12 Most Expensive Pool Tables [Luxurious & Modern Billiard Tables]

While pool may not be one of the most popular sports in the world, it is still enjoyed by many. Whether you’re a professional pool player or simply an enthusiast of the game, a pool table is the most essential requirement to play. If you’ve ever looked into purchasing your own pool table, you’ve likely noticed how pricey they can be. The average pool table will typically run you between $1,000 and $2,000.

However, luxury pool tables will cost you much more. If you really want to show off, impress your visitors, or simply own a unique work of art, you’ll want to consider purchasing one of the more expensive tables out there. For pool lovers with deep pockets, these pool tables are designed and customized with the utmost care and attention using the highest quality materials. They are also often larger and feature stunning craftsmanship and creative designs.

So, this brings us to the question at hand: what are the most expensive pool tables in the world and just how expensive are they?  

The most expensive pool table known to exist is a unique black walnut masterpiece by Orme and Sons Ltd that was commissioned for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Exhibition in Manchester in 1887. It is estimated to be worth $1.6 million and was previously available for purchase back in 2009. Today, not much is known about who the lucky owner of the table is, other than the fact that it was sold to someone.

While it may be difficult to get your hands on the most expensive pool table in existence, there are plenty of other luxurious and exclusive pool tables that you can buy today. With that said, let’s take a deeper look at the top 12 most expensive pool tables in the world.

What Makes Pool Tables Expensive?

Pool tables are expensive items for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons that makes them so pricey is that they are made from slate, a heavy rock that can last a lifetime. While higher price points don’t always equate to higher quality, most of the time it does when you’re speaking about pool tables.

In other words, the more expensive the pool table, oftentimes the higher the quality of the materials are – thus, yielding a long-lasting, quality pool table overall. To give you a more comprehensive idea of why even lower end pool tables can be considered expensive, let’s examine the different factors that impact the overall price of a pool table:


Pool tables come in many different shapes and sizes, while eight-foot tables are considered ‘professional size,’ and seven-foot tables are deemed ‘bar’ size. For the more competitive player, a nine-foot table might be the best choice to help hone your skills, as they tend to be more difficult to play on. Regardless, you can always have your pool table customized to your desired dimensions.

Pocket shape and size will also differ based on pool table size and manufacturer. In order to have a pool table made in a custom size, the pockets must be shimmed. This is a challenging technique, which usually increases the cost of labor and the overall value of the table. Generally speaking, the larger the pool table, the more expensive it will be.


In most cases, the materials used to construct the pool table is the biggest determining factor in how expensive it will be.

  • Slate vs. wood bed: The playing surface of a pool table has a huge impact on cost, with slate and MDF wood being the two main options. Slate pool tables offer a truer, more consistent playing surface than MDF, but come with a much higher cost. The standard slate used for a pool table weighs roughly 450 pounds. So, harvesting and transporting these heavy pieces of slate alone is one of the main reasons for the higher cost. The thickness of the slate can also contribute to the price as well.
  • Wood frame: Most pool tables have a wood frame, which should be constructed to support the weight of the slate. Solid wood is the sturdies and highest-quality option, but will typically cost more than a pool table that is made of veneer or wood laminate.
  • Felt: Also known as billiard cloth, pool table felt is another material that influences cost. A quality felt will be able to resist stains and last many years without needing to be replaced. The best cloth will typically cost between $150 and $200 on average.
  • Bumpers: Bumpers are another material that has a direct effect on the price of a pool table. The best material for bumpers is 100% rubber, but it is also the most expensive. While synthetic rubber bumpers are sometimes will lose elasticity over time and can affect how the balls bounce, they are sometimes used as a cheaper alternative.
  • Hardware: Without quality, heavy-duty hardware, a pool table’s frame will not stay together to keep the table level and the slate in place. With this in mind, something as simple as hardware can contribute to the high price tag of a pool table.


There are numerous ways that you can customize a pool table, with different options related to materials, size, design, model, pocket types and shapes, leg construction, and more. Some variations require distinct expertise and skill, thus driving up the price.

Generally speaking, the more customizations that you have done to your pool table and the more sophisticated the design, the more expensive it’s going to cost.


