13 Most Expensive Ceiling Fans [For Any Home]

Part of living a luxurious life is seeing how to make your home into a veritable palace of your own. To get a lot more luxurious flair to your home, you need to have the right lighting. Splurging on good lighting is an investment that the wealthy always understand—or at least trust their interior designer to choose for them.

The most expensive ceiling fan on Amazon right now is the HHJJ Homes’s Nordic Ventilateur Cooling Fan Light, which features wooden carved fan blades and a modern veneer. It currently rests at a price of $6740 for the grey version. If you want a luxury lamp, you can also get a Tiffany Dome Light for 

A good ceiling fan can turn a normal room into an amazing room. It can even be a major style status symbol. We’re going to take a closer look at the most expensive ceiling fans on the market, and what makes them so popular.

A Quick Note Or Two About The Selections Here

For the sake of good research, we wanted to make sure to include some models that are not Meyda Tiffany, and that were sourced from a wider range of stores. As a result, we made an extra long article that has a couple of more affordable options from different brands, featuring a wider range of styles. Hope it helps!

You also might notice that there are a couple of ceiling fans that are labeled as industrial in use. This is by design. While industrial ceiling fans are common in business uses, it’s important to remember that this is also an aesthetic found in many warehouse loft venue.

Finally, we’re just reporting on the lamps we found at the time of this writing. There is always a chance that a price may change, or that a newer, more expensive lamp will come out. If you want to get a custom lamp, the chances of it being more expensive than anything on this list are higher.

1. The Marquee Gural Chandel-Air by Medya Tiffany

via Luxe Decor

Author’s Note: A “chandel-air” is a hybrid between a chandelier and a ceiling fan, and the most expensive ceiling fans on the market tend to be chandel-airs rather than plain fans. I feel I should get that out of the way before we get into the meat n’ potatoes of this article. It’s not a mispelling!

So, today, we’re going to have to kick off this list with a chandel-air that is absolutely, positively breathtaking. Meyda/Tiffany is famous for creating some of the most decadent chandeliers on the planet, and their ceiling fans aren’t too shabby either. It’s no surprise, then, that they are currently the makers of one of the most expensive ceiling fans on the market.

This striking work of art is a chandel-air that really emphasizes the “chandelier” part of its design. The LEDs highlight a bunch of glass-looking crystals that line the entire chandelier. It’s ideal for a smaller room that needs a lot of style. For only $28,000, you could bring this astonishingly pricey work of art home with you. 

2. The Telluride Magic Snow Indoor Ceiling Fan by Meyda Tiffany

via Luxe Decor

Now this gorgeous number is luxury incarnate! This is a highly unusual dual-tier ceiling fan—erm, chandel-air. 32 LED lights help turn this faux marble ring chandelier aglow without giving you the harshness of bare bulbs. To help avoid too much brightness, the designers of this light fixture added real, natural iron accents to the exterior.

It looks like marble, encased in wrought iron with a marble pattern. The end result is a look that is best described as totally magical. The price tag, though, is what’s truly fit for royalty. This uniquely large chandelier fan will run you $27,000. That’s about the same price as a car.

3. The Costello Black Copper Chandel-Air by Meyda Tiffany

via Palm Fan Store

Is anyone else getting crazy Beauty and the Beast vibes from this chandelier fan? This is one of many, many similar models that Meyda makes, but for the sake of this article’s length, we’re going to showcase only one: the most expensive ceiling fan of this particular line.

This particular model is a dual-tiered chandel-air with two different fan systems to help keep your home cool and breezy. It’s 74 inches wide, features 18 small LED lights, and offers a gorgeous blackened, brushed copper patina exterior. Want to grab one for your home? Be our guest. It’ll cost you $19,800. 

4. The Indoor Ceiling Fan by Meyda Tiffany

via Luxe Decor

Meyda Tiffany strikes again, this time with an extremely luxurious brushed copper patina-look hanging chandel-air. The ceiling fan is obscured by lights that are covered by a panel. The end result is a ballroom-style hanging ceiling fan that looks like it was straight out of The Great Gatsby. 

