10 Most Expensive Poker Tables (High-End Picks)

Let’s just be honest: there’s something incredibly luxurious about playing poker on a pretty table. It’s almost like bringing a slice of Las Vegas to your home. It makes you feel like you are right there, in the middle of the Strip. Poker players who want a slice of the high life at home will not have a problem asking for a new table.

Getting that edge means that you are going to have to spend a fortune for a fine table. But, that can mean a lot of different things to different people. Did you ever wonder what the most expensive poker tables cost, or who makes them? We dug deep to find out the truth.

What Makes A Poker Table Expensive?

Poker tables have several major factors that make them expensive, though they aren’t “classic” luxury items. Truth be told, most people consider poker tables to be an “extra” among luxury items. Most are under $5,000. However, some tend to be much higher. Here’s why…


Much like with all furniture, high-end materials will require high-end prices. You can’t just get teak for pennies. The same can be said about gold trim or exotic woods. This can boost the price of a piece immensely. This is why many of our top picks are made from rich materials like fine woods, brass, or even Italian marble.

Let’s just face it. If you are buying a pricey table, you don’t want it to be made out of particle board or plywood.

Artisan Status

Here’s the thing that is true for most companies: mass-produced tables will never be able to stand up to artisan-made tables. Artisan tables are handmade by people who have trained in their art for years. This is a guarantee of quality that you can’t get from machine labor. Because there is personal work put into artisan tables, they are going to cost more.

There are very few, if any, large scale furniture makers that can stand “head to head” against an artisan in terms of quality. Those that do still don’t have as big of a price tag as artisans, simply due to the matter of rarity.


Much like with most other types of luxury items, how many items of a particular set exist will influence your price. A one-of-a-kind poker table that has a rich story about it will fetch an astronomically high price. On the other hand, a table that is made off of a conveyor belt at a factory is highly unlikely to get a high price or resell well.

On a similar note, it’s worth pointing out that most of these tables are rare because they are made by artisans. So, there is only one person making them at all points of the process. Once that artisan retires, you won’t be able to get a table.


Brand and artisan names are one and the same in the world of high-end poker tables. Of course, branding matters quite a bit in the luxury lifestyle world. A highly recognized name in the world of table and furniture creation will get a high price, especially among appraisers.

Is branding everything? Absolutely not. However, it would be silly to say that there isn’t a correlation between high price tags and the fact that it is a branded item.

The 10 Most Expensive Poker Tables

Are you ready to gamble on your budget? Are you looking to feel amazing while you sit on a work of art? Here’s what we discovered as the most expensive poker tables on the market.

1. Akke Functional Art Poker Table – $75,000

via FlopTurnRiver

Look at that gorgeous piece. Created by a luxury furniture designer known as Akke, the “All In” definitely lives up to its name. This incredibly eye-catching and modern poker table is made from 15 different exotic woods, all artfully interlinked into a pattern that flaunts each unique stain and grain. It took over 600 work hours to create.

Clocking in at $75,000 a pop, it’s clear that Akke’s work is the champion as far as expensive poker tables go. However, it’s not just a champion of work. This gold-trimmed poker table was actually given to professional poker player Matt Salzburg for being the World Poker Tour’s Season XI Player of the Year.

Because it was made by a fleet of artisans with a very specific goal in mind, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of work. It also was specially made to be a statement piece about the World Poker Tour, in general. So, don’t expect to find anything like it on the market anytime soon. One can only imagine how pricey it’ll be if he ever sells it!

2. Cavicchi Texas Hold’Em Over The Moon Poker Table – $54,720

via Artenest

Ooh, now this is ritzy, indeed! Made by expert furniture crafter Cavicchi, this striking model features rich Ebony Makassar finishing, polished brass inserts near the edges, and space for 10 different players. In other words, it brings all the luxury of a high end Vegas table into your home.

With all the nice little features it has, you shouldn’t be surprised that this poker table is as pricey as it is. Currently, it is selling for $54,720. That places this luxury poker table at the #2 slot for the most expensive tables ever made, and #1 for most expensive poker tables currently for sale.

Does anyone else get a classic Art Deco vibe from this? Maybe a little bit of the 1960s? Yeah, me too.

3. Cavicchi Edra Poker Table – $44,400

via Arternet

Do you have a penchant for that chic, geometric look of 1970s futurism? If so, you might want to splurge on Cavicchi’s other hyper-expensive model: the Edra. This highly hexagonal poker table looks like it just came out of a 70s sci-fi flick. It’s retro-futuristic and also made from some of the finest materials on the market.

The wood fiber features Makassar Ebony and Kame glossy finishes. Oh, and to highlight the beauty of this table, they also line it with LED lights. The table is ready to seat a total of 10 people. Even if you have an extra player, I don’t think they will hate having to sit down at a table that is so elegant.

