Top 10 Nickel Free Belt Brands

Belts are a necessity that elevate style along with holding your pants up. If you are allergic to nickel, then finding nickel free belts could present a challenge. Most name brands do not consider that you may have an allergy to nickel or don’t want to change the quality of their products. There are smaller brands out there that care you have this allergy and create nickel free belts or belts with plastic buckles. These brands also offer stylish belts, so you don’t have to sacrifice your style.

Here are the best nickel free belt brands we could find.

Top Nickel Free Belt Brands

1.Nickel Zero

Nickel Zero is a belt brand that promise to test their belts to ensure that they are 100% nickel free. This a budget friendly belt brand that creates dress belts and casual belts. Using full grain leather and nickel free metal for the buckle. They offer brown and black belts. Adding new belts in the Springtime.

There are only under ten belts to choose from and are all generally the same deign. Each are light weight and are 1.25 inches wide. These belts range around $40. One of their most sold belts is their Slick City Belt. All of the product’s average to more than 4 stars and above out of 5. However, some reviews state that they are not nickel free and are coated instead. Which may be alarming, but most people have good experiences with the belt.


  • Cheap belts
  • Come in dress on casual
  • Nickel Free and full grain leather


  • Only a few options
  • Some reviews are mixed but are good



Jelt was created in 2014 as a brand that wanted to work on creating sustainable products. All of their belts are 100% vegan. A portion of each of their sales goes to helping people in need. They also donate 1% to the planet.

The belts are adjustable so that one size fits all because they are elastic and are unisex so that anyone can wear them. Jelt creates belts that are metal free so you would not need to worry about your nickel allergy. They feature belts that have different colleges on the buckle.

Their belts range around $34 to $38. Belts come in different colors and designs. Some are light blue, camouflage patterned, stripped, or plain black. These are a good alternative for using a belt anywhere other than a business office or formal event. They do not offer belts for those occasion but work for anything else from snowboarding to going to dinner. Belts by Jelt have great reviews and would be perfect for a nickel free alternative


  • Cheap price
  • Highly rated
  • Unisex belts for casual wear and actives
  • Have belts with no metal
  • Uses recycled material in their belts


  • No dress belts


3.Nickel Smart

Nickel Smart is a no nickel belt brand owned by NoNickel. NoNickel is a family-owned business that has worked with dermatologists in order to make sure their belts will not cause you any allergies. Their belts are made with full grain leather and nonnickel belt buckets. They offer casual and dress belts. Belts form this brand come in different colors and designs. There is brown, black, grey, and belts with designs on them.

Since the belts from this brand are designed well, they are more expensive. The price range for these belts is $30 to $200. Most belts range under $100. One of the more popular belts is the Casual Brown Belt II which is only $34. An average rating for these products is 4 stars and above out of 5. There are a lot of mixed reviews. Some believe the buckle may be coated and the leather is cheap but a lot of customers have had no problem with their belts.


  • Cheaper options
  • Multiple colors and designs to choose from
  • Carry dress and casual belts



  • Can be expensive
  • Mixed reviews



Hoanan is a belt brand that offer belts made from elastic, nylon, and that are straw woven. Most of their belts have no metal whatsoever so you do not need to worry about the metal at all. Their products are divided by men and woman.

Woman belts are made with elastic and belts are straw woven. Their more stylish belts are the ones for women. The belts for men are mainly tactical belts. Which can be worn anywhere. However, there are no dress belts that can accompany a fancy occasion. There are a few belts that do not specify which metal has been used so it is best to stay away from those.

The price for these belts ranges from $7 to $20 and are a lot cheaper than other brands. There are various colors to choose from such as green, blue, black, grey, and more. One of their most popular belts is the Men’s Elastic Stretch Belt which has no metal in it and is only $17. The buckles are made from YKK plastic and are TSA friendly. They stretch and are adjustable to any size.


  • Cheap brand
  • Nonmetal belts
  • Men and woman belts
  • Different colors and styles


  • Some belts they carry may have metal


5.Itay Belts

Itay Belts carry nonmetal belts that are made for casual or professional wear. Made by someone who has a nickel allergy. Their belts are made with leather and nonmetal buckles. Their main focus was providing belts for easier travel, but these belts would also be great if you are looking for a nickel free belt. This brand is one of the few that offer nickel free belts that can be worn for business or for a fancy event. Made for any gender. There is also a size guide for you to see if they will fit you.

