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8 Most Expensive Charcuterie Boards (to Impress Guests)

By this point, you’ve likely seen artfully crafted charcuterie boards all over your Instagram feed. The word ‘charcuterie’ originated in France and actually translates to “pork-butcher shop.” However, charcuteries boards usually feature a selection of cured meats and cheeses, like prosciutto, salami, Gouda, Brie, and other bite-sized offerings, like fruit, nuts, hummus, dips, and more. So, when someone speaks on putting together a charcuterie board, they are essentially referring to an ultra-fancy cheese board.

What’s so appealing about these platters is that they take virtually no culinary skill to assemble, but they may take some practice in order for the finished product to be visually pleasing. While you can certainly serve your sweet and savory selection of treats on a plate or any old cutting board, investing in a nice charcuterie board is the best way to tie everything together. Plus, this type of dish is all about presentation.

Charcuterie boards are made of all sorts of materials and can be found available in a broad range of price points. However, for those who enjoy the finer things in life and have pockets deep enough to support their luxurious lifestyle, the most expensive charcuterie board is the Jay Strongwater Diego Floral Cheese Board, which goes for $1,400. This marble board features carved, hand-enameled, and bejeweled floral accents and a 14K matte gold finish that is hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals.  

Curious if you have the funds to afford some of the most luxurious charcuterie boards out there? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 8 most expensive charcuterie boards currently on the market.

1. Jay Strongwater Diego Floral Cheese Board – $1,400.00

Jay Strongwater is a talented designer who made the transition from jewelry to home décor back in 1955. He has made his career out of crafting Swarovski and semi-precious jewel-encrusted works of art – from figurines, furniture, and fireplace screens, to clocks, compacts, Christmas ornaments, charcuterie boards, and much more.

The Jay Strongwater Diego Floral Cheese Board can be considered the most expensive charcuterie board available today. This round board measures 12 inches in diameter and extends just 2.25 inches tall. The base is made of imported marble and features carved, hand-enameled, and bejeweled floral accents. These accents have a 14K matte gold finish and hand-set Swarovski crystals.

Each piece is made by hand in one of Jay Strongwater’s studios in either Rhode Island or New York. So, what’s the price? This extravagant charcuterie board will cost you $1,400. It’s currently available for free shipping on Houzz and Amazon and can be shipped out today!

2. Bei Fu Walnut Wood Serving/ Cutting Board – $978.20

Next on our list of the most expensive charcuterie boards is this Bei Fu walnut wood board available on Wayfair. It is made out of the highest quality North American FAS walnut, which is considered to be one of the best materials for charcuterie boards. Walnut is hard enough to maintain its structure and sustain knife cuts, but soft enough to not destroy the blades on your knives. It also won’t warp over time and is completely food-safe, as walnut is free of any toxins that could make their way into your food.

With the addition of a stainless steel frame, this board offers three distinct functions in one single design – a magnetic cutting board, knife block, and drying holder. The frame is magnetic, so it can help save precious counter space in your kitchen and also serve as a knife block. Both the quality materials and the aesthetically pleasing design make this Bei Fu walnut serving board ideal for displaying your cheeses, meats, and other hors d’oeuvres.

The Bei Fu Walnut Wood Serving/ Cutting board is currently on sale for $978.20, regularly retailing for $1,649.99. Shipping is free and you can even finance your purchase to break up the cost into monthly payments when you sign up for a Wayfair credit card!

3. Calla Lily Midnight Amethyst Small Cheese Board by Michael Aram – $750.00

Designed by American artist Michael Aram, this cheese board measures 15 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 2 inches tall. The base of the board is made of amethyst crystal, while the handles are calla lilies made of natural and oxidized brass. Each piece made by Michael Aram is handmade, meaning no two items are the same. Every purchase also comes with a matching stainless steel knife.

Given the intricacy of this charcuterie board, special care must be taken in order to keep in looking its best. It is not recommended for the dishwasher and should only be washed by hand using a mild soap, water, and a soft sponge. After washing, be sure to dry the board immediately with a soft cloth to avoid water spots forming on the surface. Never leave it unwashed overnight and do not soak, even in plain water.

To get your hands on one of Michael Aram’s Calla Lily Midnight Amethyst Cheese Board, you’ll have to fork over $750. It’s available now for free shopping on Bergdorf Goodman’s webstore, or you can see if it’s available for in store pickup at a Neiman Marcus near you.

4. Masini Rectangular Marble and Silver Cheese Platter – $420.00

Another product available on Wayfair, this rectangular charcuterie board is crafted from a white marble, with a frame and handles made of silver. Unlike many other expensive platters on this list, the Masini rectangular marble and silver cheese platter is dishwasher safe. This makes cleanup easy and hassle-free.

However, be sure to avoid aggressive detergent. If the platter comes into contact with lemon, vinegar, salt, or parmesan cheese, wash it under running water and dry thoroughly to avoid staining. When used regularly, polish is not necessary – otherwise, opt for a regular silver polish to maintain the finish.

The Masini Rectangular Marble and Silver Cheese Platter by Greggio retails for $420. It ships free from Wayfair and you can get a discount when you sign up for their credit card.

5. Lady & Larder XXL Cheese Board – $399.95

Available only at Williams Sonoma, the Lady & Larder XXL Cheese Board is unlike anything else on this list. In addition to a wooden serving platter, this product also comes with all of the ingredients you need to craft your charcuterie board. This is the perfect idea for holiday gift-giving, cocktail parties, and impromptu gatherings. Simply choose your delivery date and you will receive a package with a collection of premium farmstead cheese, artisanal meat, orchard-grown nuts and dried fruit, condiments, and crackers.

