10 Most Expensive Basketballs (to Ball In Style)

When it comes to playing a game of basketball, having a quality basketball is key. In most cases, having a good basketball that meets all the standard regulations can make or break a game – whether you’re just playing some street ball or you’re playing a professional game. As you may expect, there are numerous different types of basketballs, each of which are designed for distinct purposes. Some are more ideal for indoor games, while others are best suited for outdoor games.

However, there are also basketballs that are produced primarily as collectibles and are geared toward basketball lovers with deep pockets. So, what is the most expensive basketball ball out there and just how expensive is it? Although Spalding, the official ball used by NBA players, is considered the most expensive brand, it’s not the most expensive ball.

Aside from balls autographed by players, the most expensive basketball is the LV x NBA basketball. This ball was the result of a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the NBA, retailing for $2,210.

Curious if you have the funds to afford the most exclusive basketballs out there? Let’s take a deeper look at the __ most expensive basketball balls in the world.

1. LV x NBA Basketball – $2,210.00

The LV x NBA basketball is a true collector’s item. This ball was the result of a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the NBA. It takes a classic item and enhances it with iconic House signatures. The basketball features both the National Basketball Association and Louis Vuitton’s signatures.

Crafted from the same composite leather across Louis Vuitton’s leather good collection and embossed with the distinctive Monogram pattern, the LV x NBA basketball will run you $2,210. However, when the ball is in stock, it goes fast. So, if you’re able to find it for purchase resale, it’ll likely cost you much more.

Note: Louis Vuitton has an entire LV x NBA collection. In addition to the basketball, they also have shoes, bags, belts, coasters, and even a basketball hoop.

2. Spalding x Saint Laurent Basketball – $475.00

Originally released in March of 2021, the second most expensive basketball in the world is the Spalding x Saint Laurent ball. It was the result of a partnership between Spalding and Saint Laurent, where the iconic basketball was redesigned to have a black snakeskin effect. The ball has an embossed snakeskin pattern, is made of 100% polyurethane, and features both the Saint Laurent and Spalding signature in gold lettering.

Each purchase comes with a nylon drawstring bag that also displays both iconic signatures. The very exclusive Spalding x Saint Laurent basketball retails for $475, though many resell it for over double that price. You can purchase it now through YSL’s main website.

3. MCM x Wilson Basketball – $355.00

The MCM x Wilson basketball is another product of two iconic brands teaming up together. MCM Worldwide is a German leather luxury goods brand, while Wilson Sporting Goods is known for manufacturing a wide array of equipment for numerous sports, most notably – basketballs. This is a one-of-a-kind, limited edition ball, that has a 30-inch circumference, inflates to seven to nine pounds, and is designed for indoor use.

The price? Getting your hands on the MCM x Wilson basketball will set you back $355. However, the ball is currently out of stock on MCM’s website, but you can sign up to be notified when it goes back in stock. All MCM products are meticulously constructed to last for many years, though they do require special care.

MCM recommend the following care instructions to keep the MCM x Wilson basketball in top shape:

  • Keep the ball stored in the protective cloth dust bag it comes with, in a cool, dry location away from sunlight or bright lighting.
  • Avoid allowing the leather to get stained or wet.
  • If it does get wet or dirty, dry using a lint free, light-colored, cloth. Never use a solvent or soap on the surface.
  • Avoid rubbing or scratching the ball against abrasive surfaces, which may be hard to avoid if you plan to use this ball in a live game.

Over time, the leather of the basketball will develop a lovely patina, adding to the appeal of this highly exclusive basketball.

4. Porter x Spalding Basketball – $350.00

This exclusive basketball is a collaboration between the iconic American sports equipment manufacturer Spalding and the Japanese luggage and accessories brand. It comes in two distinct colorways, an olive green and deep matte black. Each option is finished with neon orange accent lines and features both the Spalding and Porter signatures.

It was originally released in March of 2021 for $299 and was exclusive to the NTWRK mobile app. Now, you can get your hands it from Zeppelins LLC. for $350. Each purchase comes with an orange Porter protective drawstring bag.

