The 8 Most Expensive Printers

Whether you plan on printing graphic t-shirts or distributing countless mailers, a high-volume printer can help make light work of any job. When it comes to printers, speed and quality are essential, and these two metrics often make or break the overall price of a printer. While many of us are accustomed to a standard $200 printer that sits on the desktop, high-end printers are in a league of their own, providing unparalleled quality and performance.

The most expensive printer available is the Formax ColorMax8C Digital Printer which retails for $22,395. This high-volume printer can print stacks of documents or envelopes in just seconds. With a high 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution and ink tank capacity, it is no wonder that the Formax ColorMax8C printer is the most expensive printer available.

Aside from printing documents, modern-day printers can be equipped to print on just about any surface. Other expensive printers to make our list also include specialty label makers, garment printers, or vinyl print-to-cut printers. The more specialized, detailed, and durable the printer, the higher the price. But just how priced can these printers go? Below, let’s take a deep dive into the top eight most expensive printers available on the market.

1. Formax ColorMax8C Digital Printer – $22,395

Formax is the leader in high-quality, high-performance, and high-capacity industrial printers when it comes to printing prowess. The Formax ColorMax8C printer comes with a three-foot conveyor stacker to organize even the largest stacks of printed documents and boasts a hefty price tag of $22,395. The 7-inch touch screen allows users to view the image and change settings and functions.

The color printer can accommodate envelopes and various paper sizes, up to 10 x 17 inches. Documents are printed in high-quality, up to 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution, at an astounding six inches per second. Not only is the Formax ColorMax8C a highly detailed printer, but it is a fast printer too.

This printer’s additional features and benefits include a USB and Ethernet interface and large ink tanks to supply the printer with plenty of ink to handle the largest jobs. The color ink tanks can hold up to 250 ml of ink, while the black ink tank can hold up to 500 ml of ink. The printer can print up to 3,600 sheets of 11-inch paper in one hour or up to 8,000 standard-size envelopes in an hour. The Formax digital color printer has 60GB of memory for saved jobs and can print up to 16.8 different color combinations with the high-resolution printer.

2. Formax ColorMax7 Color Printer – $17,195

Another powerful printer from Formax, the Formax ColorMax7 color printer, falls on our list as the second most expensive printer available. Similar to the Formax ColorMax8C printer, this iteration of the digital printer can create up to 16.8 million color combinations with the high-capacity ink tanks. The printer has full-bleed printing capabilities with full-color CMYK output. Expect high-definition prints from the Formax ColorMax7 printer, with 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution. Over 70,000 ink nozzles work together to create quality documents with high-tech designs that use thermal inkjet technology. This advanced technology means that there is no additional heat or contact with the paper, so using even windowed envelopes or pre-printed envelopes is entirely safe with the Formax ColorMax7 printer. You could have all these printing capabilities for just $17,195.

The printer further has automated maintenance for the print heads, a top-load feeder, and a pressure roller to safely move the printed materials away from the printer. This printer is capable of printing up to 7,500 envelopes in an hour. The printer also has large ink tank capacities, holding 250ml of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink. The Formax printer easily connects with the computer via an Ethernet connection or standard PC printer connections.

3. Formax AP2 Monochrome Printer – $11,257

The Formax AP2 Monochrome Printer offers a slightly cheaper but less versatile option for those seeking a high production, high capacity printer option. The Monochrome Digital Address Printer utilizes thermal inkjet technology, preventing damage to windowed envelopes or pre-printed envelopes. The printer works by printing the envelopes without touching the paper. This powerful printer can hold up to 500 standard-size envelopes at a time and can print 22,000 envelopes in an hour. The printer can also be used to print postcards, able to handle a capacity of up to 30,000 postcards in a single hour.

The printer features a convenient 4.5-inch color touchscreen that helps to provide easy control of the printing jobs. With up to 16GB of internal storage, users can easily sort through sent jobs and change various settings and features in real-time. The screen will also display ink monitoring and job completion reports.

The Formax AP2 Monochrome printer can also work with the additional converter stacker to easily handle printed materials. This type of printer is best suited for schools, churches, small associations, and small offices. With a friendlier price point of only $11,257, the Formax AP2 Monochrome Printer is the perfect option for small organizations with high-volume printing needs.

4. Afinia L801 Color Label Printer – $7,995

Afinia L801 Color Label PrinterThose looking to print full-color labels for products will be delighted with the performance of the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer. Retailing for $7,995, this expensive printer will make fast work of limited production labeling, with fast output and high-quality imaging.

Utilizing Memjet technology, the Afinia printer can create full-color labels at speeds up to 60 feet per minute. Print identifiable labels with special product label software. The Afinia L801 comes with Bartender Basic software already installed and has basic Windows software capabilities to accommodate additional, personalized software your office may use.

