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Tips on Finding Good Coffee while Traveling

If you like to travel, you know how crucial getting a high-quality coffee can be. It’s not only the coffee that counts but also the atmosphere and convenience with which you can enjoy your coffee.

However, it is difficult for coffee lovers to find good coffee while traveling.

The best options are always found in the capital city of whichever country you visit.

This article will focus on advice on finding a good coffee while traveling to provide a little guidance for future travelers.

10 Tips on Finding Good Coffee while Traveling

1. Learn the local language and culture

Nowadays, it’s common to find English menus at cafes in foreign countries. However, it’s a pity that most cafes in foreign countries only have basic English information. Also, the information may be written in bad grammar.

Understanding the local language and culture will help you understand the taste of coffee and learn how to buy some specialties from a place when you’re traveling.

For example, you can buy good cheeses only when you know the proper word.

2. Use Online Traveling Agencies Advisors

When traveling to a new place, it’s always helpful to learn information from Yelp and Trip Advisor in advance. There are many coffee places in a city, and finding good coffee will be hard if you don’t know where the best coffee is.

Yelp or Tripadvisor is an online system providing much helpful information, including the list of cafes in a city. You can use their lists to find a good coffee place within walking distance. Alternatively, you can also read reviews to learn more about the City.

Unique coffee cafes can be easily spotted through nicelocal.

3. Follow the Locals

One of the best ways to find a good coffee place is by following the locals. If you walk with the locals, you can ask them where they go to have coffee to find a good coffee place together. Also, do not hesitate to ask for information from any stranger you meet on your way. You can say, “Excuse me, where’s a good coffee place?”.

4. Ask around at Hotels

When you arrive in the City, be patient and ask for a coffee or a snack where there are many foreign tourists. Then, ask for help from the staff with the local language and culture since they can help you quickly find a good place with great coffee.

5. Ask at Guest Houses and Agencies

It’s not a good idea to reach out to the hotels since they only have basic information and can’t help you. Better, ask at guest houses or agencies. They’re always willing to support tourists like you who want to find a good coffee place.

Therefore, you can ask them to pick up a bag of coffee beans at local grocery stores and ask the staff to grind it for you. It’s going to be a good idea since they can tell you better where you can find a good coffee than the hotel staff.

6. Know Your Budget Before You Go to the City

Before you go to another country, it’s essential to know your budget in some way or another. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to get a decent coffee when you need more than just one cup of coffee while traveling. A specific budget will give you more options and reduce the possibility of being surprised by overbidding.

Budget flexibility is a way to avoid costs while you’re traveling. For example, if you have to go somewhere with some friends or family, you can inform them about your budget. But, don’t let your friends and family help you out with just any coffee place.

7. Avoid Chain Cafes

You will be overwhelmed by the number of cafes and coffee shops in a foreign country. However, it’s important to remember that many chain cafes exist in foreign countries. Although they’re popular, tourists generally do not have high opinions since they always have the same concept and service with poor quality. Thus, try to avoid them when you’re looking for a good coffee place in a foreign country.

8. Use Apps like Bean Hunter

Coffee place finder apps can help you a lot when looking for a good coffee place. The most famous one is Bean Hunter, which is free to download. With the help of this app, you can easily find and share information on where to find a good coffee shop in any country, as well as get some recommendations based on your location.

Similarly, you can see coffee reviews by other people and do your reviews. You can also add shops you like to your list. With this app, finding a good coffee place will be great, and at least you’ll save in the process. Using keywords like “coffee shops near me” can bring the best-filtered results.


9. Inquire From Expert forums

If you can’t find any information on a new country in your itinerary, you can try to get some information through expert forums. Many experts living in the new country love to share their experiences in daily life. For example, some cafes might not be popular among experts, but they’re the best. If you want to know the places that are great and cheap, it’s a good idea to ask them.

In addition, you can seek help from expert forums even when you’re looking for a coffee shop to have a cup of coffee with your friends. You can also ask opinions about where to go for a good coffee with specialties or could get some recommendations based on the location.

10. Use Local Guides

If you’re interested in local lifestyles, you can use guidebook services. However, we recommend you to use them after planning your trip before going to another country. If you need to find a good coffee shop, you can also use a guidebook, but we would not recommend it in your initial planning.

Final Remarks

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you will want to take some time to enjoy the local coffee in each place. Generally, perfect things always come from a tiny place. Therefore, use this article as a guide when you visit a new country and enjoy what the place can offer.