13 Nigerian Makeup Brands [Safe & Affordable]

Nigeria’s beauty industry is evolving rapidly, and new make-up brands are springing up every day. Many Nigerian make-up brands offer the same value as what obtains in the international market, and they’re quite affordable.

Nigerian make-up brands are worth purchasing because the beauty industry is creating wonderful make-up products.

If you’re looking for the top Nigerian make-up brands offering high-quality cosmetic products, you should check out the products below.

Nigerian Makeup

Top Nigerian Makeup Brands

1.Emily Makeovers

Emily Makeovers is a beauty brand that deals in different kinds of make-up and other beautification aspects like nail fixing and hairstyling.

Emily makeover also deals with the sales of make-up products, and they’re doing all they can to become a full cosmetic brand in the near future.

The brand offers one of the best makeover services in Nigeria, and their office is in Enugu state, but they are available for booking services all over Nigeria.

2.Kuddy Cosmetics

One of the best make-up brands that produce makeup and foundations in Nigeria is Kuddy cosmetics.

They produce other beauty products, including hair and lip products and setting powders.

3.Zikel Cosmetics

Zikel makeup products are known for producing high-quality products at incredibly cheap prices.

It is distributed across the country and they have an array of beauty products ranging from contact lenses, eyelashes, lipsticks, foundation palettes, and much more. Their products are very much well known in the market and many people have been choosing this brand over the years.

4.Kayge Cosmetics

Kayge cosmetics is primarily known for making lip products. They have an amazing collection of lip liners, lipsticks, and much more!

5.Valerie Beauty Brand

Valerie brand specializes in salon services and beauty products.

They deliver products across Nigeria, and they have a lovely collection of sponge make-up, foundations, blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses, powders, eye shadows, and lots more!

6.Sleek Studio

The sleek brand offers products that help with skin rejuvenation. They’re famous for their Flash a Pout Lipstains, and this was the product that brought them to the limelight.

7.Nuban Beauty

Established in 2017, this brand is owned by a make-up artist who is well known under the business name “Flawless Faces by Jane”. Nuban Beauty is a brand that is well-known for its amazing pro blending sponges that are affordable and very lovely on the skin.

They have beautiful and highly fashionable eye shadow. The product comes in 16 wonderful shades to help meet every skin shade you might be. The brand also has a wonderful collection that includes foundation, eyeshadows, lip gloss, concealers, and more.

8.Yanga Beauty

Even though it was launched only a few years back, Yanga beauty is becoming a top choice for many people.

Many makeup artists have positive reviews about Yanga beauty products. The brand was founded by Jennifer Lisa, a makeup artist.

This brand is well known for producing make-up products like gloves, brushes, eyeliners, and other beauty products used by make-up artists. The eyeliner by this brand is quite exquisite while offering you the desired look.

They have different types of metallic lip creams and matte, including Browlution, which is an eyebrow product made by the brand.

9.Taos Cosmetics

Taos cosmetics is a rapidly evolving brand, and it’s making a good name for itself in the Nigerian beauty industry.

Taos also has an excellent collection of glow packs, metallic lip creams, eye shadows, and more.

10.Hegai and Esther

This brand was launched only a few years ago, and their eyebrow cream was going excellently at this period. They later launched other make-up products, including eye shadows, contour kits, lipstick, make-up, and lots of other products. This brand took make-up beauty to another level.

11.Zaron Cosmetics

Zaron is a well-known brand created in 2011 where many exceptional quality items were launched.

Zaron has over twenty-five franchise outlets. It also has 800 distributors in Nigeria and across other African countries.

The beautiful thing about using make-up products by this brand is that you can get the right color for your skin regardless of your complexion because their products blend easily with the skin.

This is a well-known brand in Nigeria, and it’s spreading its reach across Nigeria and Africa. It is best known for lip products and powders.

12.BMPro Make-up

BMPro make-up is a company owned by Banke Meshida Lawal.

After its launch in 2006, the brand has grown to become one of the biggest make-up brands in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

BMPro is commonly known for its fantastic quality, and the product is a must-have. They have long-lasting makeup products, and the brand has continued to produce innovative make-up products, including eyebrow glitter that makes the eyebrows shimmer in a subtle way.

13.House of Tara

Every make-up artist can reckon with this well-known brand in Nigeria. House of Tara has been existing since 1998, and the owner, Tara, did well in make-up artistry and bridal makeup in Nigeria. She also teaches make-up across the states in Nigeria.

The brand has a collection of lovely products including lip liners, concealers, eyeshadows, primers, and lipsticks.

Tips to Choosing the Best Make-up Brand in Nigeria

With many lovely Nigerian make-up brands to choose from, choosing the right make-up may be a little challenging.

You may also find it challenging to find the right product for your skin type, especially if it’s not a common skin type. Follow the tips below when choosing a make-up brand, and you will be making the right choice.

Know your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is a very vital process when buying a make-up product. You do not want to end up buying a product that will not match your skin type, making it less effective.

Skin types range from oily, dry, mixed, or normal skin types.

Normal skin types mostly work well with any kind of foundation. Oily skin mostly works well with powder foundations, while dry skin works well when tinted moisturizer is applied.

Mixed skin, on the other hand, is great with cream, mousse, or liquid foundations.

Choose Your Eyeliner

You can choose from a number of eyeliner that are of different types.

Different types of pencils are easy to use, and they blend well with eyeshadows. Your eyeliner gives you a softer look, and you can easily control the size of the line.

Liquid eyeliner could be a great choice if you’re looking for a dramatic, sharp, and smooth look.

Choose Your Eyeshadows Wisely

Eyeshadows could be based on your skin shade or eye color. For instance, people with brown eyes can use blue, purple, or metal colors of shadows (gold, silver, and copper).

People with hazel eyes will look good on dark purple, green, and yellow shadows and blue are a NO-NO.

People with blue eyes can try orange, cool or dark browns color of eyeshadows, while those with green eyes can go for violet, smoky grays, plum, tan, or charcoals.

Avoid smoky or dark colors if you have pale skin. Instead, for light earth tones. If you have a very dark skin tone, you should consider vibrant colors but avoid white shades and Ash colors.

Find out Your Best Blush

If you have pale skin, consider using peaches and light pinks. If your skin is a medium skin tone, use darker peach shades and rosy pinks.

Dark skins are good with deep oranges and rose shades are excellent options.

Get Your Lip Color Right

To find out the best lip color that suits your skin, you should take note of the following:

  • Go for shades that are darker than your lip shade
  • If you’re going red, remember that cherry red fits well for pink skin tones
  • Firetruck red works well for olive skin tones, and cherry red go well with pink skin tones
  • Deep reds are great for darker skin tones
  • Dark skin tones go beautifully with deep or vibrant purples and dark browns. Medium skin tones pair excellently with berries and roses.
  • Pale skin can wear pinks, creams, and apricots quite well.

Choose the Right Foundation Shade

Another important thing to do is choose the right shade of foundation by testing the product on your skin before buying. You can start by applying a small quantity of foundation to the back of your palm to know if it matches your skin color. You can also dab foundation with a color shade lighter and darker than what you think will match your skin.

As soon as the foundation dries up, find out the shade that closely matches your skin. If you’re not sure of the right shade to choose from, go for the lighter shade.


The Nigerian beauty industry wakes up to new make-up brands every day. Some of these brands make their presence known by producing fantastic products that will not cost an arm and a leg and yet are of high quality.

Out of the many available brands, choosing the perfect brand for you may seem cumbersome. With our guide, your search will be much easier!

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