Most of the more affordable pool tables that are mass produced consist of a robust box frame with a smooth surface. They also feature cushions that are a combination of foam and rubber, which is crafted into a specific shape and then covered. Since the process of constructing these types of pool tables is not very complex, they are comparatively lower priced.

Whereas, pool tables that are customized based on the owner’s specifications or serve as literal works of art are much more expensive. Both the fit-and-finish of higher-end pool tables is impeccable and hence, expensive. Many of these types of tables are engraved by hand and contain numerous large panels.

This level of craftsmanship is time-consuming, tedious, and more involved, which leads to a higher cost. In other words, like most things, you are getting what you pay for.

Specialty Features

Additional special features can also raise the price of a pool table – whether it’s a custom design on the legs and rails, exotic wood, a ball return, coin operations, custom LED lighting, specialty felt, or any number of other features. All of these extra embellishments increase the quality of the table, which, in turn, adds an additional cost.

How Much Do Pool Tables Cost?

Before we get into the most expensive pool tables, it’s important to be aware of what the average pool table costs. It’s safe to say that the average pool table will cost you anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500. Though, many pool tables land both above and below this range.

A basic, entry level table will run you around $1,200 to $2,000, while a higher-quality, full stale table made with solid wood generally costs between $2,000 and $3,500. With customization and the addition of various specialty features, the price of a high end pool table can be upwards of $15,000. Though, the most expensive pool tables in the world are well above this figure.

Top 12 Most Expensive Pool Tables

Without further ado, let’s explore our list of the most expensive pool tables currently out in the world today.

1. Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Billiard Pool Table – $1.6 Million

Image Credit: Alux.com

The most expensive pool table in the world also happens to be one of the most historical pool tables. This unique ‘Black walnut’ table and corresponding freestanding Billiards cabinet by Orme and Sons Ltd were commissioned for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Exhibition back in 1887. Each side of the table is intricately hand-carved, referencing the cultural variety and industrial growth that occurred during the fifty years of her reign.

The table’s cushion friezes are adorned with ribbons which includes quotes from Tennyson, Byron, Shakespeare, and Scott entangled with more than fifty species of wild flowers and native British birds. Underneath these quotes are two long and six short panels that display numerous countries through flora, fauna, allegory, and industry.

Between these panels, above each of the table’s legs, there are portraits of William of Normandy, Henry I, Henry II, John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, Edward IV, Elizabeth of York, James I and Charles I. Every aspect of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Pool Table is a tribute to her historic reign.

The table is estimated to be worth a staggering $1.6 million and was available for purchase back in 2009. However, today, little is known about who the lucky owner of the most expensive pool table in the world is.

2. The ‘History of Australia’ Billiard Pool Table – $750,000

Image Credit: Art Fix Daily

The second most expensive pool table in existence is the award-winning, hand-carved masterpiece known as the ‘History of Australia’ Billiard Table. Circa 1880, this table was carved from Australian blackwood by master carver George Billyeald for the Benjamin Hulbert furniture firm in Sydney, along with the accompanying scoreboard.

The pool table is acknowledged as the most exceptional example of Australian woodcarving ever created. It features ten extensive panels, which outline the history of the country in the form of breathtaking carvings. Depictions include native Aborigines in the bush, an abundant of native flora and fauna, and the Prince of Wales plumes. Every single inch of the table’s design serves as a tribute to Australia.

After its creation, the ‘History of Australia’ Billiard table was featured in a number of international exhibitions, such as the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London in 1886. Following this exhibition, the table was sent on loan to Buckingham Palace where it was appreciated by Queen Victoria and used by the Prince of Wales.

Then, the table made a tour around the world before, ultimately, ending up in the M.S. Rau Antiques’ collection. The table is estimated to cost $750,000 and was available for purchase via M.S. Rau Antiques back in 2017. Today, not much is known about who ended up purchasing it. While it’s not available anymore, there are plenty of other expensive tables on our list that are.

Video on the ‘History of Australia’ Pool Table

3. Cavicchi Sinfonia Billiard Pool Table – $480,000

One such pool table that is currently in stock and ready to be purchased by those eager enough (and wealthy enough) is the Sinfonia Billiard Table by Cavicchi. This unique piece is crafted completely out of impressive solid exotic Bubinga wood, one of the finest woods in the world. It  is considered a nine-foot professional table, weighs in at more than 2.5 tons, and has a 254 x 127 cm playing surface.

