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Top 10 Leather Jackets for Men

A leather jacket is timeless and the epitome of attractiveness and class. It matures with age, just like any good wine and it has always been a part of the latest fashion trends.

A leather jacket is purchased for two important reasons; firstly if you want to be the center of attention and secondly if you love how it feels and fits your body and gives you ultimate confidence.

A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a good leather jacket. It has become a fashion staple for decades because of its versatility and durability. If taken care of properly, a leather jacket can last a lifetime!

These leather jackets come in a variety of styles with different features and characteristics. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 men’s leather jackets available.

Biker Leather Jacket

Biker jackets offer a slim-fit and streamlined look. It is crafted from premium supple leather and carries the total biker vibe.

These jackets have an asymmetrical zip closure which contributes to their distinctive appeal. It has collars in lapel style with buttons and dual front zipper pockets. The cuffs are zippered and the waist has a belted closure. Most of these jackets have shoulder epaulets also.

The biker leather jacket has a striking design which looks even more tempting in black. It is a must for men who love to ride bikes because they need to gear up before they set off.

Bomber Leather Jacket

A bomber leather jacket is one of the greatest clothing items a man can have which underlines his masculinity and physical profile.

It is also known as a flight jacket and was originally designed for air force pilots. It has genuine leather construction with a classic timeless style that looks great on men.

The distinctive property of the bomber jacket is the level of warmth it provides. It protects you from cold temperatures by insulating the body and trapping the body’s heat inside the jacket.

Traditionally, a bomber jacket style is up to waist-length resting loosely on your hips, and has a ribbed waistband and similar cuffs. It has a zip in front and four pockets on the top and sides. This style is versatile, durable, and comfortable.

Field leather jacket

A field jacket was originally crafted for military personnel. It is made of pure cotton fabric and is waterproof and windproof to make its wearer warm in winters and cool when the sun is out.

Its most distinguishing feature is that it has at least four pockets on the front. These were useful for the military workers to keep ammunition. However, this style has been implemented in the fashion world and is a must-have for any man who wants a casual jacket with large purposeful pockets.

A field jacket typically sits below the waist, so if you are a fan of long coats this style is for you.

Suede Leather Jacket

A suede leather jacket is made from the inner layer of animal hides in contrast to leather which is made from the outer layer. They are specifically valued for the light-weight, softness, and luxuriance of their texture. It is also breathable and can be worn easily in spring, autumn and winter.

Generally, suede is considered a high-quality product. If taken care of properly, it can easily last a lifetime. Suede leather jackets have been in fashion for many decades and even today it is considered an exceptional garment for men. A suede-style jacket is charming and chic.

Aviator Leather Jacket

An aviator leather jacket is a sibling to the traditional bomber style jacket with a few modifications. These modifications are: a fitted waist, zipper on the front and a fleece collar.

These jackets were worn by flight pilots. During World War I, the aircraft cockpits were poorly enclosed. Thus, the aviator jacket was made in a manner to protect the pilots from the cold winds at high altitudes.

However, in recent times, the aviator leather jacket has emerged as a favored clothing item on the fashion ramp. It is worn by men that are fashion conscious.

Hooded Leather Jacket

A leather jacket has always been the ultimate cool fashion piece for a long time. However, when a hoodie is layered with a leather jacket, the result is a jacket that is stylish and comfortable.

The hooded leather jacket is a new style of leather jacket that combines comfort and fashion. It is your best friend on cold days because it keeps your body and heads warm. It is best for those early morning walks or when you are running errands in the winter.

Vintage Leather Jacket

Vintage refers to anything old –at least a few decades old. Similarly, a vintage leather jacket features an old style. They are not old in age but old in style. Many new and modern leather jackets are vintage, which means they are crafted in an old style.

You should choose a vintage leather jacket if you are a lover of traditional classic styles. The style of this jacket is unique because it is produced with a high emphasis on its quality rather than quantity. A vintage-style jacket has a special place on the fashion ramp.

Shearling Leather Jacket

The shearling leather jacket is a style, especially for winters. It is made from the skin of sheep or lamb that has been tanned and dressed with the wool left on. It has a suede surface on the outside and a fur surface on the inside.

Designed to keep you warm and cozy, the shearling jacket is an ever-fashionable clothing item. It gives the wearer 100% protection from cool winds. If you turn your fur collar up, it can block those chilly winds even better.

A shearling jacket when worn with jeans and boots, instantly raises you on the fashion meter. It is the most desirable jacket for fashion-savvy men because it keeps you warm and trendy at the same time.

However, due to the presence of fur underlining, the shearling jacket must be handled with care. Try to keep it air-dried whenever it gets wet. Also, always treat it with a water repellent spray to give it a long life.

Double Rider Leather Jacket

The double rider leather jacket is all about the perfect ‘bad boy’ style. It is a timeless piece and not just for people who have an interest in bikes. Anyone can wear them at any time and sport their rough and tough look.

The double rider jacket has many distinctive features and none of them can be ignored. The foremost is the signature leather material used to craft this beauty. The other likable features include the epaulets on the shoulders, the belt for maximum wind protection, and the asymmetrical zipper which creates a lovable silhouette for the wearer. Also, zipper pockets were designed for keeping any belongings and the coin flaps and sleeve zippers are the defining factors of this specific style.

Many decades back, this jacket style emerged as the ultimate icon of cool rebellion. It was regarded by the media and society as a rough and tough style and even associated with rock and roll style. Nevertheless, nothing has changed as of today and the double rider leather jacket remains a popular and thriving choice.

Varsity Leather Jacket

A varsity-style leather jacket is also known as a letterman jacket. The main theme of a varsity jacket is that it is worn as a uniform in universities and schools. It has patches emblazoned on the jacket which carry the initials of the school/university. It is also used as s sports uniform with the initials of the institution the athlete is representing.

The signature style of a varsity jacket plays with one or two bold colors. If you are a sporty guy, you cannot resist its athletic charm. Most colleges and universities give these jackets to students who take part in sports or competitions, to represent their prestigious institution.

Nothing can be more esteemed than wearing a varsity leather jacket that has the initials of your college/university on one side of the front and your name embroidered across the second snap of the jacket front.


We all will agree that a leather jacket boosts the wearer’s sophistication and personality. This is because leather is a fabric that never goes out of style. In the early 50s, the leather jacket symbolized a rebel. However, in modern times it has more of a trendsetter and daring vibe.