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4 Smart Hacks for Upgrading Your Beauty Routine

There is no denying the fact that cosmetics, particularly skincare, is a mammoth industry. Even though revenue fell by approximately 8% in 2021, it is projected that in the United States alone the skincare industry will generate approximately $177 billion in revenue. However, don’t let last year’s loss fool you. The reason for that is thought to be the fact that the nation was just coming out of an economic slump caused by the pandemic but now that more Americans are back to work and the economy is coming back around, cosmetics will see a huge increase in revenue. With more money to spend, new products will be hitting the market and so now is the time to learn a few hacks so that you can spend less and do more!

1. Beware of Bargain Brands

When it comes to smart hacks, the first thing you probably think of is saving money. That’s a good place to start but it doesn’t mean sacrificing name brand cosmetics made with high quality ingredients. Instead of going to the dollar stores looking for cheap foundations, blush, and eye shadow, look for ways to save on save on popular brands. Check out review sites that feature discount codes so that you can get quality products for reduced prices.

2. Lighted Mirror with Magnifier

Although you may need to spend a few dollars to get a decent lighted magnifying mirror, it’s well worth the expense. You would never believe just how much money this sort of mirror can save you, especially when applying foundation, blush, and shadow. Without the right amount of light, we tend to put makeup on a little too heavily and end up wiping half the product off. One time only isn’t much of a loss but to do so repeatedly, consider how much money you are throwing in the trash! If you are rubbing off half the product you put on, that’s half a bottle or tube. That’s a lot of waste!

3. How to Match Your Skin Tone

Upgrading your beauty routine isn’t only about saving money. Sometimes we need to learn how to match various shades of foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeliner and shadow to our skin tone and hair color. It’s like getting your car wrapped for an upgraded look only now you are thinking about your beauty routine. One common mistake many women make is to test the color of foundation on the inside of their wrist. If you hold your wrist up to your face you will see there is a marked difference in color and tone. Estheticians suggest that you test a foundation color on your neck because that is the closest skin tone on your body to that of your face.

4. Learn the Proper Way to Use Under Eye Concealer

Here is a common mistake most women aren’t even aware of making! We have always done this because we feel that the dark skin goes all the way across under the lower lid. While that may be true, estheticians say that we should apply concealer in a triangle under the inside of the lower eyelid close to the bridge of the nose. This will then draw the attention to that area which is the lightest area of the eye. It’s amazing just how large and refreshed this simple hack can do for those tired eyes with dark circles underneath.

Remember, the best hack of all is in learning how to save money on quality products rather than buying inferior products that smudge, wear off and simply don’t apply correctly. The key is to find ways to spend and waste less so that you can use quality products at dollar store prices.