10 Most Expensive Tennis Racquets [Wilson & Other Brands]

In the wide world of sports, tennis is one of those games that has fans all over the globe – ranging from your average Joe to the elite upper class. It is a highly sophisticated outdoor sport, where players dawn their best sportswear, practice at the best courts, and use the best equipment available. One thing that can make a huge different in your game play is the grip of a high-quality tennis racquet.

Though, high-grade tennis racquets come at a price. While you can certainly get your hands on a sound, sturdy racquet for less than 20 dollars, professionals and aspiring newbies alike should understand the importance of having a good racquet. Owning and knowing how to use an expensive tennis racquet can be a game changer for your tennis career, as they often come with superior durability, versatility, player experience, and the latest technological integrations.

So, this brings us to the question at hand: what is the most expensive tennis racquet that money can buy? The most expensive tennis racquet is the Chanel Oak Tennis Racket, which retails for a staggering $5,925. This limited edition racquet features the signature CC logo design in the strings of the head, a brand stamp on the frame, and the frame itself is made of a red oak wood.

 Curious to know if you have the funds to afford some of the most exclusive tennis racquets available? Without further ado, let’s explore the top 10 most expensive tennis racquets in the world.

1. Chanel Tennis Racquet – $5,925

The Chanel Oak Tennis Racquet was originally released in 2011 and is limited edition, with only 37 in existence. It is made of red oak wood with a leather handle and features the signature CC logo design in the strings on the head, as well as another Chanel brand stamp on the frame. The racquet measures 14 inches in length and the head is 10.5 inches.

In addition to its exclusivity, the Chanel tennis racquet is also highly sought after because it’s used by the likes of Kylie Jenner and other celebrities. The Chanel Oak Tennis Racquet initially retailed for $2,499 and came with a fabric bag printed with the signature CC logo and adjustable crossbody strap. Chanel is a well-known luxury brand and it’s rare to find items priced for less than a grand.

Since so few were made, this racquet is much more difficult to find nowadays. However, if you want to get your hands on one of them today, it’ll cost you $5,925. You may be able to find the racquet on other sites as well, but for considerably more. Chanel has released a number of different tennis racquets in the past and also offer customization options, which will drive up the price even further.

2. Saint Laurent x Wilson Checkered Tennis Racquet – $770.00

The second most expensive tennis racquet on our list was born out of a collaboration between two iconic brands. Yves Saint Laurent, also known as simply ‘Saint Laurent’ or YSL, is a French luxury fashion house, while while Wilson Sporting Goods is known for manufacturing a wide array of equipment for numerous sports, including basketballs, volleyballs, and tennis racquets. If you’re looking for luxe tennis gear to elevate your look while playing, they’ve got you covered.

This is a one-of-a-kind, limited edition tennis racquet from YSL’s Rive Droite Collection. It was released in 2019 to celebrate the U.S. Open. By partnering with Wilson, Saint Laurent was able to deliver a quality tennis racquet that combines their signature design and superior performance. Both the racquet’s frame and the case it comes in feature an appealing black and white checkered pattern, with “Saint Laurent Paris x Wilson” logo on either side.

The frame is made of 100% carbon fiber, while the racquet itself is a Wilson Clash 100. The Saint Laurent x Wilson Checkered Tennis Racquet will run you $770 and is currently in stock on the YSL webstore. Retailing for the same price, they also have a Saint Laurent x Wilson Star Tennis Racquet that features a star pattern in the strings a black frame, and a black bag.

While you’re on their site, you can complete your collection with a set of three white tennis balls, which include the “Saint Laurent Paris x Wilson” branding and cost $105.

3. Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Naked Tennis Racquet – $499.00

The next most expensive racquet on our list is the first of its kind, with its eco-friendly design. Wilson’s Ultra 100 v3 Naked racquet removes the paint, dyes, and single-use plastics in favor of biodegradable and recyclable materials. It features a water-based protective coating as opposed to a conventional paint finish, offering a subtler look.

This racquet is part of Wilson’s Naked Series, which includes their most sustainable performance racquets ever designed and manufactured. Additional noteworthy features of the Ultra 100 V3 Naked racquet include a biodegradable PU grip, end cap with no-dye Agiplast, and Agiplast bio-based bumpers and grommets. To reduce waste, the product ships without a head card, in cardboard that is 100% recyclable and with a plant-based poly bag.

