The 10 Most Expensive Fur Coats

Nothing quite says luxury like a warm, soft fur coat. Owning a fur coat certainly sets you apart from the crowd, announcing your refined fashion taste and inclination toward luxury goods. Fur coats can come in any species, but chinchilla, mink, sable, and lynx fur tend to round out the list of the most expensive fur coats available. The cut, design, and color of the fur coat can often drastically spike the price of this already costly commodity.

The most expensive fur coat is a sable fur coat which retails for $7,186. Dyed a deep chestnut brown, the sable fur coat is tufted and has a stand collar. This fur coat has a classic style and cut that will remain fashionable for years.

Fur coats are perfect for men and women, and today, modern styles make fur coats perfectly acceptable for casual or formal events. Generally, shorter coats tend to be more relaxed, but longer coats can also be worn for a night on the town sporting jeans and a nice sweater. Consider splurging on a fur coat if you are in the market to take your fashion game to the next level. Below, we have listed the top ten most expensive fur coats.

1. Sable Fur Coat – $7,186

Sable Fur CoatThe ultimate in luxury is a stunning fur coat. Thick, warm, and luxurious, a full, genuine fur coat can make quite a statement and is perfect for formal events. Topping our list of the most expensive fur coats available is this Sable Fur Coat, retailing for $7,186. The coat is made of sable fur and is dyed a rich, dark brown, making the coat look as absolutely natural as possible. The coat measures 60 cm to the base and is constructed in Italy with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Only first quality Barguzinsky Sable is used to make this coat. Individual specimens were selected from the Sojuzpushnina auction house in Russia to create this coat. The coat is tufted with sewn quilting patterns and has a stand collar. The front of the sable fur coat closes easily with integral hooks. The beauty of this coat is its simple design, which is guaranteed to remain stylish and relevant for years to come.

2. Chinchilla Fur Jacket – $6,999

Chinchilla Fur JacketMade with unbelievably soft chinchilla fur, this women’s Chinchilla Fur Jacket is priced at $6,999, a significant reduction from the original retail price of $25,000. The jacket is designed like a bolero jacket, cut to hit right to the waist with a bloused fit. The modern style of this chinchilla fur jacket is sure to work in any setting, whether formal or casual. Make a statement wherever you go in this chinchilla fur jacket.

Designed to keep you warm while looking as chic as possible, the soft chinchilla jacket is handmade to order. Every coat is custom ordered, so some element of customization is permitted. The chinchilla fur comes from Denmark or Hungary, and the jacket is sewn and assembled in Greece. Because these jackets are custom made, expect at least four to six weeks for your final product to be delivered to your home.

3. Sheared Mink Hooded Coat – $6,495

Sheared Mink Hooded CoatThis Sheared Mink Hooded coat has a modern twist on a classic material. Mink coats have been popular for centuries, providing warmth and durability with a touch of glam and luxury. When people think of a fur coat, the iconic mink fur usually comes to mind. This sheared mink hooded coat is designed for women and features smooth lines, classic details, and a modern hood to keep you cozy warm. Retailing for $6,495, this fur coat has earned its spot on our list of the most expensive fur coats available.

Dyed a deep eggplant brown, this mink hooded coat delivers a rich, classic appearance. The coat is long, measured at 95cm, and is designed to hit just to the knees. The mink fur is sheared short, and the smooth coat is flat rather than quilted or tufted like other fur coat designs. A big floppy fur hood helps to complete and modernize the look. The coat has a closure at the front and two front pockets to keep your hands extra warm on chilly nights.

4. Gold-Dyed Mink Coat – $4,995

If you are looking to make a dramatic statement at your next formal outing, this gold-dyed mink coat will hit the mark. The beautiful coat is long, reaching well below the knees. Made completely of fine mink fur, this coat is ideal for cold winter formal events when you want all eyes focused on you. The coat is elegant, simple, and classic, sure to stay in style for many years to come.

The coat is made of 100% mink fur dyed a beautiful honey brown, gold color. The coat has a particular slenderizing element that helps create a stylish silhouette. Made with a shawl collar, it’s easy to pull this luxuriously warm and soft coat close to you. Other features on this mink coat include double mink-turned-back cuffs, hook and eye closures, and side slit pockets. The mink fur used to make this coat originated in Denmark. The women’s coat is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 24. The gold mink coat retails for $4,995.

5. Men’s Mink Coat – $4,799 fur coats that cost a small fortune aren’t just for the ladies. Men, too, can enjoy a bit of luxury with their own expensive fur coats. This men’s mink coat is definitely a statement piece, with its long length and bright color. Made entirely of soft and luxurious mink fur, this coat is dyed a light golden-brown color. The long coat can work with just about any outfit, ranging from a sporty turtleneck sweater to a tuxedo. With a loose fit, it’s possible to wear a dinner jacket or sports coat under the mink coat.

