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Top 8 Porcelain Figurine Brands

Porcelain figurines have been around for as long as we know. As great decoration around the house or as a collection you are trying to build up. Acquiring porcelain figurines is always exciting because it’s possible you may run into one of extreme value. Porcelain figurines are usually more fragile and need to be made with strong attention to detail. Picking the best brand will help you get your hands on one of these products that will be durable and in great condition for years to come.

Here are the best porcelain figurine brands we could find.

Top Porcelain Figurine Brands


Lladró is a Spanish porcelain figurine brand that was established in 1953. In the 1960’s they introduced the single-firing method, which was revolutionary, replacing the triple-firing method. Lladró established a collectors’ society which over the years has boosted the number of collectors who are into porcelain figurines.

This prestigious brand has won many awards such as the Príncipe Felipe Prize for Internationalization in 1993, the Príncipe Felipe Prize for Competitiveness in 1997, and a few others.

Porcelain figurines from this brand range from intricate designs such as their Cleopatra Sculpture to simpler ones such as the LLADRÓ The Dark Blue Guest Figurine. These products range anywhere from $200 up to $30,000 or more depending on design, size, and what it is. They offer an endless amount of figurines to choose from and are rated extremely well. Lladró is one of the figurine brands that is able to create figurines from Disney and the famous Charlie Brown show.


  • Cheaper options
  • Wide variety to choose from
  • One of the best porcelain figurine brands
  • Won various awards for their products



  • Can be expensive



Lomonosov was established in 1744 and still remain in high demand today. Along with porcelain figurines they produce dinnerware, drinkware, tea pots, and vases. They produce handmade and hand painted products.

Their most famous design was using cobalt blue and 22 karat gold to create pattern combinations personal to Lomonosov products. This brand is more famous for their dinnerware and vases but offer a large number of figurines. The figurines produced are all sorts of animals and people. From chipmunks and dogs to ballerina figurines.

Their figurine section contains a variety of animals, a DIY paint a figurine set, people, and holiday figurines. The animal figurines range from $20 to $1000. Most are under $100 but their collectable ones are more expensive. The people figurines can range from $60 to $5000. Most are around $1000 but the collectables such as the ballerina figurines are $5000. Lomonosov is highly rated and one of the cheaper figurine brands.


  • Ships worldwide
  • Very cheap options
  • Many options to choose from
  • Collectible items
  • One of the oldest porcelain figurine brands


  • Can be expensive
  • Figurines are animals or people


3.Cosmos Gifts

Cosmos Gifts is a porcelain figurine brand that produces hundreds of figurines of all type. Their website is for retailers only and must be bought through a retailer such as Amazon or Walmart. The products they produce are detailed extremely well and are made from porcelain and ceramic. There are a few rare pieces from this brand but are not expensive. Most of their product’s range around $20 to $100 but some may be more expensive.

All of the products are rated well, with 4 stars and above out of 5. Some of their more popular products are the Black-White Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker and the Clown with Violin Musical. They offer all types of figurines, teapots, ornaments, cookie jars, etc. There are also seasonal figurines for Christmas. These are great for gifts since they are cheaper or you could try to collect them all.


  • Cheap figurines
  • Sell others such as teapots and cookie jars
  • Rated highly (4.5/5) on majority of products



  • No history given
  • No exclusive collectables
  • Have to buy from a retailer brand


4.Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton was established in 1815 in London. This brand focuses more on drinkware and dinnerware. Wanting to bring the best quality and beautiful design to everyone’s table. They have contributed to designs that are part of major landmarks in London and do collaborations with artists.

They do offer some collectable porcelain figures to choose form. The figurines they offer are usually by year or season, so the collection changes often making older ones harder to get.

The figurines price range form their cheaper ones around $100 such as their Jack Bulldog to more expensive options like their $200 Santa’s Work Shop figurine. Older figurines can be found on resale sites at a higher price because they do not make them anymore. Most of their figurines are women in dresses colored with bright colors such as red or purple. These figurines are rated highly and are durable. They make a great gift or can be collected amongst yourself.


  • Cheaper options
  • Rated highly
  • A few options to choose from
  • Designs are used in London landmarks


  • Not as many options as other brands
  • Focus on dinnerware and drinkware



Nao was established in 1967, in Spain and makes handcrafted porcelain figurines. This brand is owned by Lladró. Nao features figurines made by different artists in the city that the Llardó brothers bought the factory in. Each of the figurines have the same style.

Nao does certain styled Disney characters and characters from Charlie Brown. The figurines from this brand are more affordable than figurines from the Llardó brand itself. Collections grow each year, and they hold more than 300 figurines. They sell all over the world.

