10 Most Expensive Foosball Tables (You Can Actually Customize)

While the average foosball table costs between $300-$500, the tables on our list may just break the bank… but depends on who you’re asking. Just kidding. But all kidding aside, I spent hours researching not only the most expensive but also the best foosball tables for the money.

But before you shell out thousands of dollars – let’s consider what makes a quality foosball table. Let’s start with the construction. The tables on our list are made with the finest, highest-quality materials. The craftsmanship is on another level, using the finest steel and wood.

The most expensive foosball table on the market is the Debuchy by TOULET Le Debuch’ Foosball Table, coming in at $39,999. This table is sold almost exclusively at Foosball Planet, who lets you customize the handhold type, the second set of handles, the game area line color, and the finish.

In regards to durability, these tables are built to last. The greatest factor about these luxurious tables is that they are often weighed down so that the table doesn’t move during a competitive match. This is something you won’t get with cheaper tables. When it comes to style, at this price range you’re able to modify the paint and even install a sound system.

Most Expensive Foosball Tables

1. Debuchy by TOULET Le Debuch

most expensive foosball table

Created by Mathieu Debuchy with the finest details and materials in mind, this table is hard to beat. It has a unique base, unlike any other foosball table I’ve seen on the market. This table features a metallic frame and base, which is rustproof and nicely painted. With a centralized ball return, gerflex coating, and diamond shaped handles, I fell in love with the look and features of this table.

Other features include touch-sensitive LED scoring, automatic goal sensors, and LED lights that look like something you’d see on a super car. Customize the paint to suit a meallic, glossy, or mat look. You can choose to customize the color from over 500 different shades. Customize the sound system for a stadium feel or add your own music. For you techies, there’s also automatic scoring. When you press the table to start it up (or shut it down), it imitates the sound of a V8-engine race car. That alone got me really excited. Oh yeah, it’s priced at $39,999 (currently on sale at Foosball Planet).

Video of the Debuchy

2. Cristallino Foosball Table by Teckell

Have you ever seen something so sleek? I doubt it. The minimalistic design by artisans in Italy offers a clean design but is also constructed well. It is built from transparent glass crystal and joints that are fabricated from chrome-plated polished brass. With attractive stainless-steel features, the levelers are concealed within the table’s feet, so your playing surface is undisturbed.

As for the playing field, it is made of laminated crystal. The corner ramps are carefully designed to keep the ball in play. The rods are not your traditional rods – they offer two layers of shock-absorption. The bears are self-lubricating and offer the best performance you can ask for. Keep track of the score with a unit on each end. Although this table cannot be used outdoors, this table is everything you’d expect from Italian design and craftsmanship. The price? this table will set you back $17,250 and takes between 9-11 weeks to ship out.

3. Outdoor Foosball Table By JANUS et Cie

What I love about this table is that you can use it outdoors or indoors. That can’t be said for every table on this list. But that’s not why it made it on our list. This table is 59.1″ long, for those who need exact measurements for their game room or space. This table has raised corners, counterbalanced players, and includes leveling boots.

It is also water-resistant, so no need to cover it in the winter (if you don’t want to). The players are made from aluminum and are hand-painted. If you don’t customize your players further, you’ll get the black and white jerseys on one side, orange jerseys for the second player. This table comes with 7 balls and two additional players (if you need to change any out). Manual scoreboard with the number slider. Green surface color. This table is made in Spain but is MLS themed. It’ll run you $14,398.00 (at the time of writing) but the price may change on Wayfair.

4. Maitland Smith Ashton Foosball Game Table

Not your average-looking foosball table. This design boasts a Napoleon Brown and Antique Aubergine finish, with monkey and lion players. This is truly a unique luxury. For the sturdiness of the build, I think this table is actually reasonably priced at just $8,269. Compared to the other tables on the list, there seems to be added cost to the build.

Although it looks much heavier, this table measures 16.0W 8.0D 9.0H and weighs just 36 lbs. This table ships in 1-2 weeks with free shipping. This table is sold by Grayson Living, which has a store in Beverly Hills, right here in California.