Cavicchi is one of the leading poker table makers, and it’s easy to see why. This looks like it belongs in a James Bond movie, doesn’t it?

4. Geoffrey Parker Piano Black Poker Table – $25,325

via Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker is one of those name brands that is highly recognized among the upscale casino crowd, and it’s not surprising that they have such as huge following. Their eight-person piano black poker table currently holds their honor as being the priciest one that they offer. Currently, it sells for $25,325.

The plush leather ring around the table offers a great armrest, while the all-black look of the table makes a sleek and modern statement. Each table is totally custom-made in the United Kingdom, so if you want to modify it just a little, you can. It just takes a call to the company. Oh, it also comes with custom poker cards and chips.

5. Impatia Unootto Marble Edition Poker Table – $24,700

via Artemest

With some of the poker tables on this list, it’s hard to tell them apart from the ones that you find at a local gambling hall. With others, it’s clear why they cost such a large sum of money. This epic table is entirely made of glass and metal, and was inspired by cut diamonds. Fancy, right? Don’t worry, it’s quite sturdy and made of hard glass.

This is a limited edition table made by some of the best artisans in the world. To make matters even swankier, they added Carerra cut marble to frame the inside of the playing table. Currently, Impatia’s model will run you $24,700, not including shipping.

6. Geoffrey Parker Zebrano Poker And Blackjack Table – $22,717

via Geoffrey Parker

It’s easy to see why Geoffrey Parker might have come up with the name “Zebrano” for this stripey wooden table. As a classic round poker table, this British marvel splits into two sections for easy carrying and has a close-off area for easy blackjack dealing and game-focused architecture.

Much like the Piano Black model, this table features a classic circular design with a lot of classy little features. Beautiful and functional, this dual-purpose table will definitely get you a lot of compliments. Of course, it comes with a high price tag, too. It currently costs $22,717 in US dollars.

7. Pino Vismara Desire 219 Poker Table – $21,550

via Artemest

It seems like the moniker “Desire” deals with the way that this poker table was designed. I mean, doesn’t it make you want to stop what you’re doing just to say how much you’d want that in your home? A padded microfiber edge, a laquered tabletop, a matte white base with black laquer accents make this impressive.

The gold metal accents just add an even more luxurious veneer. Fans of Art Deco will adore this model. Of course, it’s still the same price as a new car. You’d have to shell out $21,550 for one of these custom-made tables by master artisan Pino Vismara.

8. Pino Vismara Vegas 160 Poker Table – $19,995

via Artemest

Pino Vismara is one of the best artisans to come out of Italy, and unsurprisingly, he tends to get a lot of inspiration from classic Venetian looks. Here, we see a really heavy emphasis on old school Italian design. While this entire poker table almost looks like it was carved out of alabaster, it’s really made of wood that has been polished and lacquered to perfection.

The lacquered grey wood base is accented by gold-colored steel accents. On top of the table, you can see a spectacular compass design. For $19,995, it’s easy to see that you’re getting something that doubles as a work of art as well as a poker table. Wow!

9. The BBO Franklin 10-Person Solid Wood Poker Table With Dining Top – $18,800

via InnovDepot

Wait! That isn’t a poker table, is it? At first glance, you might suspect that it’s a dining room table. That’s because it is. It also happens to be a fully functional 10-person poker table, too. The dining table top is removable, revealing beautifully carved insides with a nice little wrist cushion for each player.

Solid cherry wood, a gorgeous vinyl cruelty-free armrest, and a pretty starburst tabletop make this a great pick for people who want to maximize space usage. If you tend to have parties during your guys’ night in, this is the right pick for you. This is fairly pricey at $18,800, but you get the perk of also having a nice dining room table, too.

10. The BBO Franklin 10-Person Poker Table (Plain) – $15,054

via SawyerTrain

If you are looking for a midcentury modern piece that has a beautiful look without the dining table top, you’re in luck. BBO also happens to sell the BBO Franklin 10-person poker table without the optional top. More importantly, it also happens to shave a couple thousand off the price tag.

This table has the exact same beautiful cherry wood and gorgeous interior table play area. It also has added cups for everyone’s chips, and an elegant armrest made from cruelty-free vinyl for long hours of play. Anyone who sees this beautiful model in your home will be impressed. Its price is also impressive, at $15,054 a pop.


Some might say that you’re taking a major gamble when it comes to spending big on a poker table, but that isn’t always the case. A high quality poker table could be an investment in your hone’s appearance, and also turn your house into a major party zone. Of course, the ample compliments also help add to reasons to invest in a pretty poker table.

At the end of the day, no one is going to hate you for buying a beautiful poker table. If you feel like getting a better place to set your bets, go for it. It’s a great way to really enjoy the way that you kick back after a hard day of work, after all.

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