The 8 Most Expensive Soccer Cleats

In soccer, so much depends on your feet. You need to be able to run quickly, move and spin on a dime, and kick with power and touch to score goals and make accurate passes. While most of these abilities come through practice, hard work, and natural talent, having the right equipment can help push your game to the next level.

Finding sports equipment that better suits your needs can help polish your game. Soccer cleats are designed for speed or control and significantly improve your game. But how much is too much to spend on a pair of shoes to play soccer?

The most expensive pair of soccer cleats is the Adidas Predator Edge Crystal + Firm Ground Cleats, available for $350. These shoes offer improved performance with a zone skin upper designed for better ball control and a power facet added to the forefoot to increase maneuverability and speed. What puts the Adidas Predator Edge Crystal + Firm Ground Cleats in a league of their own is the Swarovski studded stripe pattern on the exterior of the cleat.

While not all pairs of soccer cleats cost $350, several come close with improved technology and loaded features to help hone the nuances of your soccer game. Adidas and Nike dominate our list of the most expensive soccer cleats available, but Puma and Mizuno make cameos on our list. Are you curious to know just how much you can spend on improving your soccer performance? Let’s look at the top eight most expensive soccer cleats available.

1. Adidas Predator Edge Crystal + Firm Ground Cleats – $350

Adidas Predator Edge Crystal + Firm Ground CleatsTopping our list of the most expensive soccer cleats for sale is the Adidas Predator Edge Crystal cleats, available from the Adidas website for $350. These soccer cleats are the most expensive commercially available soccer cleat, and their design is a brand new edition to the Adidas brand soccer cleats.

These soccer cleats add a little sparkle to your game with the 3-stripes from the Adidas logo decorated with Swarovski crystal details. Aside from the added bling, these shoes are built with high-end features and attention to detail that just about any soccer player will appreciate.

The zone skin upper is designed with four different sections with added ribbing to optimize control, power, swerve, and dribbling. This design feature helps enhance the touchpoints between the soccer cleat and the ball. Further, the Adidas Predator Edge has a power facet added to the forefoot. This feature helps redistribute the weight toward the front of the shoe and helps enhance your kicks and strikes even more.

The outsole is designed with special traction, providing extra grip when playing on extremely firm ground. Lastly, this soccer cleat has an extra stretchy collar that is lightweight and comfortable while still providing enough support. This high-end performance shoe comes in three colors: olive, silver metallic, and magic lime.

2. Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra – $350

Nike Mercurial Air Zoom UltraAlthough the Nike Mercurial Air Zoom is still slated for release, its high-performance and high price tag have landed them on our list of the most expensive soccer cleats available for purchase. With a big price tag of $350, this shoe from Nike is set to compete with Adidas as the most expensive soccer cleat.

The Mercurial Air Zoom was designed for speed, with its focus on running performance rather than strike power. These soccer cleats from Nike utilize high-tech 3D-printed technology to maximize performance. The shoe includes printed angular studs in the shoe’s base, which helps provide traction for sprinting and pivoting.

Further, 3D printing technology is used to create textile uppers that help to drive performance. The upper is made of a lighter, more durable material, helping to enhance top speeds. These Nike soccer cleats utilize All Condition Control, or ACC technology, which makes them well suited for both wet and dry conditions, providing optimal friction for better ball control.

Plus, they have Zoom Air which increases cushioning in the sole, providing better-distributed energy and power with every footstep. The Nike Mercurial Air is best used on slightly wet grass fields. The shoe comes in one color variation: white, violet, and crimson.

3. Mizuno The Morelia M8 Japan FG Firm Ground Soccer Cleats – $289

Breaking up the stranglehold at the top of our list of the most expensive soccer cleats is the Mizuno Morelia M8 Japan soccer cleat, which retails for $289. This soccer cleat promises to give a barefoot feel, making the gameplay striking, and running as comfortable as possible with the best possible fit. The shoe is made from kangaroo leather, which provides a lightweight and flexible shoe.

Each shoe is handmade in Japan and promises a barefoot feel with an unparalleled sense of touch. The soleplate has enough stability while still providing flexibility to give the wearer balance and a great foothold.

The Mizuno Morelia M8 features an external heel counter to make the shoe more efficient, a graded nylon sole plate to increase flexibility, and reconstructed studs to better grip the ground. This shoe is designed for both turf and natural fields.

The eyelet positions are altered, ensuring the fit isn’t compromised, even as the shoe flexes, bends, and moves. The soccer cleats also come with a standard one-year warranty. Residents in California cannot have this item shipped to their location because the shoe is made with kangaroo leather, a banned material in California.

4. Nike Phantom GT2 – $295

Designed for all weather conditions, the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG is an all-purpose shoe to help your game reach its highest level. Priced at $295, this soccer cleat features a modern design that allows players to make even more spin on the ball, increasing control and flight of the ball. While other soccer cleats are designed to increase speed, this shoe is designed for those who want unparalleled touch. Players will notice more control in shooting, passing, and dribbling the ball.