At the moment this brand only carries two belts. One that is black, and the other is brown. The buckles on both are black. Originally priced around $40, they can be found on sale for $33. They offer a 30-day free return if you are not satisfied with your belt. Their belts can be found cheaper on the Itay Belts Amazon Store. The products range around 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Cheaper belts
  • Only two options
  • Nonmetal dress belts
  • Can be used for casual use
  • Website has a size guide


  • Some reviews say the leather is cheap


6.Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon was established in New York city and is a brand that creates basic clothing for men. Along with apparel they have a belt which is nickel free and can be worn with anything. They use WRAP which is a non-profit to ensure that they are using ethical manufacturing methods.

Their belt is called Covert Belt. Its price is $48. It is reversable and made with flexible stretch webbing. The belt buckle uses an internal bottle opener and is powder-coated for durability. The way the belt is designed is similar to a tactical belt but is designed more sophisticatedly. Making it work with slacks and dress pants along with anything else you might wear. All the reviews on their website say the belt is amazing and will last a long time.


  • Durable, stylish belt
  • No metal in the belt
  • Reversable and stretches


  • Only one belt
  • Can be expensive


7.Lion VII

Lion VII features tactical belts made from nylon and webbing canvas. Each of their belts is nickel free and metal free. They offer designs that look slightly more professional, and you may be able to get away with wearing these with dress clothes. Otherwise, these are great for everyday use or even hiking. Belts come in blue, grey, and black. There are different buckle choices as well such as black or grey. They do offer metal buckles, but it is not specified if they are nickel free or not.

Most of their belts range around $32. One of the most popular belts is their Men’s Nylon Belt that has a plastic belt buckle. The buckle is made from YYK plastic and are adjustable for waists below pants size 46 inches. The belt itself comes in different color or with different colored stitching. Most of the reviews are positive. They are a good standard metal and nickel free belt. People do complain about how it is not military grade but if you are just looking for a nickel free belt, this would be a good one to look at.


  • Cheaper belts
  • Good reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Offer nickel and metal free belts


  • Not military grade
  • Brand offers metal belts but doesn’t specify if there is nickel



8.Beep Free Products

Beep Tec, Inc. were developed by someone who worked for airport security. The belts and other accessories are all made without metal and so they are nickel free. Made so that you can get through airport security easily and to avoid an allergic reaction.

The belt buckles made by Beep Tec look like metal belt buckles but are metal free. There are other styles of metal belts such as Notched Brushed Nickel Buckles, but you wouldn’t want to get that if you are looking for a nickel free one.

The belts this brand offers are more of dress belts but can be used for casual wear as well. Some of the belts are made with Italian leather, standard leather, vegetable-tanned leather, or they do carry woven nylon belts. All of the belts range from $20 to $30. The look and quality of the belts make them appear that they would be more expensive. There is a sizing guide because the belts are not one size fits all.


  • Dress and casual belts
  • Airport friendly belts
  • Nickel free options
  • Cheaper brand
  • Appear to be expensive belts but are not


  • Cheaper belts mean quality may be lower


9.Thomas Bates

Thomas Bates is a belt company that was established in 1989. They produce fabric and leather belts. They do not have any specific nickel free belts but offer metal free belts made with buckles that look like normal buckles. They offer metal free leather or canvas belts. The canvas belts come in all sorts of colors and have different patterns. The leather belts look just like normal belts and would be great for dressing up or casual wear.

The belts from this brand range around the price of $20 to $35 which is on the cheaper side for belts. Sizes of their leather belts range around size 32 to 44. The metal free belts are also eco-friendly. One of their more popular belts is the Hiker Belt which is $17. It is a tactical belt and is metal free. It is said to be worth the money and durable for the price. Overall, the brand is rated highly as a nickel free and metal free belt brand.


  • Cheaper options on Amazon
  • Canvas belts are colorful or have patterns
  • Offer metal free leather and canvas belts



  • Cheap price may be cheaper quality


10.Nickel Free Belts

This retailer website carries belt Nickle Smart belts that are nickel free and certified to be nickel free. Although this is not a brand itself it offers a large range of nickel free belts to choose from. The belts they carry are made with leather and can be used for dressing up or for casual wear.

The price of the belts ranges anywhere from $30 to $150. These is also a section where you can purchase nickel test solution to check your metals before you wear them.


  • Carries certified nickel free belts
  • Carries nickel tester
  • Can be cheap


  • Not a brand

How to Choose the Best Nickel Free Belt

When you are deciding on a nickel-free belt brand you should consider certain characteristics of the belts they carry. Consider if you are looking for a dress belt or a casual belt. Consider your price range. Then read reviews to make sure people are enjoying the belts. Another sure way to tell if a belt is nickel-free is by testing it.