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10 Most Expensive Belt Brands [For Men & Women]

A belt is one of the necessary accessories a man needs, and they can’t do without it. Women need belts too, but not quite as men. Belts are made of flexible leather, or cloth straps are usually worn on the waist.

Some belts are also made with animal skins or metals, and they belong to the most expensive belt brands in the world. People use belts to get that unique look for their outfits, and they could be used for both formal and casual dresses.

Belts come at different prices – some cheap, some pricey – and there are some luxurious ones for the classy men. These belts are designed to make fashion statements and give people the looks they desire.

The cost of a belt is largely determined by the brand, design, manufacturing costs, and leather used in its production. The most expensive belt brands are made of high-quality materials and unique and rare metals and ornaments. Some are also made with gold, diamonds, platinum, python leather, crocodile leather, or alligator leather.

The Most expensive belt is Roland Iten with a hefty price tag of $613,000. Here are some other expensive belt brands in the world

Most Expensive Belt Brands

1.Roland Iten $613,000

Caliber R822 was made by Roland Iten in 2011 with the collaboration of Bugatti. It is one of the most expensive belts ever made. It features a white gold buckle with red gold accents

Only three pieces of Roland Iten were made, and the platform has high-quality titanium. But the accessories comprised of solid white gold with titanium with thirty pieces of different finishes and five buckles.

2.Gucci Diamond Belt $256,000

Gucci Diamond belt was made with diamond and platinum materials that are studded into the fabric. The belt is constructed with 30 carats of diamonds sitting on the double G symbol representing the Gucci brand.

Gucci has been making lots of expensive belts for men, and it has shiny gold-plated hardware. The leather is made through a chrome-free tanning process or metal.

3.Stefano Ricci – Handmade Crocodile Belt $4000

Some of the most common expensive belts in the world are made by Stefano Ricci. The belts are handmade, and they portray detail and quality. Years ago, the company created an 18-karat diamond-encrusted and gold buckle that was sold for $124,000. Presently, the Handmade Crocodile Belt worth $4,000 is the most expensive belt made by the company.

Galvanized palladium and genuine crocodile leather were used in making the strap. This gives it the classy look that matches any suit or outfit.

4.Hermes Entriviere – Constance Belt Buckle and Leather Stripe $5,260

The Hermes brand has a large collection of the most expensive points in the world. These belts are made from supple leather created with different colors on both sides to give you reversible wearing options. The buckles are all hand-polished, and they’ve gone through extensive metalwork.

The buckle of the Constance Belt buckle and leather strap is made with brushed palladium-plated metal. The strap is made of matte crocodile leather. The belt is customizable, and it doesn’t sell buckles separately. But you can buy straps separately and blend them with the right clip that meets their requirements.

5.Billionaire Couture – Alligator Belt $2,850

Billionaire Couture is a famous belt brand known for making extravagant belts for many years. The Alligator belt by Billionaire Couture is one of its most expensive belts ever made. The belt is made with a combination of alligator skin, and the traditional Italian design is used to shape it.

It comes with an expensive silver buckle that increased its price to $2850. Billionaire Couture has continued to make expensive designer accessories for men.

6.Cartier – Santos De Cartier $2,690

Cartier has left a noticeable mark in the world of jewelry and luxury culture. Cartier uses precious stones and premium materials to create their products. They have an excellent collection of luxury belts around the world.

The Santos De Cartier belt is made up of a black crocodile skin strap and a golden-finish ardillon that brings the price to $2690. The Cartier signature is also present to indicate class and luxury.

7.Ralph Lauren – Alligator Sterling Buckle Belt $1,850

The Ralph Lauren brand targets different social classes of men for their designer belts. That’s why you can get a $50 designer belt or a high-end pricey belt. It all depends on your pocket and social class.

Ralph Lauren has one of the most expensive belts, and the Alligator Sterling-Buckle belt is one of them. The belt costs a whopping $1,850. It comes with an elegant and versatile accessory gotten from alligator leather.

8.Versace – Palazzo Croc Leather Belt $1,150

The Versace brand, adds a luxurious look to every man. Their belts are made with the finest materials. They are created in Italy.

The leather belts are embellished with iconic buckles inspired by a rich heritage. The belt is created with crocodile leather and a buckle that has a gold-tone Medusa embellishment. The belt costs $1,150.

9.Salvatore Ferragamo – Gancini Belt $995

Salvatore Ferragamo has been making premium leather goods and accessories since the 1920s. It is one of the esteemed brands in premium fashion.

The belts are made of high-quality materials, and the adjustable Gancini belt is one of the belts. The refined blend of textures and tones gives the belt a sophisticated feel. The belt can be worn on a suit or pants for special occasions.

10.Louis Vuitton – Reversible Taurillon $870

Louis Vuitton makes one of the most fashionable and classic expensive belts, which makes them different from other brands.

Also, the brand makes belts based on seasonal trends, and they do not use leather in making most of their belts. The designs used in their belts speak luxury and timeless style.

The Reversible Taurillon Puppets belt is an LV shape 40MM belt. It has a strap with bright accents and leather patches with playful puppet characters depicted. It is also embellished with an iconic Monogram pattern.

11.Selfridges and Co. Gold Belt

The luxurious Selfridge and Co. Gold belt is specifically handcrafted and made with premium materials. It offers users an opportunity to get the unique flexibility they desire using the best leather materials.

Tips On Buying the Most Expensive Belt

Going for one of the most expensive belts speaks volumes of your good sense of taste. When chosen correctly, a belt can tie your entire outfit together.

Using the right belt can bring out the beauty of any smart-casual wear. A wrong belt, on the other hand, will bring negative attention to you.

To prevent this, you need all the vital information out there about investing your money in any luxurious belt.

Go For Leather

You should choose full-grain leather and nubuck leather because they age well and they’re not stretchy. Nubuck leather is also often used on the internal part, and it’s highly durable and silky to touch.

Match With Shoes

It’s common knowledge that your belt has to match your shoes. So, when choosing your belt, ensure that it matches the color of shoes you’d wear often with it. Also, ensure that your belt’s design (patent, matte, or suede) blend with your favorite kicks.

Take a Measurement

Remember that belts come in various sizes, and you need the one with the perfect fit. Ideally, the normal belt length is usually between 1-11/2 inches. Wear this with any trouser style, and you’re good to go.

Match Your Metallic Accessories

Most expensive belt knuckle finishes come in brass, silver, or gold, and it’s great when they’re combined with your cufflinks or watch, or any other metallic accessories.

Go For Other Options

Even though leather belts seem to be the best choice, there are other excellent options you can choose from.

Woven fabric or twill cotton belts can give you a more personalized feel, especially when worn with casual summer outfits.

Get the Perfect Size

Creating your own holes on a belt doesn’t sound great, does it?

To get the perfect fit for you, the tip of the belt should extend beyond your first belt loop. Then, it should stop midway while going to the next loop.

The sizes are usually written in centimeters or inches.

The standard measurement for men’s belts is single-length sizing. But some brands name their belts the same way they name their clothing. That is, S, M, L, and XL, and the waist range often comes with size, and they’re usually in inches.


Owning one of the most expensive belt brands in the world will give you that unique, classy, and luxurious feeling while offering you the confidence and class you desire. Most of these belts can be used on casual or formal outfits.

You can not get a belt for every occasion but considering the major clothes you wear, and their color is a great way to get the right belt for your formal or casual wear.

With the right belt, you can look classy in a simple or stylish way.

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