The 8 Most Expensive Chandeliers

Chandeliers are undoubtedly practical, providing helpful illumination in any room of the house. Suspended from the ceiling, a chandelier can give convenient task lighting to an entryway, study, living room, or dining room. Adding a chandelier lets you make a real statement about your home, contributing to your overall style and decor. But, adding a super expensive chandelier can help you distinguish your home from others and set the stage for exquisite design. With a mixture of fine materials, handcrafted design, and old age, many of the most expensive chandeliers are over $10,000.

The Multiforme Rosae Rosarum Chandelier is the most expensive chandelier, priced at $19,470. The chandelier has metal and glass roses made of hand-blown glass in smoky quartz, gold, and light pink colors. This handcrafted chandelier is made to order from Italy and can be customized with different materials and colors.

While some of our most expensive chandeliers are great in a formal setting, others are playful, whimsical, or modern. Choosing the right chandelier for your home depends on your needs, style, and ultimately, your budget. If you are in the market to make a splurge purchase on a statement piece for your home, consider one of the chandeliers below from our list of the most expensive chandeliers available.

1. Multiforme Rosae Rosarum Chandelier – $19,470

Multiforme Rosae Rosarum Chandelier

Multiforme Rosae Rosarum ChandelierThis handcrafted chandelier from Multiforme will surely excite those looking for the ultimate opulence. The Rosae Rosarum Chandelier, costing an astounding $19,470, will light up any entryway, making a grand statement. The chandelier is made completely of Venetian glass and was inspired by a rose. The rose symbolizes love and life, bringing a beautiful meeting to any entryway space. There are two tiers of eight and four arms around the chandelier, and each arm is embellished with glass roses.

The hand-blown glass is made in smokey quartz and gold colors, while the individual roses are in various pink tones. The leaves are an embellished green color that brings this remarkable chandelier to life. Inside each rose is a small cup that houses a single light bulb. This chandelier can fit in just about any situation. It’s a perfect casual piece to add to a modern home or can work beautifully in a bedroom with classic decor.

The Multiforme Rosae Rosarum Chandelier can be custom ordered, so it is possible to alter the color pallet to better suit your home. It is also possible to add more lights and arms to the chandelier to create a truly custom piece. The overall dimensions of the handcrafted chandelier are 39.37 inches wide x 39.37 deep x 47.24 inches high. The chandelier is handmade in Italy to order, so expect about six weeks for delivery.

2. Profili Andromeda Chandelier – $17,540

Profili Andromeda Chandelier

Not to be outdone on our list of the most expensive chandeliers available for purchase is the beautiful Andromeda Chandelier from Profili. This handcrafted chandelier makes a big statement in any room. The intricate geometric patterns, combined with the sheer luxury of metals and crystals, make this chandelier perfect for a formal or modern setting. The chandelier is priced at $17,540.

You have the choice of either antique copper or 24K gold plated brass to comprise the base structure of the chandelier. Gold plated brass may offer a more formal look, while antique copper is perfect for casual settings. The entire chandelier is then outlined with beautiful Swarovski crystals. The crystals create a stunning focal point and help to reflect the light in intricate patterns, creating a unique glow all its own. The end result is a calm, peaceful, and romantic setting.

This chandelier is handmade by expert craftsmen in Italy and can be completely customized to suit your personal style and preference. Expect about six weeks for delivery. The overall size of the chandelier is 33.46 inches wide x 33.46 inches deep and 49.21 inches high. The size is large enough to make a statement in your foyer yet small enough to help create an intimate setting in a bedroom or study.

3. Giovanni Dalla Fina Gallery – $14,740

Dimensional, geometric, and filled with reflected light, the Giovanni Dalla Fina Gallery chandelier is stunning no matter which way you look at it. Priced at $14,740, this chandelier has made it to our list of the most expensive chandeliers available. Created by Murano, this Italian-crafted chandelier is made with transparent Murano glass. The elegant shape is perfect for formal or modern settings and has a no-frills simplicity that attracts buyers.

The chandelier is constructed on Murano Island in Venice. It is crafted with a combination of techniques to work the antique glass into special shapes to complete the chandelier. Compared to other chandeliers on our list, this model has a different shape, making it well suited to illuminate a long dining room table. The chandelier measures 45.28 inches wide, 12.6 inches deep, and 29.53 inches high. The product is handmade in Italy and can be custom ordered if you have specific details or modifications in mind. Because each chandelier is crafted individually by hand, expect at least ten weeks to have your new customized chandelier delivered.

4. Badari Prometeo Chandelier – $13,255

The Badari Prometeo Chandelier is the perfect addition to any dining room or foyer with a beautiful modern shape and angular design. This chandelier expertly combines various forms, materials, and finishes to create a beautifully modern light that recalls a mid-century-modern style. Priced at $13,255, adding this chandelier to your home could be quite a splurge.

