The Most Expensive Invicta Watches (and Most Luxury-Looking)

Invicta is one of those names that everyone knows, even if they are not in the luxury watch world. This is a name that is known for making mid-range watches that are generally affordable for the average person, with one or two standout models. It has status at times, but still has plenty of options within reach for people on a budget.

Of course, we’re not here for a budget-friendly option. We are here to show the higher end of Invicta watches. Today, it’s time to take a look at the most expensive Invicta watches ever made. Ever wonder what these watches are worth or what the most expensive is?

The Invicta 18707 Reserve for Men is currently the most expensive Invicta watch in existence. While its MSRP was listed at $25,000, used models are occasionally available from retailers between $7,000 to $8,000. It’s considered to be a collector’s item. 

Curious about how much you’d need to splurge in order to get one of the top of the top? We have the scoop.

1. The Invicta 18707 Reserve For Men – $25,000

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If you want to get the cream of the crop, look no further than Invicta’s Reserve line. Their “Man of War” watch, also known as the 18707 model, is currently the highest-priced watch in the family. This watch has a gorgeous sweeping Swiss mechanism, 25 movement jewels with an SW500 caliber.

Believe it or not, this watch isn’t made of any particular special metal. It’s actually mostly stainless steel with a silver dial. It still has its bling, though. 46 2.5mm diamonds line the face, which give it that “iced out” look that everyone seems to enjoy.

2. The Invicta Jason Taylor 15495BWB Swiss Automatic Two Tone – $13,000

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So, this is another one of the few, the proud, the “expensive for expensive’s sake” watches that are part of the limited edition run of Invicta. The Jason Taylor line actually had multiple models that are famous for being pricey. This one in particular featured 42 black diamonds lining the watch’s bezel, a beautiful two-tone layout, as well as waterproofing up to 1,640 feet.

This was one of a handful of watches that resulted from a collaboration between Invicta and an NFL athlete by the name of Jason Taylor. This particular dual-color is one of the more limited series, so only a handful were made. If you get your hands on one, keep it. This might end up being more of an heirloom piece than you think. Not too shabby!

3. The Invicta Jason Taylor 14312BWB Analog Swiss Black – $7,000

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So, apparently this NFL guy is really good with creating beautiful watches. Though this is roughly half the price of the two-toned model above. This features a beautiful set of black diamonds, just like the model above. The difference is that it’s black, is made of stainless steel, has sapphire glass, and features a black carbon dial.

Like the one above, this was a limited run that was designed to be a collector’s item. We can see why. Its sleek black appearance will work with almost any outfit from the casual to the formal. The diamonds just add that edgy, dark sparkle that turns an otherwise simple sports watch into a watch that makes a serious statement.

If you want to get one of these models, be prepared to do serious hunting. Out of all the watches made by Invicta, this is one of the harder ones to find on the market. Getting a professional source is a good choice here.

3. Invicta Subaqua Automatic 4.16 Carat Diamond Men’s Watch – $12,400

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Oh, now this is a beauty! This gorgeous azure number is currently the most expensive watch being sold by Invicta according to original MSRP. This beautiful blue watch earned its high price tag thanks to the total of 4.16 Carats of diamonds delicately positioned on the watch face and bezel.

Gold and blue make for a beautiful yet not-too-flashy men’s watch. A Rhodium Pave dial makes it just that more elegant. Like most others on this list, this is a limited edition model that has numbered releases. The 001 number currently retails for $12,400.

4. Invicta Subaqua Quartz Men’s w/ 3.31 Carat Diamonds Watch – $9,960

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The Invicta Subaqua line is generally going to be more expensive than the average, simply because they are all made to handle deep diving. This adventure-ready watch can withstand up to 500 meters of water, so if you’re a diver, it’s a great choice for you. This particular model has a number of different colors, including black and blue.

3.31 Carats of high-quality diamond decorate this particular Subaqua watch. The 001 serial number of this first-edition watch is being sold by Eyal Lalo. This one, as well as the other first editions, are all being sold at the same MSRP of $9,600. Not too shabby!

