10 Spanish Jewelry Brands You Must Check Out

It is general knowledge that the Spanish are well known for their remarkable art, food, architecture, and culture. But did you also know that they boast some unique jewelry brands? This rich country has had a storied and long history of making jewelry from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Tous Jewelry brand is a jewelry, fashion, and accessories retailer in Spain. They have been in business for over a century and now have above 700 stores around the world – they do this for continuity to the craft. Due to their ground-breaking attitude, their legendary products inspire their outstanding pieces.

However, many other jewelry brands also stand out as some of the best Spanish jewelry brands we think you should own. Aristocrazy, PD Paola, Dim que me quiere, Urban Fawn, Majorica, Suma Cruz, UNO de 50, etc., cannot go unnoticed. Scroll down and keep reading to learn the best jewelry brands from Spain.

10 Spanish Jewelry Brands

What are the Best Jewelry Brands from Spain?

Jewelry can either make or mar an outfit, whether it is a choker or an understated bracelet. Most of the following Spanish jewelry brands are the work of independent, young designers who have been featured in the likes of Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Fashion Weeks.

It may be easier to spice up your outfit and take it to a whole new level when you have the right jewelry. But in case you are unsure of the best Spanish jewelry brands to trust when it comes to quality and luxury, below is a list of the ten best Spanish jewelry brands piece to own.


The first on our list is the legendary jewelry brand Tous. This brand is a family business that has been producing pieces of jewelry since the ‘20s. Its artisan techniques and classic style are combined with innovative technologies. This brand’s prestige knows no boundaries. Their products range from women’s chokers, bracelets, men’s jewelry, bags, wristwatches, and other accessories.

They are in many international locations such as the United States, Latin America, Asia, Russia, other loactions, and of course, Spain.


Aristocrazy has become one of the references in the Spanish jewelry industry for its design, quality, and exclusivity.

In less than a decade, it already has close to a hundred sale points across the world. They provide luxury rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in their catalog. It also has a variety of luxury watches.

3.PD Paola

This brand is focused on the millennium. Established in 2014, they opt for modern and striking designs. Their photos are all over Instagram, and they have a following of over two hundred and fifteen thousand people.

Among PD Paola’s several collections, their Animal collection stands out – pendants with animal faces. It was inspired by a trip made by the designer to South Africa. Their precious-stoned ear cuffs are also trendy. They have two stores in Barcelona. And you can also get their products online.

4.Dime que me quiere

This brand’s pieces are sterling silver plated with 3 microns of 18kl gold, while some are enameled by hand.

As its brand name suggests, its style is based on nature, delicate geometry, romantic and vintage. You can customize your own pieces. The main designs are for engraving jewels where you can choose your message and the right font to express what you have in mind.

5.Urban Fawn

Urban Fawn Spanish jewelry brand is inspired by nature; from the way the natural world moved to its organic shapes, they design simple but chic feminine jewelry manufactured with sustainable materials.

Think of Urban Fawn when you think of understated designs such as slim bracelets and single band rings produced with 18K gold that feels and looks perfect.

Their piece can enhance an evening dress and can also be worn with daily casual clothes.


This is one of the oldest Spanish jewelry brands. Launched in 1890, this brand from Mallorca instantly took a high jump and landed on Fifth Avenue in NYC. After the launch of a dazzling pearl necklace, it became instantly famous.

It is presently focused on the production of pearls, jewelry, and accessories. This brand is synonymous with trajectory and class – a place you want to shop for luxury and quality.

7.Suma Cruz

Before now, Suma Cruz was renowned for her breathtaking bridal hair accessories and headdresses but has newly branched out with a collection of designs inspired by nature, one that is bound to draw attention.

Flowing leaf earrings, solid metal dragonfly bracelets, and chunky beetle-shaped rings are some of the pieces to find in Suma Cruz’s collection. This also translates to versatile headdresses that will quickly take any outfit to a whole new level. Go ahead and check them out. 

8.UNO de 50

UNO de 50 is a high-end, famous Spanish accessory and jewelry brand. This brand was founded by a group of rebellious and artistic designers group with the idea to manufacture fifty units of every design.

The original statement pieces are for people who are after something unique – for non-conventional people.

Their piece comes with plenty of style stand and personality. The timeless and original creations are handmade and designed in Spain. They are worn and loved for life. The level of their durability is top-notch. 

9.Gaviria Jewelry

Gaviria is an amazing brand that designs and produces all of its products in the Catalan capital. Gaviria jewelry describes its luxury pieces as bold, chunky, and colorful. And they are inspired by present-day culture, both trend-watching, and trend-setting. This brand is reputable and has made a name of being synonymous with luxury, style, and high-quality. 


If you are a fan of jewelry adapted to daily life, we highly recommend the Masami Jewelry brand. The name behind this fantastic product is Amaia Torrontegui.

Its personality is defined by using noble materials and outstanding pieces such as sterling silver wrapped with gold, sterling silver, and gems.

This brand is unique because they allow you to customize your piece with the color, material of your preferred stone, and size.  

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

  1. Do not immerse your jewelry in suntan lotion, saltwater, chlorine, and mineral springs. Keep in mind that household cleaning products contain chlorine bleach. This can loosen the gemstones and also lead to discoloration.
  2. Do not dry your silver jewelry with tissues or paper towels. Instead, use a clean, soft cloth.
  3. To keep your jewelry’s original look and condition, polish them often with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth.
  4. When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep them safely in a cool and dry place. Individual cloth pouches and zip-lock bags are ideal for storage and help prevent them from scratching each other and tarnishing.
  5. If your jewelry contains pearls or gemstones, do not immerse them in water. Doing this might loosen specific settings. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or dips on gemstones.
  6. Avoid using commercial jewelry cleaners, detergents, and abrasive cleaners, especially if the piece of jewelry has an oxidized finishing. You do not want to alter the antique look of your piece.
  7. Do not use ammonia, ultrasonic cleaner, or any form of a chemical solution to clean opaque gemstones, such as onyx, malachite, opals, lapis lazuli, and turquoise. Because they are porous stones, they might absorb chemicals that can build up inside the stone, causing discoloration. Instead, wipe them with a moist cloth until they turn clear and sparkling.

Dos for Jewelry

* When dressing, wipe your jewelry piece with a clean cloth to remove sweat and oils.

* Apply hairsprays, cosmetics, perfumes, and lotion before wearing your jewelry.

* Store your jewelry in a fabric-lined box separately. You can also wrap them individually in tissue to avoid scratches.  

Don’ts for Jewelry

* Don’t expose jewelry to hot tubs or chlorine swimming pools.

* Don’t expose jewelry to cleaning products.

* Don’t wear jewelry when engaging in physical activities such as exercise, gardening, or housekeeping.


Jewelry can significantly impact the final look of our outfits, which is why you want to go for class and quality. Only very few do it like the Spanish.

In Spain, a few jewelry brands stand out from the lot. This article has listed the top ten of those brands. Feel free to visit their website, and you might just find yourself placing orders.