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Top Reasons To Use Ria Money Transfer For Exchange

For many years there were a number of companies which offered international money transfers, which many had to rely on to send money abroad. Unfortunately however, this process involved a great deal of legwork, visiting branches, filling out papers, handing over cash and then a waiting game until it arrived.

Those who used these services will also know only too well just how much it cost to send that money, with such high fees that it devalued the original amount. Those companies had a monopoly for a while, but thanks to brilliant options like the Ria Money Transfer app for international transfers, those days are long gone.

Here is exactly why Ria Money Transfer is the future of this sector.

Top Reasons To Use Ria Money Transfer

1.Best Exchange Rates

There are two main factors in the cost of sending money abroad, and the one which stings a lot of people are the currency exchange rates. Here we are not only talking about traditional money transfer companies, but also banks and online merchants such as PayPal. These institutions never offer a currency exchange rate which is even close to the global market, which means that the more you send, the more you lose.

With a Ria Money Transfer however, they are committed to making sure that you get the best exchange rate available, and they blow the competition out of the water. You can thus take advantage of much lower exchange rates than what the large online merchants use. However, it is important to review the transfer rates so you are sure this is actually the case since you never know when such things change in time.

2.Low Fees

There are of course fees which are included when money is transferred between countries, but so many banks and businesses have been guilty of charging double or triple of the original fee amount. This is not the case with Ria, who not only offer the best exchange rate, but also the lowest fees. These two combined ensure that the cost of sending your money abroad is absolutely minimal. There is no cheaper way to transfer internationally than with Ria. You can save money as you transfer cash and make a transfer to a bank account. The fees are the same in both cases.

3.High-Quality Service

It is important to remember that services like Ria don’t complete the entire process on their own, they are also beholden to the systems of banks at both ends of the transfer. Occasionally this can mean a slow down in service or a delay in the transfer, which of course will be frustrating to a client. It is essential however that in this event, customers can count on a great customer service team to deal with their concerns.

A dedicated customer care team operates by phone and on social media to ensure that clients have full transparency around where their money is, and when they can expect to receive it. This is something which Ria have been praised for repeatedly in customer reviews. Often when we find products which are low cost, there is a catch to be found somewhere and customer service is often where so many businesses will fail you. This however, is certainly not the case with Ria.

It is important to highlight that problems can appear with any money service you use, ranging from regular bank accounts to wallets like Paypal. When a technical problem appears, you naturally want to contact customer support. The way in which your problem is taken care of can say a lot about how much the company invested in taking care of their clients. Ria instantly stands out, according to customers who discussed their interactions with the company. You can expect your problems to be taken care of as fast as possible.

Also, the service is improved by security experts available at any point of day or night to monitor transfers and notice any unusual behavior. All your payment information will be guarded for every transfer so the card information cannot be compromised.

4.Fast Transfer Process

When you want to transfer money to someone, Ria makes the process very fast and easy to understand. Here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Open an account – You can do this online with a password and an email address. You will be taken through some security questions to verify your identity. You have to provide the full name, the physical address, language, a mobile phone number, your date of birth, and the most frequent country you want to deal with as a destination. Then, you just have to verify the mobile phone, which is done through an SMS or through a phone conversation with an agent.
  2. Set up the transfer – After opening the account, Ria allows you to send money. You do this by entering currency, the destination country, and the amount. Then, you choose how you are going to pay. This includes options like credit card, bank transfer, cash, and debit card. You also choose the pay-out method, like cash pickup or bank deposit. After completing the form, you are shown the fees so the process is as transparent as possible.
  3. Add details about the beneficiary – The next step is to enter Recipient Details. This includes the full name, location, and bank information, if this is the method you chose. It is possible to also have to verify your own identity at this point by sending a photo of your ID. You can take the photo with the smartphone.
  4. Review – The last step is to look at the page with Payment Details and make the actual payment for the transfer you initiate. You can review everything so there is no mistake made. Then, you confirm and the transfer is arranged.

As you can see, all you have to do is to complete a few forms and the money is on its way. Alternatively, you can also go to a physical Ria location and present a form to a clerk, together with the cash and an ID.

If you decide the pay-out option is cash, you will receive a PIN code. This is the code that the beneficiary needs when picking up the money.

An extra thing to remember is that the money you send can also be sent to the home address of the beneficiary. Obviously, the fees are a little higher but this is something that you can consider in several circumstances, like when sending money to someone who cannot leave their home.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways in which you can transfer your money internationally, but if you are looking for the lowest cost approach, the only answer is to use Ria Money Transfer. Customer support is very good, the steps you have to take to transfer money are very simple, and you will be dealing with lower fees than expected.

Ria Money Transfers are now available in over 160 countries and over 500,000 locations from around the world. The company handled over 1 billion transfers and has experience on the market of 30 years. And everything can be controlled through a very simple app. To join, you even receive a $0 fee on the first online transfer, which is a great way to see if this is the service for you.