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8 Most Expensive Hookahs [the Highest Quality Shisha]

Hookah, a waterpipe that is traditionally used to smoke tobacco and is often combined with a variety of flavors, has been around for hundreds of years. Perhaps, you like to frequent hookah lounges in your area and finally want to purchase a hookah of your own. Not only is it exciting to have your own hookah, it’s fun to get to experiment with all the various flavors, charcoal styles, and accessories.

If you really want to show off, impress your guests, or simply own a very unique piece, you may want to look into purchasing one of the most expensive ones out there. These hookahs are designed with the highest quality materials for those with deep pockets.

So, what are the most expensive hookahs on the market and just how expensive are they? While you can typically get a nice hookah for between $50 and $100, the most expensive hookahs are in the thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions. In fact, the most expensive hookah in the world, the Aurentum Switzerland Hookah, is a whopping $1 million. It was a one-off, designed in collaboration with Coléo, another Swiss company.

Curious if you have the budget to afford some of the most luxurious hookahs to exist? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 8 most expensive hookahs in the world.

1. Aurentum Switzerland Hookah – $1,000,000

via The National News

Aurentum Switzerland is a Swiss company that originally became known across the world for designing the most expensive water bottle in the world. Made of the finest crystal and embellished with pure 24-carat gold and 113 diamonds, the water bottle was priced at $900,000. Back in 2013, the same company teamed up with Coléo, another Swiss design company, to create their top-end hookah.

This sheesha was designed to uphold old traditions, but with a more modern, luxurious flair. Price at a staggering $1 million, the Aurentum Switzerland Hookah is a dream piece to own for billionaire hookah enthusiasts. More a work of art than a functioning sheesha, this indredibly valuable hookah is made of 24-carat gold and covered with four small and four large scarabaei, placed alongside eight diamonds and four rubies that total 0.36 carats.

The base of the hookah alone is eight kg of solid 18-carat gold. Additionally, the hoses are covered in high-end Venetian velvet, the mouth tips are made from silver and rhodium, and the ‘pot’ is Murano glass covered in silver and accented with artwork made from 24 carat gold. For those with a “smaller budget” Aurentum Switzerland also produces some smaller, simpler hookahs starting at $73,556.

The Aurentum Switzerland Hookah was a one-off creation and little is known about who the lucky owner is. However, there are plenty of other expensive hookahs out there that you can get your hands on.

2. Desvall Hookahs – $40,000 to $100,000+

Combining traditional craftsmanship and innovative engineering, Desvall currently produces some of the most expensive hookahs in the world. Each piece that the Swedish brand manufactures is given a unique serial number takes up to 200 man-hours to create. They are custom made from top to bottom, featuring a hand-sewn leather hose with pure titanium and medical grade silicone mouth tips.

Desvall offers dozens of designs, each of which are adorned with Swarovski crystals, 24 carat gold, chrome finishing, and a number of other customizable options. Their hookahs range in price from as little as $40,000 to over $100,000. In 2013, they even partnered with Bugatti to produce a one-of-a-kind shisha for hookah enthusiasts and luxury car lovers alike. This hookah was priced at $100,000.

Here’s a brief look at some of the various hookah lines that Desvall produces:

  • Sport: Inspired by the exclusive materials and innovative technology of the world’s sport cars. It features a carbon fiber casing, titanium water tank, hand sewn leather hose and medical silicone hose. This hookah comes in four colors: Blue Glossy, Black Glossy, Red Matte, and Black Matte.
  • Royal Onyx: Made of pure onyx, the Royal hookah has a patented center ring that is embellished with Swarovski crystals on all sides. It is also sanded and polished by hand. When not being used, the mouthpiece can be rested on the magnet that is strategically placed on the tower.
  • Royal Gold/Silver: Desvall’s Royal Shisha model is also available in 24K gold and pure sterling silver finish. Prices vary based on the finish that you choose.
  • Royal Diamond: Made of 18K gold and a diamond-embellished center ring, this hookah is considered the most exclusive shisha pipe in the world,
  • Royal Carat: The Carat hookah features a crystal-cut hand blown Orrefors vase and gorgeous reindeer antler carvings in a mouth piece made by the indigenous Sami people.The crystal vase comes in different colors and the smoke chamber can be finished in either silver or M 24K gold.
  • Lounge:The Desvall Lounge is a truly a work of art, designed for hookah connoisseurs. It features a crystal-cut Orrefors Carat vase, contemporary-style titanium pipe, and timless hand-sewn leather hose.

It’s very apparent how much Desvall values quality, which is why they create their own tobacco blends as well, using only the best organic tobacco leaves. The flavors are created by world-renowned chefs, drawing inspiration from the refined European cuisine.

Video on the Making of The Desvall Royal Hookah

3. Kaloud Krysalis Monarch Collection – $3,950 to $4,450

Kaloud asserts that their Kaloud Krysalis “is not a hookah, it’s a Krysalis.” And, the world’s first at that. It draws from over five centuries of tradition and innovation, but emerges as something entirely different and unique. This piece is designed to reinvent the entire hookah experience. The beauty and craftsmanship of this hookah is unmatched.

It is one of many hookahs in the Kaloud Krysalis Monarch Collection. Each model has a distinct aesthetic, but all Kaloud Krysalis Monarch hookahs comes with:

  • A horizontal purge
  • Dual-chambered hand-blow crystal vessel intake
  • Integrated storage
  • Woven silicone hose
  • Carbon activated filtration system
  • Bluetooth enabled control and lighting system
  • Interchangeable metal tips

The Kaloud Krysalis hookah retails for $3,950 to $4,450 depending on whether you choose the Astral Edition, Hayat Edition, Anahata Edition, or Shakti Edition. Though, all of the different models are currently on sale via B2 Hookah for less than retail price.

4. Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha – $1,700

Porsche design is a German product design studio and luxury brand that was founded by F.A. Porsche, the designer of the original Porsche 911, in 1972. The company is known for their high-end accessories, which include watches pens, sunglasses, eyewear, and more. In 2011, Porsche Design introduced their first edition shisha.

However, their Shisha 2.1 is sleeker and sexier. Its bowl is made of solid, hand-blown glass and dark gray or nearly black color. The base, valve, wind shield, pipe steam, and mouthpiece are made of brushed, anodized aluminum. This offers a sleek look that certainly appears like it’s ahead of its time. Whereas, the hose is made of leather optic and the tobacco head is made of heat-resistant ceramic to add a finishing touch to this high-end piece.

Thanks to its innovative, intelligent construction, this hookah is also very easy to clean and maintain. The price? Porsche Design’s 2.1 Shisha retails for around $1,700, however you can often find it on sale on Amazon depending on the seller.

2.1 Shisha Care Tips

Porsche Design recommends the following care tips for their Shisha 2.1:

  • Use a clean, soft lint-free cloth to clean the surface of the water pipe in cold status. If needed, a mild liquid cleanser can also be used.
  • Rinse the surface under warm water and then carefully rub dry using a clean towel.
  • Avoid using aggressive cleaners or harsh chemicals as they can permanently damage the surface of the hookah.
  • When cleaning out the interior of the hookah, a conventional cleaning brush can be used.

5. Solomon Hookah – $1,500

The Solomon Hookah is a premiere Russian hookah pipe and only 15 pieces are produced every month. Its stainless steel stem measures 11 mm in diameter and is adorned with marbled carbon fiber. The base is also crafted entirely out of marbled carbon fiber, which makes it exceptionally light and more durable than glass bases.

This hookah offers a contemporary take on an age-old tradition. It features a carbon fiber mouthpiece that is wrapped in a black rope for embellishment and the tip and hose port are made of stainless steel. The silicone hose is coated in leather and measures 1.5 meters long. The carbon fiber that is used to craft the Solomon Hookah also consists of metallic threading, which enhance the strength and durability of the material and the hookah as a whole.

While this hookah is considerably cheaper than the others on our list thus far, it’ll still set you back about $1,500. Though, you may often find it on sale from a variety of different retailers.

6. Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria Hookah – $700

Also designed by Kaloud, the Kaloud Krsalis Eltheria is a high-end hookah. When purchased, you receive a complete package with a Kaloud Samsaris bowl, Lotus II, and their Platinum Cured Silicone Hose. According to Kaloud terms, the Eltheria refers to the base, which is the water-filled component where smoke travels into the hose.

The Samsaris is the bowl that rests atop the Eltheria and holds your shisha, and the Lotus is the heat management device that connects to the Samsaris and heats the shisha. Finally, the Aeolis hose and tips finish off the journey and are made from some of the finest material sin the industry. This entire kit will run you around $700, however it’s on sale for less through Smoking-Hookah.com.

How to Assemble the Krysalis Eltheria Hookah

With their creation of the Krysalis Eltheria, Kaloud crafted a new standard for hookahs. Though, in order to get the most out of it, you must assemble it properly. Follow these steps to appropriately assemble your Krysalis Eltheria hookah and have the best experience with this opulent device:

  1. As you’re assembling your Eltheria, we highly advised heating up your hookah charcoal.
  2. Then, begin by removing the outer glass vessel of the Eltheria.
  3. If yours has the Selestia LED, turn it on and position it inside the inner vessel.
  4. Fill up the inner vessel with water until the water level is at the thread of the diffuser.
  5. Put the outer vessel atop the collar and verify that you have a tight seal.
  6. Fill the Samsaris hookah bowl with tobacco, making sure that it is packed just above the bowl’s center spire.
  7. Place the bowl into the outer vessel.
  8. Attach the purge valve and hose.
  9. Put the Lotus heat management device on top of the bowl and insert the charcoal that you heated.
  10. Wait between five and 10 minutes and then you are ready to enjoy your Eltheria!

For more details, check out this video from Kaloud:

7. Amy Deluxe’ Amir’s 409 Hookah – $499.99

Among other hookahs, Amir’s 409 is certainly an eye-catcher. Not simply because it has six connections, but mostly because it stands at a height of two meters. In fact, it is the largest hookah in the world that you can actually smoke. This hookah features a stable glass bowl as a base and a stainless steel smoke column that can be adapted according to the height you prefer.

Amir’s 409 hookah retails for $499.99, and each purchase comes with a glass head with smokebox, stainless steel smoke column, glass bowl, screw system, stainless steel molasses catcher, six universal adapters, six hose connections, an unscrewable diffuser, silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece, hose holder, charcoal plate, and coal tongs.

8. Zahrah All Glass Hookahs (“Z” Series) – $314.99 to $1,889.99

The product pictured is Zahrah’s All Glass “Z3” model.

Zahrah’s “Z” series all glass hookahs are hand blown in the United States and manufacture by some of the top glass artists in the industry. These hookahs come with a medical grade silicon hose for connecting to the glass and a stainless steel to allow for a better, cleaner smoking experience. The hose also comes with a custom glass tip.

Prices for Zahrah All Glass Hookahs start at $314.99 for their Z21 model, a compact glass hookah designed for hookah enthusiast on the go. It is lightweight, but performs like it’s much heavier. Their most expensive all glass hookah, however, is the Z2 model, which retails for a staggering $1,889.99.

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