The 10 Most Expensive Hublot Watches

If you want to get a watch that is considered a status symbol, Rolex might not be the only brand you should consider. Among true watch aficionados, Hublot is the real status-giver. Based out of Switzerland, Hublot specializes in ultra-luxurious, high quality watches that are meant to be both works of art as well as reliable chronographs.[/vc_column_text]

Believe it or not, Hublot actually costs more than a typical Rolex would. This leads to an important question for luxury fans out there: how expensive are the most expensive watches from Hublot? And moreover, what makes them worth the splurge?

The Hublot $5 Million watch is the most expensive watch the brand makes, costing $5 million. This ultra-luxury watch was gifted to Jay-Z by his wife, Beyonce. It can only be obtained through a specialty Hublot boutique and has to be specially-ordered. 

Curious to find out if you have the budget for one of the priciest watches from one of the most expensive watch brands on the planet? Let’s take a closer look at what each of their most expensive watches costs…

1. The Hublot $5 Million – $5 Million

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Let’s start with the most expensive first—the Hublot $5 Million Big Bang watch. Available in both men’s and women’s stylings, most people recognize this as the “$5 Million” watch. Much of the watch’s price is attributed to the 1280 expertly-cut diamonds gracing every part of the timepiece from the face to the watch band.

In total, the Hublot $5 Million carries around 100 Carats of beautiful, crystal clear diamonds. The “blinged out” watch is often noted as being one of the most famous presents Beyonce ever gave to her now-husband Jay-Z. Every diamond used in the watch is sculpted by a master cutter based out of New York City.

This watch takes a total of 7 months’ work from 12 of the best cutters in the world. Needless to say, this gold and palladium watch body is an investment in superb status. What’s really interesting about this watch is that it’s not entirely certain whether new ones are currently being made.

If our research is correct, this watch is one of the only ones you will not see on the Hublot “menu” officially when you order it. Since the manufacturing process is so heavily involved, it has to be ordered custom, directly from the website, and even then, you might not actually be able to buy it.

2. The Black Caviar Bang – $1 Million

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If there is one name you should expect to see frequently on this list, it’s “Big Bang.” This watch model family is one of the most popular in the Hublot family. Not all of the Big Bang line will be this pricey, but there are several special edition watches that definitely will set you back a cool million dollars.

Some of the features of the Black Caviar seem a little basic for the money. It has a leather strap, a visible tourbillon, and the typical seamless movement you would expect from a Hublot watch. However, that is exactly where the normalcy stops. Much like their most expensive watch, the timepiece portion of this watch is absolutely smothered with perfectly cut diamonds…black diamonds.

Around 544 different black baguette-cut diamonds are on the watch’s face, case, and clasp. The total weight of them all clocks in 34.5 Carats. That’s a delightful treat for the person who has super expensive taste, don’t you think?

3. Masterpiece MP-05 Laferrari Aperta – $556,000

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At first glance, it can be a bit difficult to identify this as a watch. It looks more like the interior of a luxury car engine, but then again, that’s the whole point! The MP-05 Aperta was the result of one of the most anticipated collaborations in the luxury watch world: Ferrari and Hublot. It was a true match made in heaven, especially when it came to design!

This breathtaking timepiece was made with crystal sapphire, a tourbillon function, and came with a sporty rubber strap. (Yeah, I don’t understand the rubber part, either.) It also happens to be one of the only watches from Hublot to have a face like this.

Love it? Hate it? Want to collect it? Regardless, this watch is going to prove to be extremely difficult to find both online and among collectors. Most people have to use professional sources to find this watch, simply because the internet is filled with counterfeits.

As you might have guessed, the Aperta model was made to be a statement of exclusivity. Only 20 were ever made, making this one of the most limited edition sets to grace the Hublot name. Considering how futuristic and un-watchlike it appears to be, it’s easy to see why this was considered to be a major showstopper among watch fans.

4. The Big Bang Integral Full Sapphire Watch – $422,000

Oh wow! Look at this one! Yep, it’s another Big Bang watch, and this time, we are looking at an automatic tourbillon and a 43mm face. Unlike most of the other watches on this list, the Big Bang Integral Full Sapphire has one trait that’s quite unique: it’s almost entirely transparent.

The reason for the transparency is actually really fascinating. To make this watch, Manufacturers had to become experts at creating synthetic sapphire that is fully transparent—minus the purities that usually give sapphires their colors. It’s a truly fascinating design, and yes, it’s brand new, too!

Note: They also have a titanium version of the Laferrari watch which currently retails at around $310,000 used. However, we weren’t able to find much information about the official retail price. We’re lumping it in with this one for convenience’s sake. 

5. Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000

No matter how you slice or dice it, the Masterpiece MP-02 definitely lived up to its name while it was on the market. Nicknamed “the Key of Time” by Hublot, this watch has three different functions. The first function, obviously, will tell you the time. That is, after all, what watches do. The other two allow you to slow down and speed up the rate at which time is told.

