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5 Swedish Coffee Brands You Should Explore (Sustainable Options)

I know you will agree with me that coffee is an essential part of daily routine. It also has a positive impact on our level of productivity. Sipping the right Coffee can be advantageous to your memory, mood, alertness, energy, and more. However, one of the game-changer Coffee you will ever have is Swedish Coffee. The Swedes are so obsessed with Coffees that you will 3 out of  4 drink Coffee daily. They take Cappuccino when having a meeting with their friends. Espresso in the evening and a dose of Wallander to keep you from sleeping. With that said, here are some of the factors that make it special.

Swedish Coffees are so strong that it would be pretty obvious when you pour top-quality milk into it. There’s also this obvious resistance of your coffee turning from black to brown. In recent times, there has also been a higher demand for Swedish Coffee. And thankfully, several Swedish Coffee roasteries have been able to rise to the demand.

Although, the Coffee market in the country is indeed competitive. But one common theme most Swedish Coffee brands have in common is the ability to decide on the best Coffee beans. Also, they pretty much know their way around roasting these beans to perfection.

Furthermore, if you have a knack for the consumption of organic and sustainable Coffee then you are in the right place. There are Swedish brands that take on the issues of climate change, biodiversity, and the impact their production process has on the environment.

Shortly, we will walk through the Swedish Coffee brands that fit into these descriptions. These brands are manufacturers of Coffee that are organic, top-quality, and sustainable. Before we get down to it. Here’s a breakdown of the Swedish Coffee brands:

  • Drop Coffee Roasters
  • Alkemisten
  • da Matteo
  • Love Shop
  • Gevalia

Swedish Coffee Brands

1.Drop Coffee Roasters

Drop Coffee Roaster was established by Joanna Alm and Stephen Leighton in Stockholm in 2009. The Swedish Coffee brand is dedicated to providing tasty and sustainably produced Coffee. When you decide on Drop Coffee Roasters, be assured that you won’t be getting ashy flavored Coffee. You will only have freshly brewed, healthy, and nourishing Coffee.

For those that want more than getting Coffee, you can easily copy Coffee beans on their official websites. Most of the ingredients used by Drop Coffee Roasters are organic, locally made, and are acquired from small-scale producers. The brand visits and pays close attention to these producers from Kenya, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

With a team of 10 baristas and Coffee roasters, the Swedish brand has been able to rollout Coffees that are roasted for clarity. They have flavor insight and brightly designed Coffee cups that serve their consumers at best. Coffees’ origin comes from acidic, juicy, creamy, and chocolatey. But the outcome of every Coffee depends on its origin. Regardless of whatever origin may be, one is certain – Drop Coffee Roasters has a light to medium roast profile and they are a perfect fit for every brewing technique.

The best part of the Swedish Coffee brand is that you can order from any part of the world. Drop Coffee Roaster provides free shipping to anywhere in the world. However, you need to order at least 5 boxes before you can enjoy this offer. Below are some of their collection of Coffee:

  • Las Delicias Double Pack
  • Kamwangi AA, Kenya
  • Organic Cascara “Coffee Cherry” Bolivia
  • Los Andes, Natural Bourbon, El Salvador, and more



It all started in 2015 when Kris and Mikaela Hedborg founded a Swedish Coffee brand called Alkemisten in Gothenburg. These siblings cum founders are passionate about making Coffee. They see Coffee as a driven force, their alchemy.

Also, the brand understands that it is important that you know the story behind the Coffee you consume. And that should include the origin, processing, brewing method, and the people in charge of the production process.

For starters, Alkemisten utilized espresso and hand brew as their Coffee brewing method. More so, the brand works hand-in-hand with the coffee specialist, Ritu Coffee Roasters, for the roasting process. With every chance they get, the Swedish brand has always strived towards improving their art of making Coffee.

Alkemisten Cafe has made it its life mission to serve its customers with delicious and socially responsible Coffee cups. Their Coffee is lightly roasted and well-prepared.

