The 8 Most Expensive Trash Cans

A trash can needs to be functional for everyday use. Not only should it serve a purpose, but it should be solid and durable, able to withstand anything you can throw at it – or in it. It is important to think about function first when choosing a trash can, with the form factor somewhere lagging behind. We have put together a list of the most expensive trash cans available, of which form triumphs largely, decorating trash cans and wastebaskets in a way that makes them part of the larger decor conversation. After all, there’s no reason why a beautiful trash can not also be functional.

The most expensive trash can available is the Villari Home Couture Portofino Waste Basket which costs $1,410. This trash can is made of porcelain and has a metallic, textured silver finish. The wastebasket is small, measuring just 8 x 10 inches, but is big in detail, with each basket made by hand in Italy.

Some of our list’s most expensive trash cans are small and decorative, while others are large and functional. Our list ranges from ideal bathroom trash cans to industrial cans intended for outdoor usage and parks. The high-quality materials, combined with the size and detailing, often make these trash cans so expensive compared to a traditional trash can.

Why not change the conversation about trash cans and start to think about this functional tool as a part of the overall decor? Below, we have created a list of the most expensive trash cans so you can start putting form over function when it comes to your waste.

1. Villari Home Couture Portofino Waste Basket – $1,410

Villari Home Couture Portofino Waste BasketNobody likes to think about trash, full of disposed of food and waste. Transforming your trash can into a work of art in your home is a fantastic way to glamorize your trash. The Villari Home Couture Portofino Waste Basket tops our list of the most expensive trash cans available.

Coming in at an astounding $1,410, this trash can will set you back more than a thousand dollars. Although the Portofino wastebasket is quite costly, it is beautiful to look at and will add an element of shine and sparkle to your home, mixing materials and texture to compliment your style.

The wastebasket is made of porcelain, giving the wastebasket a cool and smooth feel. The exterior of the wastebasket is a reflective metallic silver color, giving the illusion of a metal trash can. Fine details with leaf-like texture are embossed on the trash can.

The Villari Home Couture trash can is handmade in Italy and crafted by professional artisans. Because each wastebasket is made to order, expect between eight and nine weeks for delivery. This wastebasket is small and is best used in an office or in the bathroom—the wastebasket measures 7.87 inches wide x 7.87 inches deep x 9.84 inches high.

2. Fornasetti Pennini Trash Can – $1,311

Fornasetti Pennini Trash CanThere is absolutely no reason why a trash can has to be an eyesore in your room. This cleverly decorated trash can from Fornasetti brings an element of humor, design, and color to just about any room. The small size makes this trash can ideal for a study or bathroom. The trash can is made of metal but has detailed painted designs on the walls of the can—the design details stationery layouts with different ink pens.

This stunning trash can is crafted by hand, with an artist printing and lacquering the detailed designs. Each trash can is original, with beautiful designs painted on the primarily red metal background. The entire trash can is small, measuring just 26cm around and 28cm tall. There are other home accessories with this same design motif available from Fornasetti so you can complete your customized look in your home. The Fornasetti Pennini Trash can with stationary details will cost you $1,311.

3. Arete Classic Trash Can and Recycle Receptacle – $759

Arete Classic Trash Can and Recycle ReceptacleKeeping trash and recycles organized outside gives your property a tidy appearance and can help keep out raccoons, bears, and pests that may try to raid your trash in the middle of the night. Organize your waste with a beautiful trash can receptacle that adds more value to your property with smooth, simple, and classic lines.

The Arete receptacle is made from durable recycled plastic with an included liner. The top-loading container makes it easy to use for either trash or recycling. The product is made in the US and has a beautiful post and panel design that keeps the trash can fully enclosed in a beautifully simple cabinet. The trash can liner holds 28 gallons of waste, making it perfect for weekly trash loads.

The receptacle also has leveling feet to ensure your trash can stays firmly in place. While it is possible to use this trash can outdoors, it is best used in a covered area where rain and snow can’t get into the top-loading hole. The Arete receptacle measures 33.5 inches high x 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. The Arete receptacle retails for $759.

4. BrandtWorks 20 Gallon Trash Can – $629

BrandtWorks 20 Gallon Trash CanTrash doesn’t have to be unsightly, and the BrandtWorks 20 Gallon Trash Can works to create a piece of furniture out of your trash can. The beautiful cabinet-style trash can receptacle is the perfect way to mask your trash can while creating a functional yet eye-catching piece of furniture. Adding this BrandtWorks trash can to your home will set you back $629, which is why it has landed on our list of the most expensive trash cans available.

This trash can is beautiful, ad it has easy-to-use features that make disposing of your trash a breeze. The freestanding cabinet has tilt-out trash and recycle cans, helping you separate your trash. The cabinets feature a soft close hinge designed to keep your cabinet quiet. Plus, the top of the cabinet gives you extra space for storage or decorations.