5. RS Barcelona Wood Foosball Table

This table is my personal favorite, maybe because I’m a Barcelona FC fan. But, the look is just so convincing and sleek to me. I love the wood accent with the black finish and painted players. This is something I could impress the guys with for boys’ night in. Although it is designed for the outdoors, I would prefer stationing it right next to the bar cart.

Yeah, I know, you don’t want anyone to spill drinks on it. Thought about that. Anyhow, this gorgeous table is built with iroko wood legs and the table itself is aluminum. Looks quite durable and you can’t go wrong with this look for $6,270 at Touch of Modern. Ships in 8-10 weeks with free shipping included.

6. Venture Williamsburg Luxury Foosball Table

Fan of the industrial revolution? This table says it all. Constructed with fired brick, forged iron, and old wooden beams. This table was handcrafted in the USA. The legs are metal, the rods are solid wood. With ramped corners and a smooth finish, this table is a looker for any game room. This table is made to order and takes 4-8 weeks at a minimum for delivery.

I really love the look of it and it is a strong contender to all the other tables I’ve looked at so far. Customize the color/finish, anything from Mahogany to Chestnut, Walnut, Bennett, or even Black or White. For a limited time, this table is 30% off at eTableTennis at just $5,350 (at the time of writing).

7. Astoria Foosball Table

I love love love this wooden look. This is the closest thing to a DIY look you can get from a manufacturer. This was originally a custom piece that was built for a client and it turned into a production table once the first one was built. True story. This table is solid wood so it is quite heavy at 300 lbs. Scoring units and lights are available but optional.

Assembled size is 60″l X 31″w X 30″h. Includes ball drop and ramped corners, as well as cork balls. One year warranty on this table. This comes in a Right now it is priced at $4,922, down from the original price of $7,000. custom grey stain, although I’m sure it could be customized to your liking. For the craftsmanship, I think this is a great deal.

8. Sure Shot Is Pedestal Foosball Table By Performance Games

We had to put a competition-type table on the list. Aesthetic-wise, it is not my favorite and looks quite boxy, but I am sure the performance is up there. According to the manufacturer, this table follows the highest performance actually, with industry-leading rod assembly. It is ITSF approved and used in more than 25 countries. Install the rods and figures in minutes with two-piece split bearing. No need to remove any of the parts.

High resistance against corrosion or ant type of wear. Easy catch, pass or shooting with full ball control. Easy bank shots with sharp edges in the front. The handles are palm-friendly with a soft layer inside. Comfortable and tight fit on the rods. Optional one man goalie. Assembled Size (LxWxH): 56”30”x36” at 280 lbs. Comes with 3 balls, 2 additional men, and lubricant. Currently just $2,549 at Sawyer Twain.

9. Garlando Image Foosball Table

Want a mirror-like foosball table? There you have it. Not many tables look this sleek at this price range (Under $3,000). Made from wood, metal, and other reflective surfaces. As far as the construction, you’re looking at a Heavy-duty 25mm thick MDF cabinet with melamine coating. Enjoy a 5mm thick tempered glass playfield.

The handles are made from plastic with Wenge wooden inserts. Due to high demand, this table ships in 4-6 weeks from Arizona. The only thing I would have loved more is the color of the players being a completely different color, perhaps black and gray. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful table that deserves a mention.

10. Premier Foosball by Brunswick

Last but not least, The Premier Foosball Table by Brunswick is a classic. With a modern look, there’s not much we can say. This is where modern meets performance, and at a reasonable price. Enjoy original and unique-looking metal “X” frame base for even more stability. Adjustable levelers and end ball returns.

Also, I believe this is the only table that has a 3-man goalie from our roundup. This table measures 56.3″ x 49.8″ x 36″H and ships in just 1-2 weeks, which is a great lead time compared to the other tables we looked at.

Are These Foosball Tables Luxurious Enough For You?

I tried to combine luxury with tables that don’t only look good but also offer performance and overall style. With foosball tables, it’s all about personal preference.

If budget is no concern, (yes, we’re luxury enthusiasts) the RS Barcelona Wood Foosball Table is my personal favorite. I just love the look and the Barca theme. The build looks great and the hand-painted players complete the look. What more can you ask for in a foosball table?

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