8 Most Expensive Golf Balls (High-Quality Options)

Golf is always considered to be a sport of the wealthy. I mean, how many major company deals have gone through because of a stroll on the right golf green? With its reputation for being super popular among the wealthy, it should come as no surprise that it’s an industry famous for having expensive items. Even golf balls can be ridiculously pricey.

A golf ball is not something most people think about, unless they are Tiger Woods. While it may shock you, the truth is that pricey golf balls exist and are actually fairly common to use. Let’s look at the most expensive and why they are so popular.

Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

Honestly, a lot of the golf balls out there aren’t really that pricey. Most golf ranges use discount quality balls that get the job done, especially for beginners and amateurs. However, expensive golf balls are meant to be really unique and high-functioning. Let’s talk about the factors:


Urethane and enviromentally-friendly materials are going to be the number one reason why golf balls will be pricey. The right material will make your swing go longer and also bolster your ability to ensure that you get the high spin that helps you work with greens.


Not all golf balls are made the same way. Many golf balls that are deemed upscale are engineered with specialty cores that help offer additional power to every swing. Some also have a softer exterior, which makes for an easier, more controlled swing.


Like with most other luxe items, branding is going to make a huge difference when it comes to your price point. This is just the way things are. People trust (and admire) some brands more than others. This is particularly true when the brand has neat designs on the balls.


A typical box of golf balls will come with 12 balls. Some companies will pare it down into boxes of three, that are sold in batches of four online. The more golf balls you buy, the bigger the price is going to be. However, the price per ball is going to shrink.

How Much Do Golf Balls Typically Cost?

For such a fancy sport, this is a pretty affordable bill. You can get decent balls for beginners and advanced players for as little as $10 to $20 per dozen, brand new.

What’s interesting is that there is also a used golf ball market where you can get pricier golf balls that have seen some action at a discounted price—often around $25 a bucket.

It’s only when you get to the upper echelons of golf balls that you start seeing them sold above $35 per box. So don’t worry. While there are a lot of expenses that you can expect from golfing, this isn’t one of them.

Is Getting An Expensive Set Of Golf Balls Worth It?

If you’re like most people who are just golfing as a hobby, chances are that you are not going to need to buy the most expensive golf balls on the market. In fact, even golfers who go on tourneys don’t necessarily have to buy them. There are cheaper alternatives out there that can deliver a solid spin and a high level of power—you just have to find them.

With that said, it’s easy to see why some folks like to splurge on a set of premium balls before they hit the green. It’s a nice addition to your golf kit and in many cases, can marginally improve your game. It’s all about how serious you are, and whether you really feel like you need the help.

The Most Expensive Golf Balls On The Market

Now that we’ve talked about the strange world of golf ball creation, let’s look at the most expensive golf balls currently being sold. For the sake of this article, we are ranking them by the price of a box with a standard number of balls for a single player.

1. The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – $78 per box

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When people tend to think of luxury golf balls, they generally think they are going to get urethane balls that have a special twist to them. These are not your typical urethane balls. Callaway made a point of using rubber and a graphene–infused soft core to give you the “thwack” that makes for an amazing golf tour. (That soft feel is amazing!)

Better ball speed, fast (and high) spin on the green, and a low spin for slow shots are what this tour-ready golf ball kit was made for. If you want to try a singularly luxurious swing that has a bright yellow exterior that’s hard to miss, you’re going to enjoy Callaway.

2. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – $69 per box

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Titleist is a name that has become synonymous with the pro golf circuit. It’s what every major player prefers to putt with, and what every golfer wants to have in their arsenal. The brand is the gold standard of golf, period. As far as the top of the top goes, you’re looking at it. The Pro V1x line of golf balls remains exceptionally popular for good reason.

A common choice of golfing “heavy hitters,” the Pro V1x is meant to help you get a better shot with a higher speed. Watching these balls launch across a green is both satisfying and incredibly good for your score. Needless to say, we’d definitely suggest these for anyone who wants to improve their speed. Did we mention that it spins faster? Yep. More spin, too!

2. The Dixon Fire Ball – $67 per box

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Touted as the world’s first pro performance golf ball that doubles on the environmentally friendly side, the Dixon Fire ball is going to be a major hit. This may be a more expensive box of balls to buy, but they are ethically made and will not contribute to the dangers of climate change. You also get a dozen per box.

Play-wise, this ball is best for people who want to have a fast swing and a low handicap score. You’re going to get a lot of power thanks to the 318 Tour design, too.

4.  Titleist AVX Balls – $63

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Perhaps the only one to compete with our #1 position is Titleist, and to a point, it’s a reputation that is worth the money. Every major golf genius and top golfer has used Titleist at least once, so it’s a bit star-studded in terms of rep. Major golf fans always seem to go for this brand, if only by reputation alone.

Mid to high swing fans will like this. Why? It’s simple. The spin is low when it’s off the tee, but the ball’s spin increases dramatically when you see it hit the green. This offers up a longer length and just a little bit more control. You get a dozen a box, too. So, the value is there.

5. TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls – $63

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Urethane? Check. Beautiful engineering that is meant for an increased spin on the green and a soft feel? Double check. TaylorMade is famed for their cutting-edge engineering techniques. Their most recent set of pro-grade golf balls are the Tour Response, ans they are amazingly well-developed.

An ultra low compression score of 40 and an excellent swing feel gives you all the work you need to get your game on. Each box will offer up 12 balls, all of them coated in a high-visibility yellow cover that makes it easier to spot your ball from afar.

6. XXIO Eleven Golf Balls – $53

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XXIO sounds like it’s offbrand, but it’s not. Quite the opposite, really. Their 11 golfballs sell for $53 per dozen, and that high price point is because of the excellent engineering. Their makers note that this is a good set of balls for people who swing slower than 90 miles per hour…which is basically everyone except for pros.

These balls have a super soft feel that can make for a more satisfying swing. Anecdotally, many people feel like they get a better distance shot with XXIO. If you want to feel like you’re “in the know” with other golfers, this is the way to di it. Get those balls.

7. Titleist Tour Soft Personalized Golf Balls – $49.99

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Did you ever want to feel a little like a celebrity? Or maybe, you just wanted to have a set of golf balls that other people will be less likely to steal. (Hey, it happens more than you think!) Titleist has a way to get you the personalization that you want without sacrificing quality.

These soft touch golf balls offer a soft feel and a remarkably good distance rating. All you have to do is upload the image that you want printed on your set of balls, and you will be able to set yourself aside from the bunch. It’s a highly responsive ball that keeps the title of America’s #1 golf ball intact.

8. Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls – $44.99

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The Srixon mark became pretty popular with people who have a need for speed, and the Z Star model is a good example of why. This set of balls are equipped with specially made “Spinskin” that helps your ball grip the grooves of your iron and bolster that spin on the green. Ideal for mid to low handicaps, this ball won’t fail you .

You can expect to get great distance with Srixon, especially if you are a sucker for a great spin. Don’t worry, though! It doesn’t spin too much off the tee or on slow hits. So, you still get the control that you want without having to sacrifice those great long shots.

Are These Golf Balls Pricey Enough For You?

Golf balls are not the most expensive accessory you’ll see on the green, but they can definitely pack a punch in your wallet. It’s important to realize that golf balls don’t just stick around like clubs or golf visors do. They get lost. They get scuffed, the skin on them might not stay in touch, and we all know that countless balls end up sunk in water traps.

If you want to get a bunch of golf balls that feel rich and help your swing, by all means do. But just be prepared. This isn’t a one-time deal, and that means that you will start to see those bills pile up if you continue that habit.

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