10 Most Expensive & Luxurious Record Players

Come take a walk with me as we dive into the ten most expensive record players currently being offered. These older objects have been around for over a century and yet are still immensely popular! I completely understand why as well, since record players are stylish and now modern and complete with technological advances like mp3 player capabilities and Bluetooth.

In this list, the most expensive record player to date is the Clearaudio Innovation Wood Turntable at $17,000. The most surprising thing about this expensive and luxurious item is that the price is just a starting point! The moment you decide to order one of these beauties and add a personalized trim, the price once again increases to a minimum of $1,000.

Not everyone uses these old-school and retro record players because they are pricey, and most people play music on their phones. But for real audiophiles, record players are a unique part of history and their interests that are worth every penny!

The History of Record Players

From what we know, historians introduced the first record player to the world in 1877, but it was completely different from the ones we see everywhere today! The first model was a phonograph, which used tin foil to playback sounds. This soon changed with Emile Berliner and the use of wax which immediately changed how a device could record and pickup on sound waves.

But, how did these changes contribute to the modern turntables we see today? Easy! Only a few decades after the first phonograph, Berliner designed a mechanized direct drive system that turned frequently and with the help of a needle, played music!

As technology continued expanding and growing, new musicians and engineers tried their luck at creating an expensive, luxurious, and innovating record player, with success! Now, new models use electricity and some have the capacity of using Bluetooth.

Top 10 Best and Most Expensive Record Players

Listed below are ten of the best and most expensive record players currently on the market.

1. Clearaudio Innovation Wood Turntable- $17,000

Priced at a surprising $17,000, this Clearaudio Innovation Wood Turntable is an impressive machine that is amazing to watch and use! It is expensive for a reason though, as this machine is made with impressive details and materials! For example, the majority of the record plater is made with durable and strong stainless steel that helps create a clear sound.

In the design of this music-playing machine, we can also see a wooden element. The wood on this machine is not just any wood, though, and it is Panzerholz, a bulletproof wood known for its strength and long-lasting beauty. The aluminum skins and pods play a large role in the resonance-optimized dual-tier chassis.

You can play 9 to 12-inch records on this beautiful record player! The gorgeousness is not lost, and it should be known that the price increases depending on the wood finish and any personalization.

2. Dr. Feickert Trio SE Upscale Audio Turntable

Second on this list is the Feickert Trio SE Upscale Audio Turntable with an impressive and stylish black look. It is modern and hard to find at it is a rare item! There is currently a limited stock of this Feickert Trip SE Upscale Audio Turntable because it was made as a limited edition.

It is made with high-quality materials, including stainless steel. Some audio experts regard this model as the best 21st-century audio innovation. The beautiful warm, and rich colors of this record player are all thanks to the walnut finish.

There is armband precision, which is perfect for placing the needle in the correct place. It is an updated version of an older model that is regarded as quiet since there is less motor interference, aiding in creating an effortless sound.

3. Turntable Oak record player – $4080

Sitting at a little over 4k, this beautiful Turntable Oak record player was made with a modern and simple twist. It is clean and vibrant because it is primarily made of wood.

Not only does the sound roll off of this machine well, but it is perfect for minimalist spaces, and it is easy to store. The device is also entirely electronic, meaning you can plug in your phone or laptop to listen to music. The most impressive part about this design, though, is that it is an original created by Harri Koskinen.

4. Technics SL-1210G Grand Class Manual Direct-Drive Turntable- $3,999.99

The Technics SL-1210G Grand Class Manual Direct-Drive Turntable is a favorite on this list because of how modern and sleek it looks in an all-black design. The electronic component almost makes this device look like record label-making equipment.

The elegant black finish gives it a more modern look, but looks are not all it has to offer. This particular record player is best for playing loud music because of its vibration-damping feature, which helps decrease the overall volume of the motor.

It is mainly made of steel and hard metals, which makes it durable and long-lasting. You can easily use this as a decoration in your home as well by pairing it with black, white, and grey colors!

5. Rega Planar 8 Turntable with Neo PSU by Audiolab- $3,995.95

At just barely under $4,000, the Rega Planar 8 Turntable with Neo PSU by Audiolab is another expensive and luxurious electronic record player that is both modern and retro looking! The design reminds me a lot of the 60s and 70s record players that garnished homes, except now you can play music directly from your phone!

The price is justified, considering that it is a sequel to the previously impressive Naiad. With innovative changes, it can now be used for many purposes and events as the motor noise is lower and the balance is efficient.

With an advanced power supply, this equipment also has a sleek, black, and stylish outward appearance. It is easy to decorate with as well, meaning it will find a place in your home!

6. Denon DP-1300MK2 Analog Record Player Japan Domestic- $2,293

Don’t let the price of this gem (the Denon DP-1300MK2 Analog Record Player) fool you! It is an impressive item that is worth the entire price. Although it is over $2,000, with regular cleaning and maintenance, it is likely to last you longer since it is made by a high-quality Japanese manufacturer.

This is an older model with only a few left in the world. It has a retro and vintage look that can be easily decorated and staged in a home with the proper decorations. This rarity has a red and brown wood finish that pops against the black and silver tones.

7. Micro Bl-77 No Arm Record Player- $1750

The Micro Bl-77 No Arm Record Player is another Japanese manufactured item that is super lightweight and stylish. It is a rarity that is hard to find, considering the company that used to make these record players no longer produces these pieces and instead acts as an engineering firm.

The beautiful and vibrant colors are a favorite amongst avid collectors since it gives a good pop against the modern look of a home. The features are also impressive, considering they fit various record sizes and come with different sizes tonearms. The wood is strong and durable, while also bringing out a vivid red and brown color!

8. TD 103 A Turntable- $1399

The TD 103 A Turntable is reasonably priced, although still considered expensive in the world of new and modern record players. The designers took price in their work when creating this piece as it has a lot of impressive and fascinating features.

Something I really appreciate about the TD 103 A Turntable is the ability to cover it with a light plastic covering, which can also be replaced by glass. This keeps the system clean and sharp for use!

The record player also produces a smooth and high-quality sound, which makes up for the large price tag! With gold-plating and beautiful designer finishes, I am surprised not more people call this record player theirs!

9. Mid Century Vintage Zenith Record Player Console- $1300

We have seen a lot of modern and technologically advanced record players on this most expensive record players list; what about the older vintage model? If you like vintage models in working conditions, you should feast your eyes on the Mid Century Vintage Zenith Record Player Console, which is a little over $1,000.

The Mid Century Vintage Zenith Record Player Console looks like a large table, perfect for family gatherings. It is a great conversation starter and a favorite for music production! The great design and older appearance, though, are what add to the charm! It is a working record player dating back at least four decades, which is impressive considering older record players are hard to find.

10. Rega Planar 3 Manual Turntable- $1,125.00

Last but not least, we have the Rega Planar 3 Manual Turntable, which uses a manual design. It is a favorite, and while expensive, understandable priced! There is a glass case that covers and protects the manual turntable from damage.

That being said, it is still an amazing and beautiful record player that is modern and was first introduced in 2016. With only six years in the world, this design has won awards and been recognized for its smooth design and sound.


All in all, no matter how much time passes, these beautiful music-playing machines only grow in popularity. It is hard to stay away from the retro and vintage record players, especially as they have grown and updated! Now that we can use an aux cord and the Bluetooth on our phones to play music on record players, the experience continues to live on with these ten most expensive record players!

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