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10 Best Strawberry Wine Brands

Strawberry wine is more refreshing than most wines and it is known to have somewhat of a light flavor. Strawberry wine is versatile in that it can be enjoyed with both the fish and red meat alike. As you would expect, strawberry wine pairs excellently with fresh strawberries.

Arbor Mist, Horton, Hinnant, St James, and Verdi are some of the best strawberry wine brands. Arbor Mist made this list twice, so their strawberry wines are particularly good. WineHaven, II Duva Rosa, and Rudius also make fantastic strawberry wines. Each of these companies puts their own twist on the popular beverage. 

When you drink strawberry wine for the first time, the experience can be described as something that is somewhat unexpected. This is because most people assume that strawberry wine is going to be a sweet or even thick drink like something you would find at a fast food restaurant. 

Best Strawberry Soda Brands

Best Strawberry Wine Brands

1.Arbor Mist Mango Strawberry Moscato

Produced in New York, Arbor Mist Strawberry Moscato provides a perfectly light and sweet flavor that represents the ideal balance between mango and strawberry. This is a somewhat ‘juicy’ wine that has quite a strong, crisp and refreshing flavor.

When you are drinking Arbor Mist Mango Strawberry Moscato, you feel like you are drinking a much more expensive wine.Because of that, Arbor Mist varieties of strawberry wine represent a great value for the money.

2.Horton Strawberry Wine

Strawberry wine makes quite an impression on the senses. Most people describe strawberry wine’s flavor as one that is full and robust. The first time you taste strawberry wine, your senses are overwhelmed with many different flavors in all the right ways.

Horton Strawberry Wine a blend of Grenache and hails from Gordonsville, Virginia. Grenache is a wine made from dark-skinned red grapes and originates from the Aragon region in Northern Spain. This Strawberry Wine is a unique fruit wine blend that contains red fruits, raspberries, and of course, strawberries. The Grenache in the blend provides the mix with a bit of warmth at the end.

3.Arbor Mist Strawberry White Zinfandel

Arbor mist strawberry wine varieties are good enough to make it twice on this list! This one is a whole lot more berry tasting of a strawberry wine. Arbor Mist White Zinfandel is also produced in New York and it is also a very well balanced wine. This wine has a rich and fruity taste that is just below the line of ‘too sweet.’

4. St James Strawberry

St James Strawberry is a high-end strawberry wine that is made in Missouri, USA. St James pairs excellently with deserts and is a drink best served chilled. This wine is produced from only the freshest hand-picked strawberries, so it’s really popular amongst fruit wine enthusiasts.

5. Hinnant Strawberry 

Hinnant Strawberry is a sweeter wine that is produced by growing, picking, and fermenting local fresh strawberries in North Carolina. This wine is considered to be very juicy and extremely sweet. In fact, it may be too sweet for you as it is for many people. If you are someone that loves a very sweet wine and can tolerate a lot of sugar, then Hinnant Strawberry would be a great wine for you.

6.Verdi Strawberry Sparkletini

Verdi Strawberry Sparkletini is a world-famous fruit wine that comes from the Piedmont region of Italy. The Piedmont region is known for Nebbiolo, which is a high tannin grape wine. But if you are not a fan of that but still want something high-class from such a prestigious region, then Verdi Strawberry Sparkletini’s light and fresh taste is probably a great choice for you.

7.De Luna Strawberry Kiwi

De Luna Strawberry Kiwi is a Floridian wine that showcases an almost perfect balance between strawberry and kiwi. De Luna Strawberry Kiwi is one of the most popular wines to pair with rich, chocolate desserts. De Luna Strawberry Kiwi wine also goes very well with fruit cocktails of just about any variety.

8.WineHaven Strawberry Rhubarb

WineHaven Strawberry Rhubarb is a wine that is famous the world over. It is produced in Minnesota in the US of A. This wine is actually a mixture of rhubarb and fresh strawberries. The rhubarb is a surprisingly good addition to the strawberries providing an excellent balance of tartness and sweetness. WineHaven Strawberry Rhubarb is generally well received by fans of all different kinds of wines, so it’s a great choice for parties and gatherings of all sizes.