3.da Matteo

The next Swedish Coffee brand on the list was founded by Matt Johnson in 1993. He always hoped he’d roast his Coffee someday. But his vision was more than that. He wanted to create something different, something unique, and a new expression. A Coffee shop that has a little bit of  Italian and Nordic Coffee. In a nutshell, the Swedish Coffee brand was born out of the desire to create a platform for meeting people.

da Matteo’s brewing methods are Espresso, Chemex, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Electric Filter Brewer, and more. The Swedish Coffee brand wants more people to be accessible to tasty and nourishing Coffee. And that is achieved by craftsmanship, transparency, and contributing towards the betterment of the Coffee culture.

Furthermore, the Coffee brand has an open production environment where everyone can easily watch and inspect the entire process of  Coffee making. da  Matteo only deals with producers that care about Coffee quality, the farm, and the well-being of their employees. When the Coffee is acquired and delivered to the roastery, the Swedish brand roast in an eco-friendly roaster. With that said, it’s safe to say da Matteo also cares about sustainability.

da  Matteo’s Coffee packaging is visually strong and easily adapted for home and store storage. Also, they offer opportunities for businesses with wholesale deals. Some collections of the brand’s Coffees are:

  • Classic Espresso – our full-bodied espresso
  • Modern Espresso – our fruity espresso
  • Brazil – Santa Cecilia
  • BRYGG – our full-bodied filter blend
  • Etiopien – Chelchele
  • Colombia – Wilmer Moncayo, and many more.

4.Love Coffee

As the name connotes, Love Coffee is the perfect spot for all coffee-lovers to meet. The Swedish Coffee brand has been sourcing and roasting its Coffee since 2009. Love Coffee strives for a long-term relationship with its producers and partners for its continuity in rolling out sustainably produced Coffee. Also, they are passionate about the way they brew and serve.

The Coffee brand understands and has high respect for individual preferences. Whatever you need, just name. Do you want Espresso, pour-over, batch-brew, with milk, no milk, cold-brew, take-away, or even pastries? They’ve got you covered.


The last Swedish Coffee brand on the list has been around for over 150 years. Gevalia was pioneered by Thomas Engall in 1853. Today, it has been able to make Coffee in the Swedish style. And that is done by making the most of Coffee beans with snap cooling and slow roasting.

Also, Gevalia is a big advocate of sustainability. The Swedish Coffee brand in its own way has been supporting local Coffee farmers, their families, and communities. Not just that, the brand aims at having a future that is more sustainable for Coffee culture.

Their Coffees are in three categories namely Bagged Coffee, K Cup-Pods, and Speciality Coffee. Some of their collections of Coffee are:

  • Traditional Mild Roast Ground Coffee
  • Chocolate Mocha Ground Coffee
  • Kenya Single Origin Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  • Vanilla Ground Coffee
  • French Roast Dark Ground Coffee
  • Mocha Latte K-Cup Pods
  • Cappuccino K-Cup Pods
  • Vanilla latte K-Cup Pods
  • Espresso Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  • Colombia Medium Roast Dark Ground Coffee
  • Decaf House Blend Medium Roast Dark Ground Coffee, and many more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does Sweden produce Coffee?

Although the country is regarded as one of the countries with the biggest per-capita Coffee consumption in the world. Most of the Coffee consumed by Swedes is imported. Approximately, 90% of Coffee imported by Sweden is acquired from producing countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia, and more.

What makes Swedish Coffee different?

What makes Swedish Coffee different is the Swedish Coffee brands’ choice of bean. Most of them make use of the Arabica bean. What makes the bean special is that it has half the amount of caffeine compared to Robusta.

What brand of Coffee do Swedes drink?

As you might already know, the Coffee market flourishes in Sweden. Consequently, the Coffee market in the country is highly competitive. But here are some Swedish brands you should watch out for: Drop Coffee Roasters, Alkemisten, da Matteo, Love Shop, and Gevalia.


The word “Fika” is used by Swedes when they go for a Coffee break. The Scandinavian country is one of the countries with the highest consumption of Coffee. Apart from that, the Swedish are intentional with the way they create their Coffee.

One of the factors that make Swedish Coffee different is the choice of bean. Most of them utilize the Arabica bean which has less caffeine than other regular beans. With everything that has been said, I believe you are ready to explore the Coffee brands we have on the list.