The 10 Most Expensive Leather Jackets

Although leather is often seen as a luxury good, it is incredibly durable in all weather conditions and can add warmth and protection. Leather is easy to maintain and can last for years with the right care. But, for some, leather is less about functionality and more about form. High-end leather jackets can cost a pretty penny and set people back by thousands of dollars. In most parts of the world, leather is a sought-after luxury good.

Because leather is made from the skin of an animal, there are several possible leather types available. It goes without saying that many exotic types of leather, like snake or crocodile leather, tend to fetch the highest prices due to their rarity and skill required to craft a jacket. It’s no surprise that the most expensive leather jackets available are mostly exotic leathers.

The most expensive leather jacket is the crocodile men’s jacket available from Fur Caravan. This jacket tops the list at $39,000 and can be custom-crafted to fit your exact measurements. Made of dyed crocodile leather, this jacket is short and fits the waist, has a stand collar, and two front pockets.

Few leather jackets come close to this price tag, but several are still thousands of dollars. If you have a few grand to spend on a leather jacket splurge, the following ten most expensive leather jackets may be in your closet soon.

1. Leather Crocodile Men’s Jacket – $39,000

For the ultimate luxury item, this men’s leather jacket tops our list. At a staggering $39,000, the luxury leather jacket is made of crocodile leather. The unique crocodile texture is visible through the rich, black dye, sure to turn heads.

The jacket features a 100% silk lining and can be custom ordered to match your exact size and measurements. The standard jacket is 65 cm long and features a standing collar and zipper front. Two front pockets and details around the cuffs of this long-sleeved jacket complete the look.

Those who splurge on this ultimate, high-end jacket can dress the look up or down. Pair the leather crocodile jacket with a smart sweater or a button-down, collared shirt. Wear this leather jacket with a pair of jeans for an edgy urban yet metro style. The combination of rare and hard-to-get leather materials and expert custom styling makes this leather jacket the most expensive leather jacket available.

2. Leather Python Men’s Jacket – $13,500

Made of another exotic leather material, this leather jacket is crafted from python skin. The luxurious python texture is visible through the rich, chestnut brown leather dye. To reinforce the python skin and to make the jacket durable and strong, the python leather is reinforced with conventional leather, used as a backing. Retailing at $13,500, this leather jacket is long at 115 cm, reaching well below the knee.

The jacket is expertly styled with a double-breasted front and has five python leather-covered buttons for closure. This leather jacket is lined with mink fur, which extends upward through the exposed lapels and collar to add both warmth and style. This long jacket is perfect for a night out on the town or a casual urban outing. The jacket features two front pockets to complete the look.

3. ALAIA Edition 1986 Leather Jacket – $6,760

Once Azzedine Alaia was all the rage of Paris designers in the 1980s. Their style was praised for its originality, innovation, and high-quality design and materials. Not much has changed in the past 30 years, and today, people looking for a high-end luxury leather jacket immediately flock to ALAIA. The 1980s style lives on in the ALAIA Edition 1986 leather jacket for women.

The ALAIA jacket was designed to look like a biker jacket, bringing all the edginess in design and fit. Created in collaboration between ALAIA and Edition Hiver 1986, this women’s leather jacket brings a tailored fit, designed to hit right at the waist. The jacket features an off-zip center, adding to the stylistic 80s design. The jacket has zip cuffs, long sleeves, inverted back pleats, and yoked back shoulders. The exterior is dyed black leather, while the lining is viscose. This high-end jacket will cost $6,760 from various retailers and is made in France.

4. Celine Homme Bomber Jacket – $5,565

With an innovative, modern style that harkens back to retro bomber jacket design, this combination leather jacket from Celine Homme brings flair, style, and comfort. The women’s jacket was designed exclusively for the high-end retailer, Mr Porter, and comes in multiple colors. The bomber-style design features a calf leather front with fabric sleeves embellished with sequin. Choose either a black bomber jacket with black sequin sleeves or a black bomber jacket with gold sequin sleeves.

This bomber jacket is a reference to youth subcultures and pairs wonderfully with dark jeans. The sequin sleeves help catch and play with light patterns, making this a functional yet stylized jacket for special occasions. The jacket has two front zippered pockets, ribbed trims around the cuffs, and two internal pockets. The bomber jacket is made in Italy and is designed to have a loose fit. The gold and black design is slightly higher priced, at $6,085, while the black on black bomber jacket is priced at $5,565.

5. Reversible Cuoio Leather Jacket – $3,750

Original crafting and unique leather make this reversible men’s leather jacket from Jennifer Tattanellis a top-ranking jacket on our list of the most expensive leather jackets. The men’s jacket is crafted of exotic deer leather, making it unique, soft, and durable. The jacket features meticulous design elements and details, like reversible materials, warm insulation, and secure closures.

