Top 10 Rehab Facilities

The United States see about 80,000 deaths reported as drug overdoses and 95,000 alcohol-related deaths every year. With a clear need for addiction treatment in our society, over 14,000 treatment facilities are devoted to making people healthier and happier.

Their clients can expect quality care in a safe, supportive environment, a variety of traditional and holistic therapies, and medically-assisted modalities.

Choosing a rehab that fits you or your loved one among all those drug rehab centers in US may seem a daunting task. Lists like the one below help to narrow down the options. Each of the mentioned centers has a history of proven success, caters to a specific category of clients, is highly rated, and additionally uses an alternative approach to treating substance use disorders. This list presents the top 10 rehabs in the U.S. Read on and choose what appeals to you.

1.CURA, Inc. in Fremont, California.

CURA Inc. has extensive experience (it exists since 1969) in what they call giving “the opportunity to live lives free from drugs and alcohol”. Their ultimate goal is to help the patient effectively reintegrate into the community.

CURA Inc. offers outpatient and residential program options, as well as substantial after-care support. The focus is made on increasing each individual’s self-respect, self-confidence, and personal dignity.

2.Boca Recovery Center in Boca Raton, Florida.

Located near the Atlantic Ocean, The Boca Recovery is a premium class apartment-style rehab. They have intensive inpatient and outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization programs for all ages.

People with co-occurring issues like anxiety, ADHD, depression, eating disorder, gambling, or self-image problems, should pay attention to Boca Recovery. They address dual diagnoses and are one of the best residential mental health facilities.

3.Sand Island Treatment Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The weather and residential facilities make people consider rehabilitation in Hawaii. Other two factors are expertise and a range of services. SITC caters to people who hit the skids, didn’t succeed in other programs, and have a criminal history. On their website, they promise to help their clients travel “from rock-bottom to a fulfilling and meaningful life”. And 60 years of experience is a solid reason to trust SITC.

4.Christian Farms-Tree House (CFTH) in Temple, Texas.

CFTH has been serving TX for over fifty years. They describe their mission as “to mend broken lives” and claim their one-year success rate is 72%. The 30-, 60-, and 90-days programs include daily 12-step meetings, group counseling, life skill classes, spiritual work, and more. Faith in God and adherence to Christian teachings and required here. Though some don’t like faith-based programs, their strict rules and expectations can be an advantage for those who need a strong foundation in sobriety.

5.The Retreat in Wayzata, Minnesota

These drug rehab facilities provide affordable but effective educational services based on the 12 Step principles of AA. The Retreat represents mutual help approach rather than a clinical one. The staff consists of dedicated professionals (licensed alcohol and drug counselors, program coordinators) and support staff most of whom are in recovery themselves. The atmosphere here can be described as peaceful, meditative, and nourishing.

6.CenterPointe Hospital in Saint Charles, Missouri.

CenterPointe Hospital offers behavioral and psychiatric health services for adults, adolescents, and families. The major focus is made on substance abuse, but they also address co-existing mental health disorders which often are an underlying reason for turning to alcohol and drugs. They offer traditional types of treatment programs – residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and aftercare.

7.Step 13 in Denver, Colorado.

Men-only addiction treatment centers are increasing in popularity. Step 13, also known as Step Denver, is one of them. It offers long-term residential treatment for male clients aged 21 and up with low or no financial resources. Step 13 offers therapies that address male-related issues in recovery (masculinity, sexuality, etc.), creates the environment where men feel less-judged and more open to treatments, and allows developing friendships for life.

8.Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires in New Marlborough, Massachusetts.

CMC is one of those good old centers with years of expertise, evidence-based treatment methods, extensively-trained rehabilitation professionals, and top-notch amenities.

The center combines cognitive-behavioral therapy, special harm-reduction medical assistance, and motivational interviewing (a goal-oriented form of counseling). A 2002 study conducted by the University of New Mexico showed that this combination is more effective in reducing alcohol and drug abuse than 12-step facilitation programs.

9.The Northeastern Center, Indiana, Indiana.

This rehab belongs to a group of 5 outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres located all over Indiana state. They provide a wide range of services to children, adolescents, and adults with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental conditions. NEC is known for its special programs for different client categories, e.g. for veterans, military families, patients with HIV or AIDS, clients caught up in the criminal justice system, etc.

10.Amen Clinics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Amen Clinics (named after a founder Daniel Amen) have something unique to offer. Their four circles approach focuses on four key areas of life – Biological, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual. The clinics claims to use “the least toxic, most effective methods” in their outpatient programming. Dr. Amen handpicks all the practitioners and trains them in his method. This center is the perfect place for starting your recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Sure, to make a final choice among the best rehab centers, you’ll need to visit their websites or make inquiries by phone. Everyone has their own additional considerations, such as program accreditation, amenities, price and payment options, speed of admission, aftercare plan, etc. Good luck in choosing the right place!