10 Most Expensive Swiss Army Knives

You never know when you will need an impressive Swiss Army Knife! These knives are unique, innovative, and valuable in many situations. Personally, I like to always carry one in my pocket that is compact and easy to use.

Surprisingly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types and styles of Swiss Army Knives for all of our needs. They typically range from $10- to $400, depending on the features added and the material of the Swiss Army Knife.

Through research, I have found that the most expensive Swiss Army Knife currently on the market is the Swiss Champ XXL. This knife costs 379.99 and comes with 73 unique and special features.

Top 10 Most Expensive Swiss Army Knives

Are you looking for a list of the most expensive Swiss Army Knives on the market? We have you covered as they are listed below!

1. Swiss Champ XXL- $379.99

With over 73 impressive functions, this Swiss Champ XXL is a comfortable Swiss Army Knife that is easy to store away and the most expensive on this list. The main colors are red and silver. The Swiss Champ XXL is made with stainless steel, and the functions are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The design is clean and clear, which is what makes it a perfect collector’s piece for you if you love Swiss Army Knives. The height of this object is 2.5 inches, while the length is 3.6 inches. The product weighs less than one pound, even though it is considered an ‘XXL’ model.

This Swiss Army Knife is worth the price, though, because of how easy it is to use and pack away. The convenience alone is worth the price.

2. Swiss Champ XLT-  $299.99

The Swiss Champ XLT shines a gorgeous ruby red color that only emphasizes the sleek and comfortable design. The color is slightly transparent as well! This Swiss Army Knife is stylish, but it is also great for safety!

I see this item as the ultimate companion and tool for indoor and outdoor life. This particular XLT Swiss Army Knife comes with 48 features installed! Not only are the pieces installed, but the product comes with an impressive bit wrench and a small case of other bits.

This Swiss Army Knife is a medium option for outdoor explorers that have some room to hold a compact Swiss Army Knife.

3. Classic with 1 gram gold Ingot – $287

Are you searching for a collectible Swiss Army Knife that looks beautiful on display? Not only is it important to find an aesthetically pleasing knife, but also a safe one. This pocket knife has six options, which are more for outdoor maneuvering.

This product also comes in a luxury box with 1 gram of gold in the center of the product. It is stylish and is extremely small, weighing less than 1 oz. Since this is the case, it is a perfect Swiss Army Knife for hiding. The height also does not reach an inch!

4. Work Champ XL – $259.99

A favorite amongst this list for many outdoorsmen is the Work Champ XL knife. It is a practical set of tools that is easily collapsible and nearly weightless. Although this particular knife is an XL, it only weighs 12 oz.

There are 31 functions that make up this Work Champ XL knife that is useful! These include a nail grinder, a small saw for wood, and a nail filer that is easy to use!

5. Ranger Grip Boatsman – $217.99

This particular swiss army knife is more than just a culinary benefit; it is also perfect for outdoor work. It is the fifth most expensive on this list, reaching upwards of over $200. Your ultimate companion at sea to tinker with your boat and later open a bottle of wine

This is likely not the most expensive option for you because it comes installed with only 22 functions. However, these options are very helpful! They can help you if you are ever lost in the woods!

So the object does not get ruined or damaged; it comes with a protective cover and box. The Ranger Grip Boatsman is also made entirely from stainless steel with a comfortable bright yellow grip.

6. Wine Master Swiss Army Knife – $179.99

The Wine Master Swiss Army Knife has one purpose and one purpose only, to serve wine! This is a great option if you are a fan of wine since the few functions and features revolve around splitting and opening a bottle.
For the wine connoisseur

This Swiss-made pocket knife with six functions includes a two-step lever for uncorking. To put this object away, so it does not become damaged or break, you can also place it in the bag it comes with!

Need something lightweight? This Swiss Army Knife weighs a little over four oz. and fits in the palm of most hands. The wooden appearance of this knife is gorgeous!

7.  Swiss Tool Spirit MX – $162

One of the most interesting Swiss Army Knives is the Swiss Tool Spirit MX. This Swiss Army Knife has the ultimate fusion between essential features.

It is technically a multi-tool that is at your disposal with over 15+ features. These unique features are a great help when you are out exploring the wilderness. The best part is how safe the product is! You don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself as the product opens with one hand quickly for easy access.

This product is not very heavy, but it weighs about 7.5 oz, meaning it would fit best in your pocket! The entire Swiss Tool Spirt MX is also made entirely of stainless steel, which contributes to the overall weight of the swiss army.

8. Evolution Grip S54 – $161.99

Built and created to have an easy grip, strong functionality, and style, this Evolution Grip S54 is expensive for a reason! It uses high-quality materials and is scratch-proof. Since stainless steel completely adorns this pocket knife, it does add some weight to it.

Since there are two-component scales and a rotating compass with an accompanying magnifying glass, it is a tool perfect for the outdoors! You won’t get lost with this miracle tool! This particular knife is also stylish. When was the last time you saw a colorful swiss army knife?

9. Cybertool Lite Swiss Army – $159.99

The Cyber Tool Lite Swiss Army is a fantastic and luxury Swiss-made pocket knife with over 34 easy-to-use functions. The tools are especially perfect for technological objects like phones and laptops.

You will especially like the various cyber functions, including the small wrench that fits the dimensions of most laptops and phones. There is also an LED light installed in the Cyber Tool that makes it easier to see in small areas.

Although this swiss army knife is best used for indoor purposes, it is small and light enough to fit in your pocket for outdoor adventures! The fold-out bit case is unique and innovative, making it easier to bring an intense multi-tool anywhere for an affordable price as this tool is durable.

10. Evolution S54 – $153.99

Evolution S54 is an evolutionary piece and tool! It comes with over 32 functions for an unbeatable price. Although it has made this list as one of the most expensive swiss army knives on the market today, it is best known for its strength, durability, and compactness.

One of the unique tools is a wood saw that is made out of stainless steel, which gives this tool-less chances of developing rust.

You can use this tool both indoors and outdoors as the 32 functions include a bottle opener and label cutter. However, there is also a stylish and easy-to-read compass that rotates near a universal wrench. At a maximum weight of 7.7 oz, it is easy to carry this object around in your pocket or purse!

Impressive Swiss Army Knife Features to Consider When Buying 

There are a few things you should consider when looking to purchase an impressive swiss army knife. For example, I recommend looking at features like size, price, and quality of the material. Not all Swiss Army Knives are made the same. Stainless steel and other hard metals are less likely to wear down over time, which makes it a great material!

Plastic Swiss Army Knives are lightweight, but more prone to falling apart and breaking. What about size? This fully depends on the purpose. If you want a universal Swiss Army Knife with dozens of features for on the go adventuring, you should consider purchasing a medium to large swiss army knife that comfortably fits in your pocket!


All in all, swiss army knives are a lot of fun to use! They are easy and quick to learn as well. Currently, the price range to purchase a Swiss Army Knife depends on the type, size, material, and the age. Although we have reviewed the ten most expensive swiss army knives currently on the market, there are more vintage options that cost more but are not as useful.

The luxury of using a sleekly designed and compact swiss army knife is one you won’t regret having. Many of the designs on this list are light weight and beautiful, without being too bulky as you store it away.

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