5. Versace Barocco Play On Print Basketball – $250.00

In 2019, the Italian luxury staple Versace produced a premium rendition of a football, soccer ball, and basketball. The Versace basketball features the brand’s signature Barocco pattern, printed all-over the surface of the ball. Made of 100% rubber, each ball features black detailing to accentuate the golden design.

The Versace Barocco Print basketball retails for $250 a piece. You can purchase it now at LUISAVIAROMA’s webstore, with $25 express shipping. Or, request to be notified when it’s back in stock on Versace’s site. While you’re there, check out their Barocco print soccer ball, football, and $3,126 leather boxing gloves.

6. 2020 Official NBA All-Star Game Chicago Money Ball Basketball – $239.95

Available from Collectible Supplies, the Spalding 2020 Official NBA All-Star Chicago Money Ball is not a replica. It is the on-court authentic Money Ball of 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago. Held and used by some of the best athletes in the world, the ball features deep channels that allow for greater release and rotation during shots.

It is the official NBA size and weight – size 7 and measuring 29.5 inches – and is designed for indoor use only. Only 2,020 units were produced, so this basketball is limited edition. To get your hands on one of the 2,020 balls made, you’ll have to fork over $239.95. Each ball is shipped inflated and individually numbered from 1 to 2020.

The 2020 Official NBA All-Star Game Chicago Money Ball Basketball is in stock and ready to ship now – don’t miss your chance!

7. LeatherHead Basketballs – $225.00

LeatherHead basketballs are all made of the highest quality American tanned leather. Featuring sewn seams and a lace made of rawhide, these balls are stylized replicas of the early era basketball, designed to mimic the original lace-up style during the sport’s formative years. They are slightly heavier than modern basketballs, but can still be dribbled, shot, and used for non-competitive play.

However, LeatherHead basketballs are best suited for display purposes only. The lace on the ball is in place to seal the gab where the ball’s rubber bladder is inserted. According to LeatherHead, the lace will not substantially impact the ball’s playability. Their balls come in a number of different colorways and materials, including their traditional brown leather, black onyx leather, American Bison leather, metallic gold leather, and brown suede.

The LeatherHead “full-size” basketballs, which measure a circumference of 30.25 inches, all retail for $225. However, they also produce “mini basketballs” for a lower price point of $150.

8. Spalding TF Model M Official Leather Indoor Game Basketball – $222.99

The Spalding TF Model M is the official game ball of the NBA. Of all the major basketball brands, Spalding is the most expensive. It is made of genuine Horween leather and while the ball can be challenging to use before it’s broken in, once it is the full-grain leather construction becomes butter-soft.

This ball is strictly designed to be used on hardwood and features nylon windings for superior structural integrity, a rotationally balance butyl bladder for optimum air retention, and wide channels for a more natural, comfortable grip. Purchase the Spalding TF Model M Official Indoor Game Basketball for $222.99 from goalinn.com, or sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock for just $149.99 on Spalding’s webstore.

Honorable Mentions

The following products are not technically basketballs in the purest sense of the word, but are still worth mentioning due to their exclusivity and high price points.

Dior x Daniel Arsham Eroded Basketball Future Relic – $12,000.00

Daniel Arsham is artist who is best-known for creating eroded casts of cultural objects. He created the Eroded Basketball Future Relic for Dior, each of which are hand-sculpted and encrusted with quartz crystal. Each Future Relic comes in a Dior and Daniel Arsham wooden art crate, with a pair of white gloves, a specially made sand timer, and a numbered certificate.

The product is limited edition, with only 250 in circulation. Although the Future Relic was originally available on Dior’s website for $12,000, you may have some luck finding one for sale on one of the many resale webstores.

Judith Leiber Couture Basketball Crystal Sphere Bag – $3,995.00

Fully beaded in the finest Austrian crystals, this product is a hard-shell sphere clutch bag designed in a basketball silhouette by Judith Leiber Couture. It is hinged at the bottom, with a push-lock clasp closure and a removable chain strap that can be stashed away inside. The bag can be purchased now through Neiman Marcus’ webstore for $3,995.

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