The table is composed of a total of 268 hand-made elements and is the result of multiple artists and the latest technology. So, what’s the price for the third most expensive pool table in the world? To get your hands on the Cavicchi Sinfonia Billiard Table, you’ll have to fork over $480,000. Each piece is handcrafted for you and ready to ship FREE to the U.S. within 12 to 14 weeks. Get yours now on Artemest’s webstore.

Video on the Sinfonia Billiard Table by Cavicchi

4. Cavicchi Murano Venice Billiard Pool Table – $102,000

Another pool table from the Italian luxury billiard company Cavicchi Billiards, the Murano Venice table offers an unmatched combination of historical art and modern technology. The white, nine-foot pool table was born out of a collaboration with the Venetian Masters, known across the globe for the workmanship of the incomparable Murano Crystal.

This piece is uniquely elegant and will look sublime in the most elegant, sophisticated spaces. It features six spherical legs of crystal glass, formed using a twisting technique and inserted with 24K gold leaf. The Muran Venice Billiard Table by Cavicchi is unique, exclusive, and 100% made in Italy. It can be purchased through Artemest for $102,000 and ships to the United States for free.

Each purchase is handcrafted to the customer, so you can customize the cloth color, color structure, fusion metal masks, and more. Just know that the price may increase depending on the customization choices you make.

5. Impatio Filotto Classic Billiard Table – $77,885

Designed by Adriano Design for Impatia, the Filotto Classic is a contemporary glass eight-foot professional pool table with an Italian slate base, supported by a thin, adjustable steel frame. The table also features pockets made out of genuine leather, a Simonis cloth table finish, and chrome connecting joints. With its transparent, crystalline legs, the table appears to be floating in mid-air.

This billiard table is one of the first products designed for Impatia’s luxury game table collection. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that breathes new life into a classic, beloved game, with a design that displays the utmost expression of technological craftsmanship and sophistication. The Impatio Filotto Classic Billiard Table would make an outstanding addition to any public space, hospitality location, or home interior. But, just how much does it cost?

Impatio’s Filotto Classic Billiard Table currently goes for $77,885 on Artmest’s webstore and can be customized to your liking. Though, to have it shipped to the United States will cost you an additional $400. Each purchase also comes with a profession cue-ball set in a leather box, four sticks, and a leather triangle rack.

6. Cavicchi Millennium Leather Billiard Pool Table – $65,280

This is yet another billiard table from Cavicchi Billiards, the Italian architect and manufacturer of luxury pool tables. A part of Cavicchi’s Exclusive collection, the Millennium Leather Billiard Table is a prime example of design and extravagance. Complete with stylish genuine leather pockets and an elegant satin steel line that divides up the two shells, this nine-foot professional table will make a wonderful addition to any modern, contemporary space.

It is handmade in Italy and measures 118.9 inches wide, 70.87 inches deep, and 31.89 inches high. Getting your hands on the Millenium Leather Billiard Table from Cavicchi will cost you $65,280. The table is currently available for purchase via Artmest’s webstore, ships free to the United states in 12 to 14 weeks, and can be fully customized to your unique specifications.

7. Barokko 9FT Pool Table – $63,199.99

The Barokko pool table is an extraordinary work of art, that just so happens to also be a fine piece of functional furniture. Inspired by the classic tables found in aristocratic European country homes and castles of the 18th century, this table, and others in the “Classic Collection,” have quickly become one of the top choices for interior designers. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also constructed of the finest materials.

The table is one of the most detailed designs in the collection, adorned with elaborate carvings, cornices, and grooves, and decorated with 24 karat gold leaf. Its play surface is made of the finest Italian slate. Although the standard finish is natural wood varnished, there are a number of different finishes you can choose from. The Barokko 9FT Pool Table is available for purchase through Billiard Factory for $63,199.99.

Each purchase comes with an accessory kit that includes two sticks, a cue-ball set, triangle, and a wall or floor cue rack. Though, you can upgrade to the Platinum or Centennial Kit for money and receive additional accessories with your pool table.