5. Invicta SHAQ Automatic Men’s Gunmetal w/ 3.42 Carat Diamonds Watch – $9,640

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The SHAQ collection is going to be featured quite a bit on this list, so expect to see plenty of diamond-encrusted doodads made via a collaboration with Shaquille O’Neal himself. This particular model is one of the more popular, not to mention one of the more diamond filled. All of the petite diamonds in this watch total to 3.42 Carats.

Along with the high weight of the diamonds, this watch features a Swiss watch mechanism and a black carbon pave. This is the 001 serial number, which currently retails at a premium price.

6. Invicta SHAQ Automatic Men’s Rhodium w/ 3.13 Carat Diamonds Watch – $9,550

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Author’s Note: For the sake of avoiding an entire article filled with SHAQ watches, we’re going to limit it to three. Otherwise, it’d look like an ad for them. 

The next watch to hit up our list is (yes) another SHAQ watch, complete with a total of 3.13 Carats of watches located throughout the face and bezel. There are several metals listed as being a part of this watch, too. There’s silver, rose gold, and stainless steel. Stainless steel makes the majority of this watch.

A good blend of both fashion and function, this watch is waterproof up to 300 meters. So, you can definitely expect to have this automatic watch work out well in almost every situation. Whether you want to go to that chic yacht party or hit up a diving event doesn’t matter. This watch will have you covered.

8. Invicta Pro Diver 3.27 Carat Diamond Automatic Men’s Watch – $9,150

The best thing about Invicta watches, in my opinion, is how there always seems to be a different watch for every person. If you are a fan of deep sea diving, the Pro Diver series is going to be a good pick. Their top pick has 3.37 Carats in total, all around the face and bezel. It’s a good way to get your bling fix.

It lives up to the “diver” name. This silver toned watch has a waterproof depth resistance of 300 meters. So unless you’re hitting up a submarine, you are going to be good to go. Like others on this list, the high price tag deals with the fact that this is the 001 serial of a limited edition run.

9. Invicta Reserve .42 Carat Diamond Automatic Men’s Watch w/Mother of Pearl Dial – $6,199

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This watch is unique among the more expensive watches from the brand. Unlike most others, this Reserve watch doesn’t even have half a Carat of diamond in it. Shocking? A little. However, this model makes up for it by a beautiful Swiss automatic makeup as well as one of the most beautiful dials on the market.

Yes, it’s real mother of pearl. The rest of the watch is primarily gold-toned stainless steel. Together, all these watch materials create a highly function timepiece capable of surviving water depths as low as 500 meters. Since it is a limited edition series, every serial number has it’s own value. The 001 clocks in at a very pricey $6,199.

10. Invicta SHAQ Quartz Men’s Silver w/ 1.31 Carat Diamonds Watch – $6,100

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It’s safe to say that most of the watches you’ll see on this list have some tie to sports. The most recent addition to make it to the ranks of the priciest is the SHAQ Quart’z Men’s Silver edition watch. A total of 1.304 Carats of diamonds were added to this timepiece to help give it the “blinged out” look that is so popular among pro athletes.

Each watch is made with a special engraved number, and is part of a limited set. Invicta is currently selling the very first watch made from this batch. Initially, the price tag was $6,100. We’re using that price tag to qualify it in the top priciest.

Are These Watches Expensive Enough For You?

Admittedly, Invicta is one of those brands that tend to be on the more budget-friendly side of things. After all, they do have watches that are priced under $100 on a regular basis. However, this list clearly proves that Invicta isn’t just the one-trick pony people often think it is as. Invicta can and does create gorgeous watches meant for status.

While it’s true that Invicta is not the same as high-end Hublot watches or Rolex in terms of design, they still offer quite a bit of durability. Moreover, every watch they have comes with a three-year warranty on all of its parts. Along with that, people love the look of an Invicta watch. It’s sporty and chic and perennially cool.

People who are looking for an entry-level ticket into the world of ultra luxury might want to take a look at these watches. They’re priced about the same as a low-end Hublot, which means that you will still get the “wow” factor, plus the look that people adore about Invicta.

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