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10 Top Russian Shoe Brands [Women & Men]

Russia may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of high-quality footwear, but perhaps it should be. Russian shoes aren’t the easiest to find outside of their home country, but they are known for being constructed of high quality materials and modern techniques, wedding together practical functionality with timeless design.

Winter boots and dress shoes stand out, but there is also a variety of well designed and stylish sneakers, sandals, and even slippers. There are great options no matter your age, gender, or profession. There are rugged winter boots for hitting the ski slopes.

There are others great for indoors in a professional setting. Others are made for you’re child’s first day of preschool. No matter what kind of footwear you’re looking for, there’s a great Russian brand just waiting for you.

These brands cover some of the most popular brands of shoes in Russia, ranging from classic summer sneakers, to classy dress shoes, to rugged winter boots. While finding and importing shoes all the way from Russia may seem challenging, you won’t be disappointed with these brands.

Top Russian Shoe Brands

1.Westfalika – Best overall brand

Westfalika is both one of the most popular and best selling brands of shoes in Russia, and it also boasts a huge chain of department stores dispersed throughout Russia. The first store opened in 1993 in Novosibirsk, and since then has expanded to over 540 stores distributed throughout 270 cities.

While not well known outside of Russia, within its home country the brand is one of the best known brands of shoes. In addition to their in-person stores, Westfalika also offers convenient options to buy online, including both a website and an IOS and Android compatible app, which makes them more accessible to a larger customer base.

The variety of shoes offered under the Westfalika brand is staggering. From men’s winter boots to light women’s sandals, you can cover all of your footwear needs without leaving the same store. The brand uses high quality and sustainable materials, such as leather and real fur, which are both more functional and better for the environment than their artificial counterparts used in cheap shoes.

One of their most popular products are their winter boots, which come in different designs for both men and women, and are well suited for maintaining style and comfort, even in harsh winter weather.

Westfalika also offers dress shoes for both men and women, from basic black shoes used in retail and restaurants, to classy dress shoes that, despite their high end looks, won’t be ruined by a bit of snow. Of all the Russian shoe brands, Westfalika is the easiest for foreign shoppers to browse and purchase, and their full line of offerings can be found at In addition to shoes, the website offers a wide range of quality Russian goods, including clothes, home wares, food, and gifts for fans of Russian culture.

2.Nobbarro – Best economy brand

The best economy brand of Russian shoes is Nobbarro. Manufactured largely in Russia itself, these shoes use synthetic materials to keep the cost low. But don’t mistake low price with cheap, these shoes are designed to hold up under every day use, even in rough weather conditions. Nobbarro dutik winter boots are made from PVC plastic, polyester, and faux fur, which makes them warm and heavily resistant to wet and snow.

They have specially designed soles to offer extra traction on ice. Nobbarro also offers summer clogs made of similarly water resistant materials, as well as a line of classic sneakers, all at affordable low prices. If you’re looking for a quality Russian shoe on a budget, Nobbarro is the brand for you. Many of Nobbarro’s shoes are found easily on Westfalika’s website.

3.Emilia Estra – Best woman’s brand

Emilia Estra brand shoes bring together the latest fashion trends and everyday comfort. These feminine and stylish shoes come in many different sizes, styles, and colors, so you can pick the best to suit your own unique look. Emilia Estra offers women’s heel, flats, boots, and even bags to match. With this brand of shoes, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort and utility.

4.Rossita – Best family brand

Rossita is a popular brand and store chain located primarily in Siberia and nearby areas. This brand offers shoes made in European styles for men, women, and even a line for children. In a Rossita store, you can shop for the whole family, from professional looking women’s heels, to durable men’s boots, to comfortable sneakers for the kids.

The European style gives them a unique look that’s sure to compliment modern styles. Like Westfalika, Rossita launched an online shopping platform in 2015, which can be found at

5.Lissete – Best dress shoe

Lissete is a well recognized brand of women’s dress shoes in Russia. These shoes are designed in the French style for a sophisticated and light feminine look. Lissete stores are small boutique style stores, and offer handbags as well as other accessories that complement their signature shoes.

These dress shoes are a great choice for a sharp and stylish look in either a professional or social setting. Heels, flats, open and closed designs are all available at Lissete stores, ready to project your style and personality to the world.

6.Lucky Land – Best slipper

Lucky Land is a brand that specializes in household slippers. Made with polyester and faux fur, these slippers are light, soft, and warm, and come in both men and women’s designs. Their padded design makes them warm, soft, and comfortable to walk in. Both open and closed designs are available, as well as an assortment of relaxing colors, ready to be worn in an easy chair by the fireside. Lucky Land slippers are a must-have to go with a warm robe and hot drink on a cold Russian winter evening.

7.S-TEP – Best everyday wear

S-TEP is a brand that specializes in comfortable men and women’s footwear. This brand uses state of the art German molding technology to produce shoes that are both durable and comfortable. This technology is able to bond lightweight soles to the leather or other materials used in the upper part of the shoe, which is far more durable than traditional glued shoes.

Shoes from this brand are known to last an average of 5-10 years before succumbing to wear and tear. Ultra light soles and anatomically designs make these some of the most comfortable shoes that you’ll find in Russia. S-TEP produces boots, sneakers, and loafers perfect for everyday comfort and use.

8.all.go – Best casual brand

All.go is a Russian brand specializing in casual wear. When it was originally introduced in 2014, the line of products consisted of colorful and simple shoes designed to be worn on beaches and in gardens.

Since then, all.go has expanded to include walking shoes and boots appropriate for fall and winter weather. The company’s bread and butter are clogs and sneakers. The sneakers are lightweight walking shoes, made of faux leather, with low tops and breathable designs. The clogs come in a variety of styles and bright cheerful colors, and are perfect for wearing to the beach in the summertime.

9.Makfly – Best ankle boot

The Makfly brand offers a wide assortment of ankle books, in addition to other footwear. With options ranging from leather workboots, sneaker, and traditional felt boots, these shoes offer extra support for your ankles. If you prefer shoes that ride a little higher, there’s a Makfly shoe for you.

10.Zebra – Best children’s shoe

Zebra is a brand designing shoes for young children. They offer boots and sneakers for ages ranging from preschoolers to teenagers. These shoes come in a range of sizes and styles, with options suitable for any age or weather condition.

Velcro, slip on, and laced options are all available depending on the needs of your child. Many of these shoes are made from genuine leather and manufactured in Russia itself, not skimping on quality even for a young child’s shoe. There are also more specialized footwear made under the Zebra brand, such as waterproof PVC and wool-lined boots, and options dressy enough for special occasions.


Russia offers many top of the line brands that aren’t well enough known in other countries. Everything from high-end winter boots made to stand up to the harshest winters, to dress shoes with a sharp and professional look fit for the boardroom, to light and cheery clogs for summer-time fun at your favorite beach, there is something for everyone at every occasion.

No matter what kind of footwear that you are looking for, there is certainly a quality. Russian brand that will fit the bill. While obtaining these shoes may require more effort than a quick trip to Amazon or your local department store, these brands are well worth the effort of seeking out.