8. Billiards Teckell T1.8 – $55,234.28

A part of Italian designer Teckell’s Biliardo Collection, the T1.8 is an eight-foot pool table that is crafted using only computer numerical control (CNC) machines to ensure superior precision. The legs are made out of clear, tempered crystal, measuring 9/16-inch thick with double-bevel edges. Whereas, the playing surface is made of one sheet of tempered crystal with the same thickness.

The table is covered in Simonis’ premium 860 play cloth and you can choose form 25 colors. The bases are made of solid “ebonized” oak, featuring a shiny stainless steel/ light bronze structure. You can purchase the Teckell T1.8 Billiard Table from Bart Home for $55.234.28 today! Each purchase also comes with a Billiard Set that includes:

  • Four cues – including 3 standard cues and 1 cue with a 3Lobite® attachment
  • 1 30cm 3Lobite® extension
  • 1 Kamui® Stella bridge
  • Chalk set
  • Game triangle
  • Super Aramith ® balls set for American pool game

This pool table also comes in a nine-foot variation, ideal for modern interior spaces.

9. Cavicchi Fashion Black Billiard Pool Table – $53,280

This unique, nine-foot black lacquered pool table is embellished with six spectacular Louis XVI style bases and is features golden embellishments throughout. It draws inspiration from tradition, but adds a more contemporary look and feel. Handcrafted in Italy by Italian luxury billiard manufacturer Cavicchi, the Fashion Black Pool Table is the ideal choice for pool lover’s with the most refined and sophisticated spaces.

Getting your hands on this outstanding work of art will run you around $53,280. It is fully customizable to your desired specifications, and comes in an eight-leg version and variety of different lacquers. The Fashion Black Billiard Table by Cavicchi is currently available for purchase on Artmest’s webstore and ships free to the United states in just 12 to 14 weeks.

10. Cavicchi Leonardo Classic Wooden Billiard Pool Table – $50,880

The final table on our list from Italian manufacturer and designer Cavicchi, the Leonardo Classic Wooden Billiard Table is a very classic design. It features six special onion-shaped bases, hand-finished holes, and is coated with antiqued native walnut. The cloth, made of pure wool, is purposely the exact shade of green as traditional billiard tables. Though, you can choose to customize the cloth color to your liking.

Entirely constructed out of antiqued classic Italian national and dark moka walnut, this table meticulously follows the conventional Belle Époque method. For those who appreciate historical art that has been projected forth into the future, this table is for you. Cavicchi’s Leonardo Classic Wooden Billiard Table currently goes for $50,880. It can be purchased on Artmest’s webstore and will ship free to the United States in 12 to 14 weeks.

11. Barone Pool Table – $45,399.99

The Barone Pool Table is an expertly crafted piece, with a simple, clean profile. It features legs that are intentionally exaggerated compared to the table’s proportion and is cloaked in Black Velvet, embodying a very on-trend decorative style in the United Kington. Satin steel stuns are meticulously placed on the legs to further emphasize their unique shape.

While black velvet is the standard cover for the Barone pool table, you can actually customize it to be covered in whatever color you prefer. To guarantee the utmost strength and consistent, long-term playability, the table’s supporting frame is made of weathered timber. Meanwhile, the playing surface is constructed from three pieces of slate that measure two inches thick and are carefully positioned to support the frame.

Getting your hands on the Barone Pool Table will run you approximately $45,399.99. It can be purchased from Billiard Factory today and comes in an eight-foot and nine-foot version.

12. Porsche’s 24/7 Billiard Pool Table – $41,487

Last, but certainly not least, this table was designed by Porsche Design, the German product design studio and luxury brand founded by F.A. Porsche. The 24/7 Billiard Table is made of the highest quality materials and entirely according to the customer’s unique specifications. It is estimated that the table costs around $41,487, but this price can vary considerably depending on the customization done.

Each purchase also comes with a high-quality billiard ball set, billiard chalk in the color of your cloth, a handmade leather triangle, a brush, and four high-quality cues in an exclusive stand designed by the studio as well. To get your hands on Porsche’s 24/7 Billiard Table, you’ll need to reach out them directly and send them your inquiry.

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