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Top 4 Swedish Bicycle Brands [Men & Women]

In recent years, Sweden has seen a spike in demand for bicycles, increasing the average count of bicycles sold per year by 20%. Sweden is widely known as land for cyclists, with people commonly choosing two wheels over four for traveling. The Swedish government encourages cycling to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability and health that comes with healthy practices such as cycling.

By encouraging long-term and environmentally friendly transport solutions, Sweden is paving the way for eco-friendly innovations in bicycles. Sweden is a fertile ground for bicycle brands that combine innovation with the country’s love for bicycles to manufacture state-of-the-art bicycles.

With every road marked with a designated bicycle lane, it is no surprise that Sweden leads the way bicycle Industry.

Here are the top 4 Swedish brands manufacturing eco-friendly bicycles:

Swedish Bicycle Brands


Eco ride is a brand inspired by Nordic Culture. It is known for producing mid-engine smart bicycles with contemporary design and smooth functionality. Manufactured in Sweden, Ecoride is innovating to produce a cutting-edge eco-friendly modular travel system that takes you anywhere you want to go and is also environmentally friendly.

All bicycles of Ecoride are designed and built by hand. The modular cargo system in e-bikes allows users to adjust their storage solutions as required. Some of the popular bicycles by Ecoride are:

Ecoride 2.0

Ecoride’s electrical drive system, lightning, locks, and fenders make it environmentally friendly. Ecoride is simply easy to ride and has the capacity to load things on it. One of the most important features of Ecoride 2.0 is that it is extremely safe and easy to handle. The battery and engine may seem heavy to riders first, but they are designed to maintain the balance of the bicycles and prevent it from tumbling when standing idle.

Additionally, the frames of the bicycle support the body and maintain a good balance point. All material used in the bicycle is designed according to the Nordic climate conditions.


The brand refers to this product as “comfort series.” Ambassador is a stable and comfortable e-bike designed to help users cover long distances on two wheels. The bike has a low step and an upright, comfortable sitting position. The rear of the bike also features a foot brake that ensures maximum protection for busy areas. The well-chosen component of Ambassador makes it an ideal choice for everyday use. The bike also features a front basket and a comfortable back seat on which a partner can hop on.


Tripper is a hybrid series designed for people with an active lifestyle. Tripper bicycles feature active and forward-leaning sitting positions with a fast-action response. The bike allows you to test the limits to speed and move past the traffic.

Tripper is designed and tested for tough terrains such as mountains and hilly areas. The responsive feel and external gears deliver maximum protection. All models of trippers come with the option of front and rear loading. Tripper models are designed with a straight unisex frame with optimal flexibility and low step. Selected models of trippers come with a damped front fork to maximize comfort when riding on uneven surfaces.


Velosophy is one of the top bicycle brands in Sweden. It was established in 2016 with the promise to support underprivileged girls of developing countries. For every Velosophy bicycle sold, the brand donates one for educational purposes. The mission to make the world environmentally friendly and promote the education of girls is the key driver behind the innovation of its products. Since its launch, Velosophy has introduced two base models: The Sports Edition and the Comfort and a Recycled Edition. All designs of Velosophy take inspiration from the 1920s and 1980s.


The comfort edition is designed from recycled aluminum featuring an anti-rust chain, alloy fenders, and smooth shifting. It has an upright seating position with a swift back handlebar that allows users to rest the back in a gentle position. It is a classical bicycle design, with comfort being the most prominent feature. The bicycle also comes with a pre-mounted socket for a flat carrier or basket that you can select separately.


The sports edition is also made from recycled aluminum and equipped with an anti-rust chain, alloy fenders, 3-speed integration, and a smooth-shifting hub. Compared to comfort, the Sport series is more forward-leaning, ideal for a racing position.

Sport Edition enhances visibility when riding and allows riders to steer through pedestrians and cars with ease. Velosophy sports edition also comes with a pre-mounted socket for flat carrier or basket.

RE: CYCLE Edition

Velosophy is widely recognized for its eco-conscious production. In 2019 the brand launched its RE: CYCLED edition made recycled aluminum Coffee Capsules. The brand made a conscious step towards eco-friendly solutions that help the world with every purchase you make.

The aluminum frame of the RE: CYCLE edition is made up of coffee pleasure. A perfect combination of design and sustainability, Velosophy’s recycled edition is an icon in the bicycle industry.

The design of the frame takes inspiration from arpeggio and quickly grasps attention with its striking design. The steam-bended carrier at the front is made of oak and features two cup holders. Anyone who loves coffee can hop on to the espresso-inspired bicycle helping the world with sustainability and climate change.

The mission behind Velosophy’s RE: CYCLED edition is to empower farmers, minimize carbon footprint, and promote recycling across the globe. And with every bike sold, the company promises to educate girls of the developing countries.


Skeppshult is a private company in Sweden with more than 60 employees responsible for manufacturing bicycles. Previously, the company manufactured building wheels, frames, and assembled cycles.

Founded in 1911, Skeppshult has an unbroken history of manufacturing a high-quality and innovative line of products. The King of Sweden has also awarded the company a royal warrant. Of all its products, one of Skeppshult’s most prestigious productions is “The Nature” of all its products.

Skeppshult’s Nature

Popular for its classic design and colors, Nature was created for both roads and the mountains. Nature’s model for women comes in a metallic mocha, whereas the men’s version is deep black with forest green touches. All bikes by the company are manufactured in Sweden. The model was awarded Swedish Design Excellence in 1998.


Monark is one of the oldest bicycle brands in Sweden. Established in the small village of Hunnestad, Monark was founded by the 18-year Birger Svensson. Birder Svensson started his business by repairing bicycles and assembling them in a small store. Over the years, Monark earned its reputation as one of Sweden’s finest bicycle production units.

In recent years Monark has taken the Swedish market by storm with its motorbikes and mopeds widely recognized for their quality. Monark has remained one of the leading names in bicycle races held in Sweden.


Karin is the best-selling bicycle in Sweden. Designed to classical standards, Karin’s frames are vibrant and eye-catching. The first version of Karin was manufactured and designed 100 years ago, becoming one of the most popular designs of its time.

Monark’s Karin features ergonomic handles and a comfortable saddle to provide a comfortable ride back home. A 3-speed integrated hub combined with the power of aluminum strikes a perfect balance between comfort and function.

All components of the bike have been upgraded to modern standards. The tires roll smoothly, the brakes and gear are more responsive and efficient compared to the traditional version. The bicycle is available in various colors, including red, purple, blue, white, and black. Karin also features a package holder, sheet metal, bell, lighting, reflectors, and lock.


Over the last 100 years, Monark has established itself as one of the leading manufactures of bicycles in Sweden. Monark-Eco reflects not only environmental consciousnesses but excellence that comes from experience. E-Bike by Monark is not any other electric bike but one that comes with a pedal-assist in enhancing pedal stroke and a mounted controller to maximize control.

The bicycle has earned its popularity for comfort and safety features. Monark Eco also comes with a Panasonic battery that requires only 4 hours of charging time and covers 40 miles per charge. Three gears are perfectly designed and adequate for a Panasonic motor. The bicycle has a range of less than 200%, which is ideal for roads and even hilly terrains.

Additional features of the bike include:

  • Three power settings including Shimano Nexus internal hub and three gears
  • Panasonic lithium-Ion battery has double the power compared to nickel-based batteries.
  • Lightweight alloy frame with a storage rack, front and rear brakes, and headlamp.