The assortment is artfully packaged in a gift crate with a wooden serving platter, garnishes, and even a guide to recreate the artistic arrangement on your own. For those who love the idea of a charcuterie board but have no idea how to craft one, this is the product for you! The meats and cheeses are shipped chilled and the board is estimated to feed 20 people. Here’s what you get with each purchase of the Lady & Larder XXL cheese board:

  • Olympia Provisions Chorizo Navarre: Spanish-style pork salami seasoned with sweet paprika, garlic and cayenne.
  • Charlito’s Cocina Campo Salami: Made of 100% pasture-raised heritage-breed pork, this unique salami is flavored with hand-harvested fleur de sel.
  • Coro Sliced Salami: Two twists on Old World salami – garlic with a hint of ginger, and a mole salami infused with sweet and spicy Mexican seasonings.
  • Casella’s Sliced Prosciutto: Made from rare-breed heritage pigs that yield a delicate prosciutto with tender marbling and a nutty flavor.
  • Stepladder Cabrillo: Created from a blend of goat’s milk and cow’s milk, this Spanish-style cheese is named for the iconic Highway 1 that runs along the rugged California coastline.
  • Tulip Tree Trillium: A bloomy-rind triple crème inspired by French Camembert and brie.
  • Central Coast Creamery Goat Gouda: Rich goat’s milk cheese aged on pine wood for five months to achieve smooth texture and nutty scent.
  • Point Reyes Bay Blue Cheese: Fudgy cow’s milk blue cheese features earthy notes with Stilton-style salted caramel finish.
  • Wilder Organic Sweet Hot Mustard: The perfect blend of sweetness and a kick of spice.
  • Fillmore Farms Organic Raw Walnuts: Organically grown in Gridley, California, these tender walnuts are harvested and shelled each October by the Fillmore family, owners of the orchard since 1917.
  • Fat Uncle Farms Almonds: These irresistibly crunchy almonds are dry-farmed by fifth-generation farmers in Central California.
  • Santa Barbara Pistachio Company Organic Roasted Pistachios: Organically grown by the Zannon family in Santa Barbara, California, these pistachios are hot-air dried to maintain their bright, buttery flavor.
  • King Orchards Tart Dried Montmorency Cherries: A touch of sugar gives these plump Michigan-grown cherries a perfectly tart-sweet flavor.
  • B&R Farms Dried Blenheim Apricots: The gold standard for apricots, grown on a fourth-generation family farm in Hollister, California.
  • Peacock Family Farms Flame Raisins: Plump and juicy sundried raisins grown by fifth-generation farmers in Central California.
  • Rancho Meladuco Medjool Dates: Grown by Joan Smith and her husband in California’s Coachella Valley, these dates are as sweet and delectable as candy.
  • Girl Meets Dirt Seasonal Jam: This award-winning jam features ripe seasonal fruits from heritage orchards on California Orcas Island, prepared by hand in seasoned copper pots and sweetened with organic sugar.
  • Malibu Honey: Pure, raw honey made in Malibu, California.
  • Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers: Lady & Larder’s signature crackers are the perfect pairing for soft cheese and spreads.
  • Mini Honey Dipper: Reusable wooden dipper.
  • Single-Use Wooden Serving Platter: Measuring 18 ½ inches by 13 ½ inches.

So, at this point you’re probably wondering what something like this will cost. The Lady & Larder XXL Cheese Board retails for $399.95. While this may be deemed an expensive charcuterie board, it’s a steal when you consider how much you’re getting with your purchase!

6. Jonathan Adler Nixon Cheese Board and Knife Set – $340.00

This charcuterie board is cast in solid brass using a prototype hand-sculpted in the Jonathan Adler Soho studio. It features their signature Nixon pattern on the handles and the slab itself is crafted out of Carrara marble. Each purchase also comes with a knife, which has the same pattern on the handle and a stainless steel blade.

Over time, the board’s polished brass will develop a lovely, natural patina. Or, you can use a brass polish to prevent the patina from forming. However, be sure to avoid getting the polish on any non-brass inlays and detailing. The Jonathan Adler Nixon Cheese Board and Knife Set retails for $340, and is currently available on Perigold’s webstore.

7. Vine Extra Large Cheese Board with Knife by Michael Aram – $300.00

Another product from American artist Michael Aram, this charcuterie board is a part of his Vine Collection. The collection is meant to “conjure up images of the overgrown entrance to an enchanted forest.” This Vine Extra Large Cheese Board measures 19 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 3 inches high.

It is crafted out of rainforest marble and features stunning gold vine detailing as the handles on either side. Each purchase comes with a stainless steel knife with a handle that has the same vine detailing. These boards are expertly handmade by skilled artisans, meaning no two pieces are exactly alike. Variations in the finish are distinctive of the creation process.

Getting your hands on Michael Aram’s exquisite Vine Extra Large Cheese Board will run you $300, but it can often be found on sale from a variety of retailers.

8. Monet’s Garden Golden Sunset Large Cheese Board with Knife by Michael Aram – $300.00

The final charcuterie board on our list is another unique, handcrafted, and artistically original design by Michael Aram. According to Aram, his Monet’s Garden Golden Sunset collection is “inspired by the brilliant, fading light at Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny.” Each board is handmade, so no two are the same.

Made of Caro Brown Marble, the Monet’s Garden Golden Sunset Large Cheese Board measures 19.25 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 2.75 inches tall. It features goldtone and oxidized brass floral detailing, which make up the handles on either side. Each purchase also comes with a knife that has the same detailing on the handle and a stainless steel blade.

Michael Aram’s Monet’s Garden Golden Sunset Cheese Board and Knife Set usually retails for $300, but can often be found on sale depending on the season. Purchase it now through Bloomingdale’s webstore and you’ll have it in your home just in time for the holiday season!


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