The mink coat measures 54 inches from top to bottom and reaches well below the knees. These coats are custom-made, so it’s possible to have your mink coat fit like a glove using personalized measurements. The fur used to make the coat will come from either the United States or Finland, with the coat produced in either Greece or the United States.

Other features on this mink coat include a shawl collar, turned-back cuffs, and side slit pockets. Because each coat is custom made for every individual, expect at least two weeks for delivery time. Rush orders may be available for an additional charge. The coat, without rush delivery, retails for $4,799.

6. Women’s Chinchilla Coat – $4,580

Chic, elegant, and unbelievably soft, this women’s chinchilla coat makes our list of the most expensive fur coats at an astounding $4,580. The coat is made of real chinchilla fur and is cut short to hit right at the waist. This coat measures 55cm or 22 inches in length.

The chinchilla fur coat certainly makes a statement and will ensure you stand out in a crowd. Ideal for casual outfits with a top and jeans, or formal events that require a ballgown, this chinchilla coat is elegant while still practical and functional.

The coat is available in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. With a double-breasted cut, this coat is classic yet modern enough to wear today. The standard jacket comes in the natural gray chinchilla color, but it may be possible to special order the chinchilla jacket in other available colors for an $800 surcharge.

The chinchilla fur coat for women also features front hook closures and wonderfully oversized cuffs.

7. Men’s Mink Double Breasted Jacket – $3,795

Another men’s coat to make our list, this men’s mink double-breasted jacket retails for $3,795. Cut with a classic, double-breasted style, this mink fur coat is sure to stay in fashion for years to come. Classic yet functional and modern, this mink coat for men is a rich, deep ebony color. It is also possible to order this coat in Mahogany, Blue Iris, or Golden Dyed mink.

The coat is cut to reach below the waist but above the knees, measuring 37 inches in length. The fur is made of female ranch fur that has originated in Denmark. To complete the classic style, large buttons help secure the double-breasted coat. There are two side seam pockets to help keep your hands warm. The men’s mink double-breasted jacket is perfect for any event, no matter how casual or formal. Wear this coat to a baseball game or attend a black-tie event. With this mink coat, you’ll be sure to be the star of the event.

8. Knee Length Women’s Mink Coat – $3,380

This knee-length women’s mink coat is both stunning and dramatic. With sleek lines, classic style, and a modern hood, you’ll be the belle of the ball with this amazing mink coat. The coat is made of genuine mink fur, dyed black to give you a wonderfully moody and theatrical look. The coat is long, reaching just to the knees, and measures 100cm or 39.5 inches in length. This women’s coat is available in all sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

The features and details are endless with this beautiful coat. Details include a beautiful large button closure at the neck, a deep, warm hood, front hook closure, side slit pockets and oversized sleeves that really make a statement. The fashionable hood helps to add a modern twist to an otherwise sleek and classic style. Fashion comes at a price, though, and this knee-length women’s mink coat will set you back $3,380.

9. Georges Hobeika Hooded Fur Jacket – $3,310

Although not a genuine fur coat, this faux fur coat from Georges Hobeika makes our list because it is one of the most expensive coats money can buy. Designed by acclaimed fashion designer Georges Hobeika, this hooded faux fur coat looks and feels just like a genuine fur coat but is made with ethical practices that don’t cost animals their lives. This women’s coat is fun, fitted, and modern, taking any outfit to the next level.

The coat is designed to hit just at the waist. Long, shaggy black faux fur adorns the entire jacket, including the modern hood. The jacket has long sleeves and a belted waist to help define the silhouette. Although this jacket is faux fur, it will still need to be dry cleaned by a professional. Look elegant and modern with this fun faux coat. The Georges Hobeika Hooded Fur Jacket is available for pre-sale and has not been released yet for purchase. Pricing for this jacket starts at $3,310.

10. Hooded Lynx Fur Coat – $3,162

Rounding out our list of the most expensive fur coats, this hooded lynx fur coat is available for $3,162. The coat hits below the waist and measures 77cm in length. This lynx coat takes the cake when it comes to stunning fur coloration and pattern. This lynx fur coat is sure to turn heads with beautiful long fur and gray, white, and black coloration. The women’s coat is available in all sizes. The coat features hook closures, two side slit pockets, and a deep, cozy hood.

Because lynxes are endangered, special regulations and certifications are required to use lynx fur for fashion. The lynxes used to make this coat were purchased from the North American Fur Auction and have permission to use the fur. If purchased outside of the European Union, the coat will have to be exported following proper laws and regulations surrounding endangered species.

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