Where do we begin to praise this beautiful work of art? Is it the hanging mechanism that makes it look like an Art Deco piece? Is it the fact that it is totally run by LED lights? Or, is it the fact that it looks super-expensive yet shockingly low maintenance? It’s hard to tell.

Snagging one of these will not be cheap. At the time of this writing, it costs $16,110 to get this Tiffany lamp

5. Transitional Ceiling Fan Chandel-Air by Meyda Tiffany

via Luxe Decor

You know, it’s kind of strange. Meyda Tiffany, most commonly just called “Tiffany,” is the same company that kicked off the stained glass Tiffany lamp trend of the 1970s and 1980s. Nowadays, their most popular and expensive lamps all have a classic Art Deco feel. The days of stained glass have come and gone.

This simple yet striking chandel-air is a good example of the new vanguard in the world of interior design. It’s a beautiful LED lamp that features a hidden ceiling fan and a gorgeous iron cage design. A total of 24 LED lights line both tiers of this lamp. There are 16 on the bottom, and eight on the top.

Getting this double-decker lighting system is going to be pretty expensive. At $13,500, this is going to be a pretty painful punch to your wallet if you have a fairly average income. 

6. The Prime Dome 8-Light Chandel-Air by Meyda Tiffany

via Luxe Decor

This ceiling fan has panels that hide the blades and eight different hidden bulbs that give the entire fixture a uniform glow. As you might be able to tell from the look of it, this fan was inspired by the large dome lamps that were popular in Art Deco buildings.

Is it old school? Absolutely. Though it is old school, it still retains that timeless, modern appearance that fits perfectly with an upcale beach house or a luxury villa. Getting a Tiffany lamp, of course, means you’re going to be paying a pretty penny regardless of what you pick. This particular model goes for $7,727 on Luxe Decor at the time of this writing. 

7. Nordic Ventilateur Cooling Fan Light by HHJJ Modern Homes

via Amazon

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the clean, crisp look of Nordic furniture is so hot right now. Whether you’re a hygge fan or just like the modern look of it doesn’t matter. What matters is knowing that you’ve got a ceiling fan that can pair with any type of decor that you want to bring in. Nordic style ceiling fans will do that perfectly.

This remote-controlled ceiling fan offers heavy cooling, a beautiful ambient lighting boost, as well as a super sleek style. If you want to choose the grey option, you will have to shell out a very hefty fee of $6740. Needless to say, it takes a fancy person to afford such a fancy, fancy fan.

8. Wide Elk at Dusk Chandel-Air Ceiling Fan by Meyda Tiffany

via Lux Decor

When most people go shopping, the words “rustic” and “expensive” almost never go hand in hand. I mean, that whole aesthetic is usually framed by the term “shabby chic” for a reason. However, this piece definitely shows that ceiling fans for rustic homes can be just as pricey as those that are found in classic Italian mansions too.

This fan doesn’t look like a fan, per se. It looks more a light—and it should. It is a fan and light fixture combo that uses a beautiful shade with sculpted iron to hide the blades of the ceiling fan. On the shade, you can see a scene of a lone majestic elk frolicking among the trees. If that isn’t a perfect accompaniment to a log cabin home, I don’t know what is.

This level of artwork is not going to come cheap, especially among “Texas millionaires.” To get this elegant hidden ceiling fan, you need to shell out $5,641. Oh, and there is a two-tier version of this, too. If you want to splurge for a dual-tier option, then it’ll set you back $13,000

9. 18′ Diameter High Volume Low Speed Ceiling Fan by Global Industrial Store

via Amazon

Do you have a warehouse that you need to cool down? Maybe a pro auto shop that needs to have a little extra chill? Then you might not want to try to splurge on pretty yet pricey models. What you’re looking at above is an industrial ceiling fan that spans a whopping 18 feet across.

This fan is simple, smart, and highly effective at cooling people down. That’s basically what people who run a business need. Of course, we have to enjoy and appreciate the stark modern look that it offers. If 18 feet is too large for you, you’ll be happy to know that they have options that are smaller. Some are even as petite as 10 feet across.