Plus, for every racquet sold, Wilson and tentree have committed to planting 2500 trees. Once all of them are sold, this will equate to more than one million new trees. Want to add this racquet to your collection? That’ll cost you $499. Though, it’s limited edition and there are only 105 of them available worldwide. So, grab one while you can!

4. Dunlop LX 1000 Tennis Racquet – $299.99

Dunlop’s LX 1000 Tennis Racquet is in a league of its own, featuring their Flex Touch Resin which enhances comfortability and reduces vibration. This racquet has a unique concave design around the cross string grommets to foster an extended sweet spot with a more dynamic string bed. The frame’s most striking feature is the Dual Bridge System with sprung grommets, which enhance the overall power output.

The Dunlop LX 1000 racquet measures 27.5 inches long for greater reach and has an oversized 115 square inch head. Its thicker beam construction complements the 16 by 18 inch spring pattern for superior control. At just 9.0 ounces unstrung, the LX 1000 is very light, but still incredibly powerful. This racquet is ideal for those who’ve been looking for a comfortable frame but desire the same level of power.

Purchase the Dunlop LX 1000 Tennis Racquet from tennisexpress.com for $299.99. It is in stock, ready to ship, and each purchase also comes with a fully insulated two pack racquet bag.

5. Lacoste x Tecnifibre L20 Tennis Racquet – $289.95

The fifth most expensive tennis racquet on our list is the result of a collaboration between Lacoste, the French clothing company founded by tennis player René Lacoste, and the French sports equipment company Tecnifibre. They worked together to craft a performance tennis racquet that offers a comfortable and user-friendly experience for beginners to intermediate level tennis players.

Visually, the Lacoste x Tecnifibre L20 Tennis Racquet is gorgeous – with the contrasting hues. The famous Lacoste logo is present on the shaft, allowing the user to make a fashion statement on the court. To enhance comfortability, the racquet is outfitted with an updated version of anti-vibration system that was used by René Lacoste. Whereas, the string pattern is improved – denser in the center and wider at the edges.

It weighs only 10.2 ounces unstring, making the execution of full swings comfortable and convenient. Offering the combination of iconic design and comfortable play, the L20 tennis racquet is well worth the price. What is the price you may ask? You can get your hands on the Lacoste x Tecnifibre L20 Tennis Racquet for $289.95. It is available now for free shipping through the Tennis Express webstore.

6. Wilson Pro Staff Unstrung Tennis Racquet – $279.00

The Wilson Pro Staff 97UL V13 racquet is the lightest frame in their Pro Staff line. It’s ideal for those who desire the precision of a Pro Staff racquet, but with a more lightweight, comfortable feel. The racquet is also great for transitioning juniors and adults who struggle with elbow discomfort, as it offers an arm-friendly swing weight.

Lovers of the Pro Staff series will recognize the red and yellow pinstripes on the throat, which pay homage to the franchise’s history. Whereas, the exposed glossy carbon fiber on the tip gives the frame a unique, sharp look. The racquet weighs in at just 9.5 ounces unstrung and is outfitted with a new Braid 45 construction that serves as an update to the classic Double Braid technology. This feature adjusts the fiber angle, allowing for enhanced ball pocketing stability and feel.

Getting your hands on the Wilson Pro Staff 97UL V13 Unstrung Tennis Racquet will run you $279.00. Though, since the racquet comes unstrung, the actual price will depend on the strings that you choose for it. So, expect to spend more than retail. You can purchase the racquet now through Wilson’s webstore, where shipping is free and you can customize it to your liking.

7. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet – $269.00

The Clash 100 by Wilson was originally introduced in 2019 and quickly became a favorite among tennis players of all levels. Fortunately, it lives up to the hype. This racquet offers explosive speed, an excellent feel, easy spin, and flexible handling. It is just 11 ounces strung and boasts a low 312-RDC swingweight, making it ideal for intermediate players who want exceptionally easy acceleration.