Practicality was not what Hublot had in mind when they made this watch. It’s sporty, futuristic, and made from titanium and rubber. Why did Hublot make this watch? The answer to this is actually fairly simple. They wanted to show the world what they were capable of making, practicality be darned.

Due to the fact that this was meant to be more of an art piece than a hyper-functional piece. It was released as a limited edition. Only 50 were ever made.

6. The Hublot Bigger Bang Limited Edition Diamond Tourbillion – $290,000

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If nothing else, Hublot seems to be a company that’s a huge fan of blinging out their limited edition series. The Bigger Bang is a step above the typical Big Bang model in more ways than one. It is larger than normal, which is normal for the Bigger Bang line. However, this limited edition has an extra: diamonds, and lots of them.

This line of limited watches featured a total of 260 diamonds, including 48 baguette diamonds and 212 petite diamonds on the bezel. Each watch also came with a state-of-the-art chronograph that is controlled via a push-button function.

Currently, this is the watch model that remains the most exclusive of the Hublot family. Only a mere 18 models were ever produced. Saying that it is a collector’s item is an understatement!

7. The Bigger Bang – $260,000

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Available in both all black and a brushed gold front, the Bigger Bang line was a limited edition run made as an homage to the highly-celebrated Big Bang line. This is one of the only watches to feature a both of tantalum, one of the rarest metals to be used in watchmaking. It’s a member of the vanadium family, so it’s going to have some weight to it.

These watches were not just a highly anticipated limited edition. They were also groundbreakers that featured the world’s first tourbillon column-wheel chronograph. Oh, and they were also the first ones to be a part of the Art of Fusion concept. Design, thy name is Hublot.

This watch series was so popular, that all 250 all-black watches sold out within a matter of days. In recent months, it also became a flagship NFT clothing item that can only be purchased through the Hublot site. Talk about cyber swag!

8. The Big Bang King – $250,000

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The Big Bang King has several different iterations, with some them as affordable as $60,000. This one, in particular, happens to be one of the more expensive. It’ll only set you back about the same price as a typical person’s house. This model is an all-black  watch that is primarily made of a ceramic case, a black dial, and sapphire crystal hands.

A timepiece fit for a king indeed, the Big Bang King is waterproof up to 100 meters and also carries a battery life of five days. If you think about it, this might be one of the most expensive “sports” watches that we’ve carried so far. Aside from that, we have not been able to find out much about this rare model.

9. Big Bang Integral King Gold Jewelry – $211,000

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The Big Bang Integral King is one of the most expensive watches currently available from Hublot, and it’s a looker! This masterpiece of design features a slew of awesome upgrades. First, it has an ultra-smooth Unico 2 chronograph design with a 72-hour battery power reserve.

There are 64 regular diamonds throughout the model’s case alone, along with an additional 14 baguette diamonds. On the watch strap, you’ll find an additional 450 diamonds to help your watch continuously sparkle. On the bezel, you will find even more—to the tune of 54 cut diamonds of the highest quality.

You might have noticed that the gold on this watch is a bit different than most. It has a warmer color that was specially made for Hublot. This is called King Gold, and it’s actually an alloy betweek 18K gold and a rich platinum. The satin finish? Oh, that’s just icing on the proverbial cake.

10. The MP-09 Masterpiece Tourbillion Bi-Axis 3D Carbon – $200,000

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The MP series of watches is meant to showcase the engineering prowess of Hublot, which means that they are generally going to be on the pricier side of things. When you’re discussing Hublot, that tends to suggest that most of them will start at the $190,000 mark and go up from there.

In their latest iteration of the MP line, you can find this watch above in a handful of different sporty colors. The entire watch is made from sculpted rubber straps, colored 3D carbon, and sapphire. The skeleton bezel is definitely a nice touch, especially since this model is capable of handling water up to 30 meters.

Like most others in the MP series, only a handful of these were made. Only eight of each color are being made, bringing this entire series to a total manufacturing count of 24. If you want a discounted version, you can also get an all-black MP-09 for $190,000. However, only 50 of those were made.

Which HUBLOT Watch Is Your Favorite?

It’s important to remember that Hublot is not your typical watchmaker. They are known for being expensive for the sake of being expensive, not to mention their excellent design. If you choose one of their most affordable models, it will still cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $7,900 brand new. So, it’s safe to say that most people are not going to be able to afford this brand unlike more budget-friendly luxury watches from Cartier or Invicta.

As one of the most high-end watch brands to come out of Switzerland, it’s safe to say that Hublot is one of the choice watch brands of the elite. Celebrities like Jay-Z (duh!), DJ Snake, Kylie Jenner, and Usain Bolt have all been spotted sporting these watches on the red carpet.

Of course, they are famous for their gold and glitz. However, the glitzy items aren’t always the ones that you might spot. There have been several occasions where British royalty and the royal entourage have been spotted wearing a Hublot as well. So, if you like these watches, consider yourself in good company.

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