turkey is a significant trader of tobacco on the worldwide markets. It exports fifty-five percent of its production – about one hundred and fifty thousand tones and imports fifty thousand tons of unprocessed and processed tobacco.

This article has highlighted the major Turkish cigarette brands and some of the best international cigarettes. Perhaps you’ve had challenges figuring out which cigarette would soothe you; we hope this article helps you.

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