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Top 10 Trends in Embedded Software Development

New technologies hit the market regularly. As a result, product development has also undergone significant changes. However, all these transformations are driven by specific trends. The rapid development of cutting-edge technologies in the market has also created immense scope for embedded systems.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll look closer at the hottest trends in embedded software development and designs. This niche doesn’t stand still; many new tools and wearables hit the modern market every day. Let’s dive deeper into this question and analyze the main trends that promote the development of embedded software.

Much Better Cyber Security

The rapid development of IoT has dramatically reshaped the security issues in embedded systems. Modern embedded devices simply can’t do without IoT security solutions for improved cybersecurity from hackers. IoT security solutions have the potential to protect sensitive data from cyberattacks and embedded systems require high cybersecurity for much better productivity.

System on Chip

If your work is related to embedded development, you have already heard of this term. The System on Chip has integrated various functional elements on the same chip and in doing so, the board space was saved. Due to this, the design of embedded systems was miniaturized. All this also improved the speed of execution thanks to the powerful processor.

Machine Vision Technology

It goes without saying that machine vision technology has also influenced this niche. So far, it is widely used for bringing image-based methods to various industries. Moreover, the use of machine vision technology in embedded systems is inexpensive.

Improved Battery Power Consumption

Absolutely each device is getting modernized and the same happens to the battery technology. So far, it is of utmost importance for development companies to avoid consuming power. Therefore, there’s a tendency to improve battery consumption at absolutely each level, such as software, hardware, and the system. And this, of course, promotes the performance and flexibility of the device.


Although Bluetooth and Bluetooth 5 are different technologies, both have been approved by the Bluetooth SIG. So, in the upcoming future, we expect to see a rapid development of Bluetooth 5 devices. The main benefits of this enhancement are meshing ability, improved data rate, and enhancements in an advertising capacity.

A Focus on Coding Standards

As the number of embedded software development companies grow, they start using a certain list of rules for code writing. And this list, of course, includes style consistency and language conventions. Thanks to clear standards, programmers are more efficient and productive. Plus, it is easier to hire new developers. In the upcoming year, we expect more companies to appreciate the benefits of coding standards.

Automation Everywhere

So far, we see that many systems are getting automated. And this happens mainly because of the impact of robots. If you take a closer look at every sector of software development, you’ll see that automation is everywhere. And this is the main trend to be faced in the upcoming year.

Because of the pandemic restrictions, there’s a growing need for remote access. And thanks to the potential of embedded devices, there’s an improvement in connecting different storage elements. Today, they get connected with cloud tech to drive the device.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has also undergone significant changes. Many embedded devices became an inseparable part of the healthcare sector. Such powerful devices as pacemakers, glucose monitors, CPAP machines, and many biometric sensors are contingent on embedded systems. They allow doctors to control patients remotely.

One of the main trends to be faced is the use of chips or processors. These devices are tiny but very powerful. They can monitor patients and be connected to a network-based diagnostic process.


In the upcoming year, we expect to see an array of intelligent and powerful embedded devices in the automobile sector. The thing is that modern automotive software is developed with many digital functionalities that require many code lines to make sure they run consistently. And this brings in more challenges for software developers. The hottest automotive development trend is advanced connectivity.

It has already become a standard for electronic devices. Drivers require quick access to their applications and wireless instruments. As a result, more and more embedded devices that are installed in cars are Cellular, Bluetooth, or Wifi-enabled. However, to protect these devices from cybercriminals, programmers, engaged in the automotive sector, must opt for secure coding practices.

Over the Air Updates

It is expected that in the upcoming future, there will be no need to spend your precious time going to vehicle service centers to upgrade the software on ECU. Very soon, users will be able to do this over the air. So far, this feature is used on smartphones, but experts say that very soon, it will be available on all platforms. Just like you update your smartphone, you’ll be able to update the software of your vehicle.

We’ve just reviewed the hottest embedded software development trends. To wrap up what has been said, we wish to add that the coming years may surprise us with innovations in every possible technology. So, if your work is related to software development, you have to follow these trends and keep track of the latest achievements in the area of embedded development.