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10 Best Longboard Brands [Top Specific Models]

When it comes to Longboards, the market is a completely over-saturated market with brand options to choose from. It’s a very cluttered area and because of this, it can sometimes, be difficult to navigate. So, unless you are in the know, and on the up and up, it can be somewhat difficult to determine which is the best longboard brand for you.

A lot of people are wondering, ‘Is Landyachtz a good longboard brand?’ Our answer to that question is a resounding, ‘Absolutely, yes!’Landyachtz is one of the most widely known longboard brands on Earth, and for a good reason. Since it was founded back in 2007, Landyachtz has consistently produced nothing but innovative and quality products.

Large Selection of Boards 

This selection includes speed boards for advanced downhill skaters as much as cruiser pintails for beginners. Since they started out, Landyachtz expanded a bit and now produces its own longboard wheels and trucks. There is a Landyachtz board For Everyone Landyachtz longboards are known to be extremely versatile and well-balanced.

These boards are excellent for pro skaters and beginners alike. Landyachtz longboards are surprisingly flexible considering how sturdy they are.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Landyachtz Totem Paradise. This longboard features a shorter pintail and wheelbase that allows for some pretty tight maneuvering and is very responsive. Because of that, these are excellent longboards for commuting.

Then there is the Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Seeker. This deck is exactly what you are looking for if you’re a smaller rider and can get away with such a small, agile deck.

Unique Carving 

Their boards have great turning characteristics and when you are carving with these things, it really does feel like you are gliding on thin air. Also, these longboards have amazing graphics and designs of all types, so there is something for any rider.

One of the most recommended Landyachtz boards is the Battle Axe. The Landyachtz Battle Ax best freestyle longboards money can buy. It has a concave deck which makes it feel like you are rolling on the ground and more like you are gliding through the air.

The Battle Ax features a drop-down arrangement. That means that it has a really low ride, this makes it a very stable platform. Landyachtz Uses Quality Materials Landyachtz uses maple wood to make its decks. Maple wood is excellent for maintaining control.

Also, it carves really well, so that makes these longboards easier to manufacture. That is why these longboards are among the most popular on the market. The one downside is that they can be a bit more expensive, but you really do get what you pay for.

Earthwing Has Massive Industry Experience

This company is not new. In fact, it was started way, way back in 1998. Since then, Earthwing has been a one-man show. The company clearly has the potential to produce boards in mass and grow accordingly, but the owner (Brian Petrie) insists on making and shaping each board with his own hands.

This might be a good thing because every single hand-crafted board the guy produces is perfect and is unique in its own special way. Doing business this way lets Brian ensure that the quality of his products is always up to his standards.

Earthwing makes boards for all kinds of riders. If you need a cruiser or a downhill machine, Earthwing has you covered. If you are into long-distance boards, Earthwing has great options for that, too. In the Earthwing lineup, there really is something for everyone.

Small Company, Big Quality

Earthwing is not super popular, but they are pretty much the most popular small brand in the longboarding scene. Earthwing makes some of the highest quality products on the market for a price that you would expect to pay for a lot lower quality board.

They are an older company that was founded in the 1990s and have had quality for the average skaters as their top priority. The slogan the company uses is ‘You deserve more,’ and Earthwing really stands by that. You can get a deck from them for less than $100 it’s the best option if you’re just now getting into freeriding or downhill.

One-Man Operation

Brian Petrie really takes pride in his work and he ensures that every board is made to absolute perfection. No other longboard company on the face of the air can say that each board is personally inspected by the owner. That status is specifically reserved for Earthwing Longboards.

Earthwing Skate Skateboard Deck. Earthwing Deck Payback Lobster 8,5"

5.Arbor Collective

Founded in 1998 and originally making snowboards, Arbor started making longboards shortly after. This company makes some fantastic longboards, and they donate a portion of all of its profits to groups that advocate for the protection and restoration of rain forests.

Arbor is a major proponent of sustainability and they have a passion for making the highest-quality longboards possible. Arbor Longboards is one of the highest-end companies in the longboard industry. When you get one of these boards, you can expect a solid, quality construction and seamless maneuverability. These boards provide an excellent riding experience with this company, you can get a longboard that is made specifically for you.

Many Board Designs And Finish Options

Longboards from this company are available in all kinds of different material finishes. This includes carbon fiber, bamboo, and maple. Also, they have some fantastic finishing options available. Bamboo offers more flexibility than the other material options. It’s lightweight, and that makes bamboo boards easy to skate on and even easier to transport. Bamboo is the perfect material for the carving and cruising longboarding styles.

It is important to remember that Bamboo is an extremely eco-friendly material. It is efficient and easy to produce and its production and growth release minimal greenhouse gasses. So, a board made with bamboo is generally a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic and other petroleum-based products.

Arbor Collective- AXIS 40 Bamboo


Comet longboards are well known for their durability. These are some seriously tough boards. A comet longboard can take some serious abuse. This is because the company uses cutting-edge presses that they have custom-designed to perfectly fit their application.

Comet has boards for all kinds of use cases, but more than anything else, they shine in one area: reliability. When you need to get somewhere, as long as you have a comet board, you know it will take you there with no problem, no matter how much hell you give it.