The printer has three different print modes allowing users to toggle between modes to find the best features for their needs. Choose between roll to roll printing, roll to cut printing, and print and hold printing functionality. The Afinia can print in shockingly high resolution, providing 1600 x 1600 dpi images. This printing system uses ink cartridges, with ink capacity maxing out at 250 ml. Dual black cartridges help give this printer an extra-long lifespan. The Afinia printer can accommodate printing sheets up to 8 inches outside diameter and a core up to 3 inches inside diameter.

5. DTG PRO L1800 FUSION Garment Printer – $4,998

DTG PRO L1800 FUSION Garment PrinterThe DTG Pro L1800 FUSION Printer is one of the best high-end garment printers available for specialty printing on fabric. Retailing at $4,998, this printer will be able to handle a high volume of work, producing high-quality images and details printed onto fabric.

Powered by the Epson L1800 engine, the printer has been modified by DTG PRO to create unrivaled performance and durability with enhanced drive trains and motors. A precision linear rail system makes a sturdier base, while a front printhead marker helps guide printheads and plates, preventing collisions that could potentially damage the machine.

The integral plate spacer system makes it easy to adjust garments for printing and can easily handle even the thickest garments. Continuously flowing ink helps create finished, beautifully imaged garments, while the print plate is easy to change and replace to accommodate different-sized garments. The L1800 FUSION even comes with integrated design software and instructional videos to get you up and printing quickly. This printer can print an area up to 12.5 x 18 inches, which is large enough to print even the most oversized garments.

6. Roland BN-20A Eco-Solvent Printer – $4,995

Roland BN-20A Eco-Solvent PrinterAlthough it may have a significant price tag of $4,995, the Roland BN-20A is a great introductory machine capable of printing and cutting decals, labels, wall graphics, apparel decoration, or POP displays. This small printer is ideal for home businesses, and it fits easily on most desktops.

The BN-20A is the most compact design but delivers high-quality performance that outcompetes its larger rival printers. The Roland BN-20A has unlimited potential and measures only 20 inches. It is affordable, user-friendly, and easy to run, making it optimal for many budding artists.

This printer takes Eco-Sol MAX 2 Fast Dry Inks and can print in stunning resolution up to 1440 dpi. Users can opt to use the high-speed bidirectional printing mode for faster printing times, which allows for up to 720 dpi. Note that inks are sold separately from the printer.

The bundle with the BN-20A printer includes the cutting blade, blade housing, sample print vinyl, a cleaning cartridge, and media bar rollers. This printer utilizes a standard power cord and comes with OnSupport software PC and specialty VersaWroks6 Design Software to allow your creative juices to flow. This compact printer also comes with a standard, 1-year warranty.

7. Epson Stylus Pro 7900 – $3,995

Epson Stylus Pro 7900While many of the printers featured on our most expensive printers list are for specialty printing, like garment printing or vinyl printing, this Epson printer is designed to produce high-quality, stunning photographs. The Epson Stylus Pro 7900 retails for $3,995 and is part of the Epson Stylus Pro 900 series of printers. Using inkjet technology, this printer combines the MicroPiezo TFP print head with patented Epson UltraCHrome HDR ink to create the most realistic and detailed printed photographs possible.

To create these astounding images, the printer uses ten colors to make dramatically realistic images, blending the colors to create countless combinations. The new Epson AccuPhoto HDR screening process increases print quality further, setting a new standard for print resolution and photographic reproduction.

Plus, the Epson 7900 can print photographs at stunning speeds, about twice as fast as previous generations. This printer can handle several types of media and can handle a roll or cut-sheet up to 44 inches wide. Use this powerful tool for color photograph reproduction or stunning black-and-white reproductions. Many art galleries are currently using this printer to create high-quality art reproductions.

8. Enterprise 700 – $3,762

Enterprise 700When it comes to standard office equipment, the laserjet printer is easily one of the most utilized and necessary pieces of equipment. This LaserJet Enterprise 700 printer, priced at $3,762, will provide exceptional performance with its fast printing times, high volume capacity, and durable construction. Made from long-time printer giant LaserJet, this printer can produce 40 ppm black and white imaging.

The laserjet Enterprise 700 printer is ideal for small offices with high-volume printing. The printer holds a significant amount of paper, requiring less reloading throughout the day. The printer also has an auto on and off switch, which can help save costly energy when not in use.

Plus, the LaserJet Enterprise printer has several high-tech features that allow for easy use. Choose to print from USB direct printing or connect via your tablet or Smartphone virtually using the HP ePrint functionality. ePrint will allow users to manage jobs, all at the touch of a button. By utilizing the ePrint functionality, your standard office printer suddenly has remote printing capabilities. A full-sized control panel gives various adjustments and settings in a simple, user-friendly format. Your office will save money, time, and valuable resources with how easy it is to print and organize print jobs.

High-quality printers can deliver stunning images with high resolution or make light work of heavy printing demands. These expensive printers are in a class all their own for their durability and high-performance output. With these expensive printers selling for thousands of dollars, these specialty printers are best suited for small businesses or offices where heavy print jobs are the norm and specialty products are essential. Certainly lightyear from your standard desktop printer, these high-end printers are usually for highly specialized needs.

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