Add the BrandtWorks trash can to your kitchen, mudroom, or laundry room to create a beautiful piece out of a trashy situation. Made of manufactured wood, each trash can cabinet can hold a 20-gallon trash receptacle. The manufactured wood is a slate gray/blue color and comes with black or silver hardware. The trash can cabinet measures 28.5 inches high x 36.75 inches wide x 13 inches deep.

5. Glaro Mount Everest Trash Can – $557

Glaro Mount Everest Trash CanThe Glaro Mount Everest Trash Can is the perfect addition to public luxury locations. Ideal for clubs, hotels, and restaurants, this trash can is modern and attractive yet durable in all weather conditions. The Glaro Mount Everest Trash Can will set you back $557 but is built with style and quality in mind.

The top of the trash can has a flat brass finish, sure to turn heads. The trash can body is made of heavy galvanized steel built to withstand any type of weather and will last for years. Using a hand spinning process, the heavy gauge steel creates a seamless union with the aluminum. The trash can is then further polished by hand to hide any seams and to create a beautiful, finished product.

The outer portion of the trash can has a powder coat finish that won’t tarnish or rust. An interior liner lifts out, making trash easy to remove. The inner liner is made of plastic and has an easy-to-lift handle to make changing the trash bags a breeze. The bottom of the trash can is made of non-corrosive aluminum to protect the can if it is standing in water or snow. The Glaro trash can holds a 10-gallon liner and measures 15 inches in diameter and 31 inches high. The product comes in several available colors allowing you to custom match your style and decor.

6. P & P Burma Waste Basket – $495

Delicate details make all the difference in a home, and the wastebasket is no exception. Although commonly overlooked, the designers at Pigeon and Poodle aim to make the wastebasket a piece of furniture, beautiful enough to blend in with the rest of your home’s decor. This small P & P Burma Waste Basket is only 9 inches in diameter and 11 inches high, but it will cost you $495. Available exclusively from Pigeon and Poodle’s website, this beautiful wastebasket would look perfect in a bathroom, study, or bedroom.

Made with the finest details and materials, this wastebasket exhibits top-notch craftsmanship, uncommon in something as simple as a wastebasket. The wastebasket is a stark white ceramic with a textured bark pattern. The pattern is the ideal way to bring an element of the outdoors inside, bringing both an organic and modern flair to any room. This wastebasket is best used for classic or modern styles, where the perfect complement of textures and colors can highlight any room, truly making the wastebasket a centerpiece.

7. Witt Stadium Series Trash Can – $489

Witt Stadium Series Trash CanIf you are looking for a standard, durable, heavy-duty trash can, this showstopper from Witt will hit the mark. The Stadium Series trash can retails for $489, although this trash receptacle is nondescript compared to other trash cans on our list of the most expensive trash cans. The trash can is made of perforated steel, and its simplicity and durability are the main attraction.

The intended use for this trash can is in industrial applications; perfect for stadiums, sidewalks, parks, and outdoor restaurants. The heavy-gauge steel is durable and will last through any weather conditions, including rain and snow, season after season. The perforated steel allows water and moisture to drain between the liner, which keeps these trash cans functional.

The liner inside the trash can is made of plastic and has an open-top. Each trash can liner holds 20 gallons. The Stadium Series trash can measures 31.5 inches high x 15.5 inches wide x 15.5 inches deep. When you purchase the Stadium Series trash can, an anchor kit is included to allow you to secure the trash can in your outdoor space.

8. Oak Trash Bin with Lift Top – $379

Oak Trash Bin with Lift TopGive your trash can an upgrade with this beautifully crafted solid wood Oak Trash Bin. Retailing at $379, this trash can is made by the Amish, entirely by hand. Using solid and beautiful oak coated with a clear stain, this trash can will last for years, no matter what you throw at or in this trash can. The solid oak construction will blend in with any home decor, complementing kitchen or laundry room cabinets.

The inside of the bin does not require a plastic trash can liner like other trash cans on our list of the most expensive trash cans. Inside, simply put a 12 to 16-gallon trash bag and secure the bag in place. The trash can is made entirely by hand in the United States. The flat cover fits conveniently over the rectangular trash can, creating a seamless and clean look. The oak trash can measures 12 inches long x 12 inches wide x 28 inches high.

Trash cans don’t have to be ugly just because they perform an undesirable function. Consider keeping your trash and recycling in style with one of these most expensive trash cans. With high-quality materials, durable design, and attention to detail, you could quickly shell out a few hundred dollars to find that design-worthy trash can to add to your home. A high-end trash can might be just the right addition if you want a comprehensive look with every attention to detail.

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