The chandelier combines antique brass details with opal frosted glass globes. The combination of the two materials creates the perfect accent piece, complimenting multiple decors. Twelve different lights are arranged in groups of two along the center beam. An additional six globes are suspended below the main beam, with brass rods holding them firmly in place.

The Badari Prometeo chandelier is handcrafted in Italy, and individual chandeliers are made to order. The overall dimensions of this chandelier, 49.21 inches wide x29.53 inches deep x 51.18 inches high, make it ideal for any location in your home. The light is large enough to illuminate a large space yet small enough to create an intimate atmosphere in a study or dining room. Expect about ten weeks for this handcrafted chandelier to be delivered to your home after ordering.

5. Stillux Opera Stardust Gold Chandelier – $12,685

When it comes to an ultimate showstopper of a chandelier, few can outshine the Stillux Opera Stardust Gold Chandelier, retailing at $12,685. This lighted chandelier takes luxury to an entirely new level, bringing together tiered metal textures with stunning gold leaf and expertly molded glass. This chandelier is circular and would work best in a formal setting like a study, dining room, or grand entry.

The reflective glass pendants help reflect light in an intimate, unique way. The chandelier holds 18 ES bulbs, with a maximum of 33 watts each, giving a homey, comfortable glow. The bottom tier of lights houses six E14 bulbs, with a maximum of 42 watts each, which provides enough light to eat or read. Even when this light is turned off, it makes quite a statement with the beautifully sculpted elements.

The chandelier measures 43 inches wide by 43 inches deep and is 31.5 inches high. The chandelier is handmade in Italy, so some lead time is required after placing the initial order. Expect to receive this handcrafted chandelier about four weeks after placing your order.

6. Italian 12-Light Chandelier – $11,960

Not all of our most expensive chandeliers are new, and this Italian 12-light chandelier is a beautiful antique that can add a particular style, charm, and historical reference to your home. The twelve light chandelier is from Italy and is priced at $11,960. Of course, there is also an option from the company selling this antique to make an offer for this light so that the end price may be significantly less.

The beautiful antique Italian chandelier dates to the 19th century, probably made around 1890. The mix of metal and wood helps create a lovely light, with a fantastic combination of textures and colors. The chandelier consists of two tiers, with lights on each level. The smaller tier at the top holds seven lights, positioned around the center arm, while the bottom tier holds five lights. Decoratively shaped pendants hang from the lower tier, adding an element of whimsical charm to this beautifully crafted light. The arms are made of solid iron, giving this chandelier a sturdy base. It should be noted that because this is an antique chandelier, the lights are non-electrified. It may be possible to wire this chandelier for electricity by a certified professional.

The chandelier is perfect for any entryway or dining room. The overall dimensions of this chandelier are 48 inches round x 48 inches high. Buying this antique chandelier is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own something historical in your home.

7. Rosedorf Park Chandelier – $10,999

High-end designer Rosedorf Park has created a whimsical, fantastical chandelier that acts as a statement piece in just about any room it goes. The beautiful chandelier will also make a significant impact on your wallet, costing buyers $10,999. This chandelier works best when installed in dining rooms or living rooms, where the unique shape and style can truly be appreciated. The chandelier is beautifully crafted with a detailed branch and raindrop motif, extending outward lengthwise in a harmonious blend of materials.

The branch portions make up the arms of the chandelier and are crafted from copper. The individual raindrops extending downward from the brass arms are made of crystal. Each chandelier is handcrafted, so customization is possible. The chandelier comes in two sizes, making it a perfect fit for your home, hotel, or luxury club.

Amazingly, this modern chandelier was crafted to house energy-efficient LED bulbs and can take a total of 14 bulbs. The chandelier measures 25.59 inches wide by 21.65 inches deep. The hanging height is fully adjustable so that you can find just the right position for your new Rosdorf Park chandelier.

8. Villari Home Couture Mikado Light – $9,895

Both modern and innovative, this striking chandelier has a bit of flair and a feminine style. Different from other chandeliers on our list, this Villari Home Couture Mikado Light is smaller and circular in shape. Although with a $9,895 price tag, this chandelier certainly deserves to be on our list of the most expensive chandeliers available.

The Mikado light is so successful because it combines several materials, playing off the highlights of each. The chandelier exudes a feminine touch with soft pink shades throughout the light. The metal frame has a beautiful gold finish, while the ring that holds the fixtures is made of gorgeous glass tiles. The tiles are patterned with wavy grooves, giving the chandelier a playful element.

The chandelier can hold six light bulbs, allowing light to radiate from all points in the chandelier. The overall measurements of this light are 23.62 inches wide by 23.62 inches deep by 26.77 inches high. The chandelier is handcrafted to order in Italy, so expecting about eight to nine weeks for delivery is reasonable.

Chandeliers are not only practical and functional, but they are beautiful too. Adding a handcrafted chandelier to your home can create a statement piece and function as a piece of art. Many of the most expensive chandeliers available are made with antique materials, feature high-priced metals, and are handcrafted to your customizations. For around $10,000, you too could own a one-of-a-kind customized chandelier in your home.

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