What makes this racquet distinctive is its construction. Of all the tennis racquets on the market, the Clash 100 has one of the lowest and most arm-friendly flex points. This results in improved control, touch, and pocketing than a conventional player’s racquet. Wilson claims that the flexible feel is achieved through two material technologies – FreeFlex and StableSmart. While this particular model may lack the plow-through and power of a heavier Tour model, its simple acceleration will permit you to make aggressive cuts at the ball to achieve additional pace and spin.

So, what does a racquet like this go for? To get your hands on the Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet, you’re looking at spending $269. It’s currently out of stock on Wilson’s webstore, but you can purchase it now through Tennis Warehouse.

8. Babolat Pure Aero VS Tennis Racquet – $259.00

Also available on Tennis Warehouse, the Babolat Pure Aero VS Tennis Racquet is one of Babolat’s most spin friendly racquets. Like the standard Pure Aero model, the Pure Aero VS is outfitted with the AEROMODULAR3 frame design. The design includes the head guard and grommet into the frame of the racquet to allow for minimal drag.

Meanwhile, the Carbon Ply Stabilizer incorporates a new generation of carbon fiber to provide unparalleled control and stability, Cortex Pure Feel reduces vibration without losing the feel of the pall. This racquet has the same tapered beam as the Pure Aero, but in a thinner 21-23-22 cross section. If you’ve tried out Babolat’s Pure Aero model and found it to be a little too powerful, then the Aero VS is perfect for you.

Babolat’s Pure Aero VS Tennis Racquet goes for $259 and can be purchased on Amazon. However, like many other racquets on this list, the Aero VS is sold unstrung. So, make sure that you factor the cost of strings into your overall budget.

9. Head 2021 Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet – $249.00

The Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet by Head is updated cosmetically for 2021. This racquet features, a low-powered 18×20 string pattern, a thin 20mm beam, and a low, buttery smooth 62RA flex. With the Gravity Pro, Head introduced their Graphene 360+ technology, which pairs the rock-solid stability and efficient power of Graphene 360 with flexible SpiralFibers in the lower section of the head to maximize feel.

Head’s Gravity line offers a rounder frame shape that is higher in string bed, which results in a contact zone that is more spin-friendly and responsive. This racquet delivers excellent feedback upon impact, with the level of control that will inspire you to push your limits while playing. While the Gravity Pro racquet does not have the vicious spin and pop on serves of Head’s Extreme series, players enjoy the necessary control to spring for power and choose impressive targets.

The Head 2021 Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet will run you $249 and is currently available through Tennis Warehouse’s webstore in a range of grip sizes. You can purchase it unstrung or have it strung with your preferred strings for an additional price.

10. Yonex EZONE 98 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet – $229.00

Known as one of the most versatile performance racquets out there, the Yonex EZONE 98 series is endorsed by both Nicky Kyrgios and Naomi Osaka. This 2020 version comes with a host of improvements for players of all levels. The racquet is currently on its sixth generation, featuring a new sturdy, but elastic material in the throat, known as M40X. This graphite-based material help improve the racquet’s flexibility, while maintain the level of stability that is synonymous with the EZONE franchise.

Yonex also enhanced the comfortability of the EZONE 98 by including Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM) on the handle. This material helps to eliminate undesirable vibrations but does not overly mute the response. Thanks to the Isometric head shape, the racquets has a massive sweet spot. This version also has a head that is slightly wider to yield the largest sweet spot in the history of EZONE.

According to Yonex, this updated version of the EZONE 98 has the ability to absorb 7.9% more shock and increase ball speed by 2.5% when likened to the previous model. So, what’s the price? The Yonez EZONE 98 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet usually retails for between $275 and $290, but you can find it on Tennis Express’ webstore for just $229, including free shipping!

HONORABLE MENTION: Proximus Diamond Games Prize – $1.3 Million

While not technically a tennis racquet in the purest sense of the term, this item is still worth mentioning due to its high price point and extravagance. The Proximus Diamond Games tennis racquet may look like a racquet but it’s actually a tournament trophy. It is made of pure gold, crafted with a tennis ball attached to the strings, and studded with 1,700 real diamonds that alone are worth $50,000

In order to win the trophy, the Diamond Games requires that a player must win the singles three times in five years. The entire piece weighs four kilos and is worth $1.3 million.

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