The Comet Cruiser: The Lamborghini of Longboards

When it comes to longboards, the Comet Cruiser is like a high-end sports car. These are fine-tuned instruments that leave no detail unpolished. These boards are built to absolute and total perfection, that’s why they are so durable. The Comet Cruiser is probably the most popular cruiser that is used by pro longboarders, and that is a statement in itself. 
Comet Skate Skateboard Longboard Manifest 38x9.8¨
7.Sector 9

Sector 9 starting out in 1993 in San Diego, CA. The company began making simple skateboards and cruisers, but now their product range has expanded to all kinds of board types. With Sector 9, you can get downhill slayers or even a mini. They also make accessories like slide gloves and downhill helmets.

If you are looking at their prices and wondering, ‘Is Sector 9 a good brand?,’ we want you to know that the answer is, ‘Absolutely!’. A Sector 9 longboard is one of the best longboards on the market. They make boards for all use-cases ranging from commuters to cruisers and carvers to downhill longboards.

Low Price, High Quality

Sector 9 manufactures some of the best longboard wheels you can get, and they make them for all styles of riding. They make high-quality, affordable longboards that offer an amazing price to performance ratio while being stable and safe. Also, these boards are known to have amazing graphics.

Introducing The Sector 9

One of their best longboards is the Sector 9 Lookout Complete. This board is great for newcomers with its thick, long deck. Even now it’s a little bulkier, this board is surprisingly easy to control. This is a great option for heavier riders and is made out of surfboard-inspired bamboo.

Also, the Sector 9 Lookout Complete longboard is amazing for kicking and street cruising because when you push, this thing will coast for ages. The Lookout provides a high degree of control when traversing bumpy roads, and it has excellent shock-absorbing characteristics.

The Sector 9 Makes a Great Second Board

This board is a great choice for intermediate riders. It offers great maneuverability while maintaining a buttery-smooth ride and unmatched stability.

Sector 9 Longboard Meridian Swirl Drop Through Complete 9.75" x 40"


Madrid has been making skateboards since the dawn of the industry. The owner, Jerry Madrid, transitioned from surfing to skateboarding when the trends started to go that way. Madrid began by making skateboards out of fiberglass in the 60s.

Later, he developed proprietary laminations and shapes to make them even better. Later, Madrid Skateboards was rebranded to Madrid Pro Designs. Since then, it has been producing nothing but high-quality longboards. Now they are positioned as a market leader, so you can expect the best from this company.

Madrid DTF Top Mount Longboard Complete - Future Paradise


Omen is a new company to the industry. Omen started out as a Motion Boardshop side project focused on making carbon fiber decks. They saw great success with the initial carbon decks, so that inspired the company to make wooden boards for skaters that didn’t have more than $400 dollars to pay for a deck.

So, in 2014 the Omen transitioned from a small space in the back of Motion Boardshop to a 9000 ft facility that is dedicated to manufacturing their boards. Omen makes very high-quality boards that look fantastic but maintain a low price. With Owen, you really can get quality that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Omen is a Dedicated Company

Omen really has made a lot of progress in bringing high-quality longboards to the masses in an affordable, easy-to-maintain package. The people that are running this company really know what they are doing and they really take their customer feedback into consideration.

For that reason, Omen Longboards just keep getting better and better.

Omen Boards Sea of Debris Longboard Complete Skateboard - 9.1" x 38"


This company busted onto the longboarding scene back in 2001. Ever since then, this company has been dedicated to the New York skating scene. Bustin was built based on the vision of a group of friends that simply needed something better equipped for hills in their area. The boards that this company produces feature high-tech designs that have a crisp finish.

Bustin Makes an Ultra Smooth Riding Longboard

Bustin makes great boards that provide an excellently smooth ride. They have a nice deck flex which gives them some fantastic handling characteristics.

Active parents often get these boards to cruise around the neighborhood with their children. These boards are known to be great for carving as well. It even takes hills really well because of its flexible nature.

FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch Downhill Longboard Skateboard Through Deck 8 Ply Canadian Maple, Complete Cruiser, Free-Style

What’s The Best Longboard Brand For Beginners?

We would have to give that title to Sector 9. If you are just starting out, Sector 9 is the best way to go. Most of the time you get what you, and when someone is first starting out, they generally are not wanting to spend a lot of money on a new hobby.

Sector 9 is really the only brand on this best longboard brands list that we would recommend for an absolute newcomer.


When it comes down to it, there are many competing longboard brands out and they all claim to be the best longboard brand. This can make the purchasing process hazardous for newcomers Remember, every brand is competing for your business and they all have their pros and cons.

Remember, board preferences are known to vary drastically from skater to skater. So, with that in mind, it’s best to probably not rely on the opinion of an individual skater. This is why it’s really important to gather information from all over. Instead of you having to scour the internet and do all that work yourself, we have taken the time to do it for you.

Landyachtz makes the best longboards you can get. With that being said, however, any board by any one of the brands on this list will be an excellent solution. This is because the brands on this list are of only the absolute highest quality.

While Landyachtz has the most experienced in the market operating at a large scale, boards by Rayne, Earthwing, and Arbor are excellent as well.

The world of longboards can be extremely difficult to navigate if you are familiar with any of the brands or terms that they often use. We hope this article helped you make a better, more informed choice on the best longboard to buy.

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