10 Most Expensive Michael Kors Bags

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bag that is made with high-quality materials and also is aesthetically pleasing? The Michael Kors company has been producing clothing and accessories for years and has done so in an impressive light.

It is common to see Michael Kors bags, which start at an affordable amount of $20 and can go up to $1,000 depending on the value, age, and the edition. At the moment though, the most expensive Michael Kors bag is the Jet Set Travel Extra-Small Logo Zip Tote bag priced at $448. This newer design is a favorite amongst younger clients and is very popular.

So, what exactly is the most expensive Michael Kors bag? Why are these bags expensive?

The History of Michael Kors

Before we can answer the question prompted above, we should look into the history of the brand and the person named after it! Michael Kors is more then just a high-end clothing brand, it is also a designer that triumphed through hardships to get to where he is.

From what we know, Michael Kors was born into a loving family that supported his move and career in the fashion industry. At only five years old, he helped his mother design and fix a wedding gown, which sparked his interest in the fashion world, eventually leading to the design of beautiful and high-end bags.

The networth of this creator is approximately $600 million and he continues to produce clothing and accessory lines that are doing well!

Top 10 Most Expensive Michael Kors Bags

So, what are the ten most expensive Michael Kors bags? Let’s find out below!

1. Jet Set Travel Extra-Small Logo Top-Zip Tote Bag – $448

Our superstar and the most expensive luxury Michael Kors bag is the Jet Set Travel Extra-Small Logo Top-Zip Tote Bag running at $448. Keep in mind that this is a recent addition to the Michael Kors brand. Some more expensive ones are retro and older but are no longer distributed by the brand.

This beautiful light pink bag is a favorite because of its small size. The price can be justified by the material since it is crafted using leather and gorgeous dyes to create the light rose pink we see on the bag.

It is a logo print canvas bag, one of the more iconic Michael Kors designs, with an additional golden charm that compliments the light pink color.

2. Carnine Medium Satchel – $389

Coming in second is the Carnine Medium Satchel, which is very different from the most expensive item on this list. It is a dark and sleek black color, which elevates the bag and makes it look modern, sleek, and fashionable.

The size is convenient as it fits larger items, and it can be paired with many colors that compliment the dark shade of black. It is a simple design, which is perfect for the aesthetic of the bag. The front zipper is comfortable and adds greatly needed space!

The best part about this purse is that there are two ways to carry it. The two handles are versatile and adjustable to your specific needs.

3. Michael Michael Kors Charlotte Large Logo Tote Bag- $388

Pink is a rising color, which makes sense as to why this Michael Michael Kors Charlotte Large Logo Tote Bag takes third place as the most expensive bag on this list! The gorgeous color is light and modern. It is perfect for a working woman on her way to work that wants to shine some color into their outfit.

The pink works well with the gold charm and label. This design is not new, but it works for a reason! It is stylish, durable, and easy to pair with.

4. Karlie Medium Leather Satchel- $373.50

Who doesn’t love a good and high-quality satchel? The bold green found in the Karlie Medium Leather Satchel is a favorite and the fourth most expensive on this list. I understand why too, as it appears expensive! Satchels are easy to carry and a favorite statement piece.

The main material for this beautiful satchel is leather, and it shows. It is smooth and small, which makes it best for nightly events. The gold complements the army green well, and one of the best pieces of this design is the golden chains running down the sides in the form of a handle. Although the image above shows an olive green satchel, this versatile design comes in 5 unique colors.

5. Carmen Small Logo Smartphone Crossbody Bag- $348

For about $348, you can own this gorgeous and easy-to-style Carmen Small Logo Smartphone Crossbody Bag. It is a young and modern look. Smartphones are only growing in popularity and will continue to! Although some people still carry around large wallets and cash, cards are becoming the new biggest form of payment.

This is why the Carmen Small Logo Smartphone Crossbody Bag is a perfect and fashionable choice for individuals looking to downgrade the size of their bag. This statement piece can be paired with both casual and going-out clothing. It is a favorite on this list because of how the colors compliment each other. Pink and gold are very in right now!

6. Jodie Small Logo Jacquard Tote Bag- $348

Currently, a little over $300 is the Jodie Small Logo Jacquard Tote Bag. This bag has a chic design and is perfect for a modern young person working. It is a great purse to use at work, but also for going out! You can easily dress this bag both up and down depending on the clothing, shoes, and accessories you use.

Since it is a tote bag, this means that it is spacious while also being lightweight. You don’t have to worry about heavy purses since the material is light enough to not press down on your shoulders or hands.

This unique design is also partially saving the earth! It is almost entirely made out of recycled material, and yet the vibrancy of colors is still there. The glossy finish is a great touch since it adds shine!

7. Susan Medium Quilted Leather Satchel- $348

This bag, the Susan Medium Quilted Leather Satchel, costs about $348! Although it is considered one of the more expensive Michael Kors bags, it is worth the cost! This beautiful design is unique and vibrant, which is much needed against the wave of pink, gold, and light neutral colors that Michael Kors usually uses in their bags.

The vibrant burgundy red is a stylish color that works well with the squared designs. It almost appears to look like a luxurious and smooth quilt. The material is also strong, which means that with care, this purse or bag should last you a long time!

Using gold charms and accents provides a much-needed pop of color that you can easily pair with golden earrings or shoes to put the whole look together! Sassy, stylish, and sweet!

8. Hudson Logo Stripe and Leather Crossbody Bag- $348

The neutral colors on this Hudson Logo Stripe and Leather Crossbody Bag are gorgeous and flattering. Although this crossbody purse is not the most expensive on the list, it is still priced at a hefty $348. This is a perfect person for individuals who want an easy-to-style crossbody that is both comfortable and chic.

It is a simple design that is compact, meaning it is not too bulky. The Michael Kors logo happily stands out of the very front of the bag. Made with 100% leather, this easy-to-clean, and re-use purse is a favorite on our list.

The adjustable strap allows for a maximum level of comfort, and let’s not forget about the storage options. There are two large zippers and compartments inside of the crossbody bag.

9. Edith Small Logo Satchel- $298

The Edith Small Logo Satchel is mainly made with the signature Michael Kors print canvas and design. It is simple and clean, meaning that you can use it for just about any occasion! Since it is a smaller size, though, the storage space is limited.

There are three main colors directly on this purse, including a light grey, brown, and crème-white. These colors compliment well and have earthy undertones. With a dangling golden logo charm, it is obvious why this satchel costs about $298. It is adjustable for comfort and adorable in looks!

10. Michael Kors Mercer Leather Accordion Crossbody Bag – $227

Last on this list of the most expensive Michael Kors bags is the Michael Kors Mercer Leather Accordion Crossbody Bag. It is a favorite with its sweet and feminine colors. The light pink works well to create a modern and stylish look. It is not too bright and can easily be paired with other items.

The two different tones of pink complement each other and bring out the shininess and uniqueness of the golden heart charm. The majority of Michael Kors bags with a charm is the logo, while this appears to have a golden heart lock.

Perfect for use in the Spring and Summer, as expensive and luxurious as this item is, it is worth the price! The durable material, when cared for, lasts a long time!


With all of these stylish, beautiful, and luxurious bags it is hard to only choose one to indulge on. They are all unique in their own way. However, the most expensive luxury bag on this list is the Jet Set Travel Extra-Small Logo Top-Zip Tote Bag that costs $448.

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