Despite their “bare bones” look, all of these fans are really pricey. Most hover between $4,000 to $5,000. The model above will set you back $5439, making it the most expensive model of its type on this list. 

Author’s Note: Because there are so many different sizes of the same design, we decided to skip the rest of them. This post basically explains all the features of this model and all the ones like it. So, it works as a one-shot deal. 

10. 24-Foot Industrial Ceiling Fan by Hunter

via Amazon

So, there are two main companies offering up extremely large, industrial ceiling fans on Amazon. Hunter ceiling fans have five blades, while Global Industrial Store makes six-bladed fans. Both have a 220-Volt power that is meant to cool down exceptionally large spaces. This one above has a total diameter of 24 feet, making it a uniquely massive ceiling fan, no matter how you look at it.

A name like Hunter is meant to inspire confidence. Their ceiling fans are known for being sturdy, while still being affordable for the role that they play. A warehouse owner who wants to have this top-tier fan will have to shell out $5320 for the privilege. Fans of living in a massive warehouse loft will want to snag one, especially if they are in a hot area.

11. The Ruark 5 Hidden Blade Ceiling Fan by Williston Forge

via Wayfair

Do you like the look of classic Italian and Mediterranean lighting? If so, I don’t blame you. Trying to find a lighting module that will work with that aesthetic and keep you cool is going to be tough, but the Ruark 5 is a good option. This LED ceiling light also has rotating fan blades hidden by its backlit panels.

When you turn on the light, you get a beautiful warm and earthy glow to your home. It’s ideal for rooms that are medium-sized that have a slightly more elegant appearance. Might we suggest that you use this for a particularly large kitchen area, or a main foyer?

A ceiling fan like this will set you back a pretty penny. You should expect to shell out a whopping $5,299 for this model at Wayfair. (Hey, at least it is not as pricey as a typical Tiffany lamp, right?)

12. The Italo Ventania by Matthews Fan Company

via Matthews Fan Company

So, there’s something that you are going to notice about ceiling fans that are super pricey and not meant for massive industrial warehouses. All of the ones you are going to see are going to have some kind of unique, artsy look to them that makes them incredibly striking. Matthews Fan Company is famous for this.

This particular retro-modern model is called the Italo Ventania, and it features two old-school fans that are placed on either end of swively, swirly metal branches. This gives your home a unique industrial flair that’s both deconstructed and sculpted at the same time.

If you can’t tell, this is definitely made to be a statement piece. If you want to snag it off of Amazon, prepare to pay out around $4764 for one of these compact yet beautiful statement-makers. 

13. The Duplo Dinamico by Matthews Fan Company

via Amazon

Does this look familiar? Well, it kind of should. The Duplo Dinamico is almost identical to the Italo model from the same company. The main difference is that the rods in this particular ceiling fan are straight rather than the swirly, twisty supports from our selection above.

As it turns out, that twisting and sculpting of metal costs a pretty penny. Getting rid of those curls and quirks is all you need in order knock about $1,000 off the price tag. Aside from that, the design is almost entirely identical to the one we have above it.

The Duplo Dinamico is one of the most affordable on our list, and it’s so pretty, we can safely say that it is a way of obtaining that nice level of luxury without too much of a hassle. Oh, and it’s fairly affordable compared to its other cousin on this list. You can grab it for $3,591 on Amazon right now. 

Are These Ceiling Fans Expensive Enough For You?

There is no denying that having an expensive ceiling fan is a good way to get the statement that you want to make, at a quality level that you can rely on for years to come. After all, most ceiling fans do not cost more than $300. Finding one that costs several thousand dollars is a sign that you are going to get all the bits and bobs you would want in a lamp.

Ceiling fans are not the typical thing you would count among status symbols. They are not watches, luxury sneakers, or even NFTs. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t turn into a flex in their own right. It’s all about choosing a ceiling fan that works with your vision. That, and maybe being a major fan of the latest interior design trends.

With that said, we want to emphasize that you do not have to have a huge bank account to get a good ceiling fan that suits your style. Most ceiling fans can offer up a similar look at a fraction of the price. So if you are feeling like you’re out of luck here, keep looking. You’re bound to find something better along the way.

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