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Top 10 Things to Remember When Applying for a Work Visa

If you are applying for a Work Visa for the United States then you should know that getting a visa on your own is not easy and there are a lot of documentation requirements that you must meet.

It is recommended to reach out to a reliable US lawyer for immigration for your work visa to get a positive outcome. Whether you are applying for a P3 work visa, H-1B visa, E1, E2 visa or any other type, you can discuss your case in detail with the lawyer. However, here are ten things that you should remember when applying for a US work visa.

1. Validity of your Passport

Make sure you know the rules regarding the passport for your trip. If you are traveling to the United States under a temporary work visa then your passport should be valid for the duration of your work visa. However, in situations where you are traveling on permanent immigration visas the criteria is different and you should have a passport with a validity of at least six months upon your arrival. So, make sure to search for current requirements before applying to avoid any problems.

2. Letter of Invitation or Sponsorship from your Company

You need a letter of recommendation when applying for a US work visa. Your employer needs to get the Sponsorship License before they can recommend you. If you are starting to work with a United States based company then make sure you have the recommendation letter before the application to avoid your visa from getting rejected.

3. Remember About the Photograph Requirements

When applying for a work visa, you must keep in mind the photograph requirements. You cannot send over a selfie or a simple photo of you to the embassy and expect them to give you your visa. There are certain requirements that you must meet such as in case of a US work visa, your photo must be square shaped, colored, with white background. Remember to not cover our face with anything and it should be with either a neutral expression or a natural smile.

4. Visa Type Selection

There are two types of visas that the United States offers when it comes to work visas. One is an immigration work visa and the other is a non-immigration work visa. If you are applying for a work visa, understanding the difference is important. An immigration visa is for those workers who plan to stay in the US and become its citizen; the process is a bit long and requires a lot of extra documents and verifications. While, a non-immigration work visa is for temporary workers looking to work in the US with the intention of coming back to their home country once the work has ended; this visa has less requirements, and is easy to apply for.

5. Check the Document Requirements

We already know the standard document list but when applying for a work visa, some additional documents are required as per the policy and the policies are subject to change. So, lookout for the additional documents and keep them ready so you can avoid your visa from being rejected. You may need to present proof of funds, prior qualifications and more.

6. Check the Funds Requirements

The work visa for the US requires you to show your funds. You can either use your bank statements, debit card, credit card or other type of proof to show that you have sufficient funds for your travel and can easily cover your stay in the country. In the case of a work visa, if applicable, you might need a letter from your employee stating that the company will be taking care of your living and other securities required. Remember, the statements you obtain should be in your name. 

7. Check the Visa Processing Times

The United States offers an express visa and standard visa option for visa applications. The Express visa option has a low visa processing time while the standard option takes a bit longer for visa processing. If you are short on time and want to get your visa quickly then an express visa is the way to go but it is a bit costly than a standard visa. However, if you have enough time for visa application and do not want to spend some extra cash then standard visa is the best selection.

8. Check If Vaccinations Are Required

Remember, in some cases the applicant is required to show some vaccinations when applying for a visa. You must check in with your embassy or consulate regarding visa vaccination requirements. Especially after COVID-19, proof of vaccination is required by every country. So, you must check for vaccinations and provide appropriate certificates with your visa application.

9. Airline Tickets and Itinerary 

Among other documents, you are required to present your flight schedule with your visa application form. A flight itinerary is basically your ticket schedule of entering and exiting the country. However, it is recommended that you do not buy a confirmed ticket because in case you do not get your visa then canceling the tickets will cost you a lot. So, book your tickets, present them with your documents and after you receive your work visa, then confirm and pay for your flight tickets.

10. Decide Whether You Need A Visa Agent

If you are applying for a work visa for the first time then you might need some assistance. In such a case it is better to hire an agent preferably an Immigration lawyer that can help you deal with hurdles that you might face while your visa application process. So, hiring a visa agent is totally your choice but we would recommend hiring one so you have a smooth visa process and higher chances of getting your work visa to the US.