9.Il Duva Rosa Imperiale

Il Duva Rosa Imperiale is another imported wine that is made in Italy’s highly prestigious Piedmont region. This wine possesses a fresh, crisp flavor and goes excellently with fresh strawberries and Brachetto grapes. Il Duva Rosa Imperiale is best served chilled and goes well with fruit and cheese.

10.Rudius Cabernet

Rudius Cabernet carries aromas of black cherry and red fruits and is produced in Columbia Valley in Washington in the United States of America. This wine also features a touch of toasty oak flavor, which gives this strawberry wine a very familiar taste and texture. For this reason, Rudius Cabernet is very popular amongst true wine aficionados.

Is Strawberry Wine Sweet?

While it is true that there are some sweet strawberry wines, its real strong points are in its ability to taste remarkably good even if it’s totally dry (no sugar added).

This tolerance to dryness is unique to strawberry wine in a way. While it is true that in most fruit wines the sugar that was in the fruit is converted to alcohol in the fermentation process, strawberries ferment in a way that a larger portion of the natural sugars are retained. So, unlike most fruit wines, strawberry wines generally need to have less sugar added to bring back its original fruitiness after being converted to alcohol.

So, this unique trait gives strawberry wine several detectable flavors that end up coming out really cleanly. With strawberry wine, you don’t have to cover up the rough edges with sugars or conditioners.

As soon as you taste it, you are going to instantly know that it’s strawberry wine that you are drinking. In fact, even in lighter versions of this wine, the strawberry character remains intact and very distinct.

Wild strawberries can be found growing all over the United States. In fact, you can find them growing in every state but Alaska. Wild strawberry patches generally grow in open, sunny meadows that have good drainage and somewhat sandy soil.

You can find strawberries available during most times of the year. This is because parts of the United States are in a tropical climate. So, in the winter, strawberries are grown in Florida, California and the other warmer states around the gulf of Mexico. 

In Florida strawberries are usually planted annually, but the rest of the United States plants strawberries on a perennial basis. Most people prefer perennial varieties and their reasoning for that is that their flavor has not been compromised by being bred for shipping and storage.

There are many different types of strawberry wine available on the market. This can make finding the best strawberry wine for you a somewhat daunting task. So, in this article, we will go over the best strawberry wines you can get. We will also describe each wine’s flavor.

Does Strawberry Wine Taste Like Strawberry? 

Yes. While strawberry wine has many flavors that can be detected, the strawberry flavor itself is generally the most pronounced. This is because the flavors in the best strawberry wines come out very cleanly. So, there are not many rough edges that need to be masked with conditioners or sugars. For that reason, strawberry wine tastes fruity even when it’s completely dry.

What Kind Of Wine Is Strawberry Wine? Is Strawberry Wine Red Wine? 

Strawberry wine is the result of fermenting strawberry juice. Berries are a common flavor component in the red wine flavor. Light-bodied reds generally taste like strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. So, I think it’s safe to say that strawberry wine is a red wine.

What Is The Benefit Of Strawberry Wine? 

Strawberry wine and other red wines are thought to have several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help fight some ailments.

It’s important to note that strawberry wine has no cholesterol and is high in potassium. Like other red wines, strawberry wine has been linked to lower risk of blood pressure problems. Some studies go as far as to indicate that strawberry wine reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but the jury is still out on that one.

How Long Can You Keep Strawberry Wine? 

Most fruit wines oxidize quickly, so they aren’t all that great at being stored for a long period of time. So, because of that most strawberry wines are only able to keep for somewhere between 3 to 5 years. If I were you, I would err on the side of caution and store strawberry wine for no longer than 3 years.

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While strawberry wine can be a lot more refreshing than most wines, if you don’t know which is the best strawberry wine to buy, you could end up with one that does not go well with what you are trying to pair it with. 

Arbor Mist makes two different excellent strawberry wines that made this list, so that is always a good place to start. Hinnant, Horton, Verdi, and St James also make amazing strawberry wines in their own right. WineHaven, II Duva Rosa, and Rudius make strawberry wines with more of a classic take on the drink. 

We hope this article helped you find the best strawberry wine for your occasion!