The Nike Phantom GT2 has several features that help to make this soccer cleat unique. Between the Flyknit construction that helps wrap the foot nice and snug and the grippy texture throughout the top of the shoe to help control the ball when dribbling and shooting, this soccer cleat is in a league of its own.

The Nike Phantom GT2 is designed for short grass fields and is best when used in wet conditions. The Nike Phantom GT2 comes in several colors, including blue, green, pink, black, and orange.

5. Adidas Predator Edge Lethal Zones – $280

Inspired by the Lethal Zone shoes of the past, this limited-edition collection soccer cleat from Adidas pays homage to the classic colors and style of the LZ shoes from 2012. The Adidas Predator Edge Lethal Zone soccer cleats retail for $280 and are available for men and women. With a colorful pattern and innovative design features, these soccer cleats help drive performance, increasing speed and strike power on the field.

The Adidas Predator Edge Lethal Zones start with their trademark zone skin upper, made with limited-edition colors and patterns. The upper is divided into four distinct sections designed to provide ultimate power, control, dribbling, and swerve. The power facet located in the forefoot helps to shift weight toward the front of the cleat, which adds more power to your strikes.

The outsole has several specially designed spikes that help you get solid traction on outdoor playing surfaces, particularly in extremely firm ground conditions. Lastly, the collar around the neck of the boot proves a lightweight alternative to traditional laces, which provide comfort and make the shoes incredibly easy to put on and take off.

6. Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite – $280

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite soccer cleat was designed as a multi-faceted shoe, bringing together the best of all worlds into a durable, high-performance shoe. The soccer cleat from Nike retails for $280 and combines incredible touch, speed, and traction. The shoe comes in 11 different color combinations, is made for both men and women, and has several high-end features that land this shoe soundly in the middle of our list of the most expensive soccer cleats available.

This shoe is made with flyknit construction, providing a flexible shoe that fits comfortably over the foot. With plenty of durability and protection, the shoe is similar to wearing a sock, providing the utmost ease and comfort.

Wearers can experience the Nike Aerotrak Zone in the forefoot plate, which provides explosive power, helpful in accelerating quickly and sprinting to the ball. Inside, the shoe has NikeGrip technology which helps prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe, providing better balance and control. The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite soccer cleat is suitable for all weather conditions and can be worn on a wet or dry soccer field.

7. Adidas X Speedflow – $275

With Nike and Adidas dominating our list of the most expensive soccer cleats available, the next front runner on our list is the Adidas X Speedflow soccer cleat. Priced at $275, this shoe is designed to improve overall speed and performance on the soccer field.

These soccer cleats differ from traditional soccer cleats because they do not have laces. Instead, the laceless cleats offer a comfortable, protective, carbon-fiber insert for the foot, allowing for explosive acceleration. Adidas uses Agility cage straps to secure the shoe, which creates an adaptive and comfortable fit. The Adidas Primeknit skin helps players to juke, pivot, and twist without slipping.

The Adidas X Speedflow shoe is designed for sharp movements, supporting the entire foot to provide stability and balance. The shoe is also equipped with a Carbitex Speedframe to provide explosive power. This soccer cleat comes in several color combinations, including red, black, blue, purple, and teal.

8. Puma Future Z (Honorable Mention) – $214

With a most expensive list dominated by Nike and Adidas soccer cleats, the Puma Future Z soccer cleat is added to our list to provide a high-end shoe from a different brand. The Puma Future Z is the top-of-the-line soccer cleat from Puma, and it promises to deliver performance and durability. The Future Z is another soccer cleat designed for performance and control rather than high-end speeds. For better striking, shooting, and dribbling, soccer professionals worldwide turn to the Puma Future Z soccer cleat.

This soccer cleat has innovative features which add performance to your game. Landing as the last soccer cleat in our list of the most expensive soccer cleats available, this shoe features a soft upper that is flexible and tactile enough to feel the ball better. Your touch and feel of the ball are increased with the patented GripControl Pro skin covering the top of the shoe.

The sock liner is molded with Nano Grip technology to prevent slipping and sliding inside the shoe for even more control. An integrated heel counter also adds padding, support, and stability. The shoe features an interior Dynamic Motion System that is lightweight and flexible. This system works to help transfer energy through the shoe and to the foot, resulting in explosive power with dynamic sprinting, turning, and pivoting.

With minimal equipment needed to play soccer, it shouldn’t be a surprise why so much attention and focus are put into improved technology to make the best pair of soccer cleats. While these shoes may seem expensive, they have the proven ability to increase control and speed, making you better at the game. The most expensive soccer cleats may seem like a splurge, but if you can hone your skill and improve your performance, it may just be worth the extra investment.

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