The deer leather jacket is rich, with cognac deer leather on one side. The other side of the jacket features a rain-resistant black fabric, able to withstand the most diverse and challenging weather conditions. The jacket features a zippered front, button closure, button details at the cuff, and a stand collar. The jacket made by Jennifer Tattanelli can be completely customized to your liking, creating a one-of-a-kind custom leather creation that is sure to fit like a glove. At a whopping $3,750, this deer leather jacket is one of the most expensive leather jackets available.

6. Rosetta Getty Leather Jacket – $3,295

Upcoming designer Rosetta Getty is known for her effortless design sense. The American designer has perfected transitional clothing that moves from day to night, formal to casual. Using timeless designs, high-quality materials, and chic styling, Rosetta Getty’s clothing comes with a high price tag, landing this stunning leather coat on our list of the most expensive leather jackets.

The Rosetta Getty leather jacket for women is a long women’s jacket reaching just to the knees. Made of American-tanned pebble grain leather, this jacket is luxuriously soft and effortlessly flexible. The jacket creates a beautiful silhouette with its prolonged outline, lengthening the body. This jacket is particularly successful because it brings a feminine softness to a more masculine cut and character. The leather is a heavier weight than traditional leather and is designed to be practical and durable. This sleek black leather jacket retails for $3,295.

7. Vetements Leather Biker Jacket – $3,029

Bringing high-end fashion with luxury pieces to the world, Vetements is a relatively new clothing company that began in 2014. Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia founded the company, and today, it is known as a luxury fashion brand. Their designs aim to bring a more “down-to-earth” feel to their style, and they hit a home run with the Vetements leather biker jacket.

The men’s leather biker jacket is made of black calf leather, rendering it soft and supple. The jacket is cut to fit loose, below the waist. This leather biker jacket has a zipper front, epaulets on the shoulders to add an innovative style, and has several pockets. Three pockets have a zipper fastening, and one is a snap fastened pocket with a flap. The long-sleeved jacket has details at every turn and features zippered cuffs. The jacket’s outer layer is made of 100% calf leather, while the inner layer is 100% viscose. For $3,029, the Vetements leather biker jacket is available at several online retailers featuring high-end products and clothing.

8. Billionaire Leather Jacket – $1,941

Billionaire Boys Club creates high-end fashion created by Nigo, Rob Walker, and Pharrell Williams. The brand was established in 2003 and today brings consumers high-quality luxury goods with an edgy flair featuring streetwear inspiration. The brand sells online mostly but has physical stores in Tokyo, New York, and London. The eighth most expensive leather jacket on our list is the Billionaire leather jacket, which retails for $1,941. This jacket is in limited quantities due to its discontinued design and is priced to sell.

This men’s jacket is made of 100% lamb leather, offering a beautifully sleek and soft exterior. The jacket is cut as a bomber style with a banded waist. The jacket fits close to the waist while blouses out around the chest. The interior is lined with 100% cotton, filled with polyester to make a warm, insulative, yet stylish jacket. The lining features a soft faux fur that extends upward and outward to the collar. The interior lining is a deep chestnut brown, which complements the rich black leather jacket.

9. Remy Leather Jacket – $1,695

Crafted by Remy, this men’s jacket is a show-stopper of a piece that provides an innovative insert, giving the leather jacket a completely different look. Made of black lambskin leather, this leather jacket lands firmly on our most expensive leather jackets list at $1,695. The jacket features both a front zip closure and snap closure, giving plenty of options.

The jacket is American-made and has a soft lining to give you added warmth and comfort. The jacket features a removable zippered bib that transforms the jacket’s look. Adding the zippered bib can give a stand collar compared to the crew neck collar. This Remy Leather jacket has front pockets, as well as an interior zipper pocket to keep valuables safe. The contrasting cognac-colored interior leather along the lining gives a welcomed yet unexpected pop of color.

10. L’Agence Billie Belted Leather Jacket – $1,450

Rounding out our list of the most expensive leather jackets is this beautiful white leather jacket from L’Agene. The Billie Belted Leather Jacket hits at the waist, has long sleeves, and is crafted in white lamb leather.

Several design details help make this jacket so special, including silver hardware, zippers, straps, and a fun chunky belt to cinch the jacket around the waist, adding an element of edginess to an otherwise elegant and luxurious jacket. The jacket features 100% leather and has double-breasted buttons and a notched lapel. The jacket gives an edgy and urban look that can be paired with any outfit. The white leather jacket is available online and retails for $1,450.

Nothing quite beats the feel of a soft and supple leather jacket, but spending thousands of dollars on these luxury items is out of the realm of reality for most people. Exotic leathers, like python, crocodile, and deer, tend to fetch higher price tags, but traditional lambs leather in the right cut and style can be quite expensive.

Couple this with the fact that popular brand-name designers can demand high prices, further escalating the price of these high-demand jackets. Still, if you are looking for a statement piece made of durable material, one of these top ten most expensive leather jackets might fit the bill.

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