The figurines are sold in the price range of $100 to $300 since this brand is more affordable than Lladró’s own brand. However, Noa is not seen as an expensive collectible brand. Meaning that if you are looking to resell older pieces for more, it is unlikely you’ll get a buyer and unlikely that the products will significantly increase in value over the years. Despite their value being lower, these are still well-made figurines and are rated highly. Figurines from Nao are rated above 4 stars out of 5.


  • Cheaper brand
  • Owned by Lladró
  • Styles are consistent
  • Offer a wide variety of options
  • Has Disney, Charlie Brown, and other characters


  • Can be expensive
  • Products unlikely to increase in value over the years



Hummel Gifts was created in 1935 by Maria Innocentia Hummel or Sister Maria. She first started drawing children at play because of her love for children. Franz Goebel saw her drawings and brought them to life in the form of figurines. Hummel died at the age of 37 due to tuberculosis but her figurines continue on. The brand offers a large number of figurines.  All of the figurines are of children doing various things or designed for special occasions. Hummel offers a membership with perks such as opportunities to buy certain collectible figurines and their magazines.

These figurines are on the more expensive side. They range from $200 to $2,000 or more. Price depends on which collection and the rarity of the figurine. The most expensive collection would be the masterpiece collection which has figurines ranging around $2,900. You can find some cheaper options on Amazon such as their Apple Tree Boy for $140. This brand is rated highly and one where you can find very expensive collectables.


  • Cheaper options
  • Rated highly
  • Most are very cute
  • Has figurines for different occasions


  • Can get expensive
  • Only figurines of children



Meissen is the oldest porcelain figurine brand in Europe. Founded in 1710 by King Augustus the Strong. They handcraft their products and have done collaborations with artists since the 1700s. Most of the figurines are recreations of the rare originals that were created long ago. All of their products are of high quality and each product is cheeked at one site focused on quality. Along with figurines they produce tableware, jewelry, home décor, and feature masterworks.

Figurines are separated into categories of single, collectibles, and limited figurines. They have a variety of figurines such as animals, clowns, Asian figurines, seasonal inspired, painters, Apostles, and many more. The price for these figurines can be very expensive. Most range around $200 to $2,000, but some can be $10,000 or are “priced upon request.” Meissen limited edition figurines are products that can be resold for more and will gain value as they age. Making sure it is the real thing may be difficult when buying resold products.


  • Cheaper options
  • Offer limited editions
  • Oldest porcelain figurine brand in Europe
  • Huge verity of different figurines (animals, people, Asian figurines, etc.)


  • Can be very expensive
  • Have to watch out for fake resold products


8.Avon Collectible Shop

Avon first began business in 1886 but did not have the Avon name until 1939. This brand is different from others because they no longer make collectibles. All figurines produced by them are owned by someone in the world. The only way to get your hands on one is buying from a reseller website such as Amazon, eBay, or on the Avon Collectible Shop. Figurines from this brand come as animals and peoples. They have also sold tableware, clocks, jars, and more.

Since these figurines are no longer for sale, the prices may be higher, but most do not appear to be anything extreme. In fact, it appears to be one of the cheapest figurine brands. Some products are only $10 but can go up to around $200. It could also be harder to find some that are in perfect condition and that could explain the power prices. Even though the brand no longer sells figurines, the products are still rated well.


  • Cheapest options
  • Have animals and people figurines


  • Not of high value
  • Have to buy from reseller
  • Conditions of resold products may not be perfect
  • Company does not make figurines anymore


How to Choose the Best Porcelain Figurine Brand

Whether you are looking for a porcelain figurine to gift or to add to your collection, knowing how to buy one is very important. These products are fragile and have a lot of attention to detail. If you are interested in buying an expensive collectible, then making sure you consider certain characteristics beforehand will ensure you pick the best brand. Characteristics you should include but are not limited to are the style of figurine, logo type, rarity, and condition.

Style of Figurine

Knowing what type of figurine you want will help you decide which brand to choose. If you are looking for animals then Llardó, Lomonosov, and Meissen would be good brands to take a look at. Finding one that you love may be difficult because these brands offer a lot of options to go through. However, since those are more expensive brands finding the perfect on for you or someone else is all the more important.

Logo Type

Logo type would be important to look at if you decide to buy from a seller on from a reseller website. If you are purchasing from the brand itself then logo type would not be an issue. Logo type is important to check because you want to make sure if you are buying an expensive porcelain figurine that it is not fake. There are buyers guides and videos online that will help you make sure you never buy a fake one.


If you are buying from a reseller then checking the rarity of the figurine from one of these brands is also important. The rare ones would be older, limited editions that are priced higher. If you are looking to buy a one of a kind from these brands making sure it is truly rare is important before you spend a significant amount of money on one.


Condition is another important aspect to look at when you buy one of these brands from a reseller. Making sure it looks like the original with no chips or fading colors. If the reseller has the box still, then checking the condition of the box is important as well. Better condition means that it is worth more.