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6 Best Mini Muffin Brands

When you want a snack at work or school you may not be sure what to choose. A mini muffin is a delicious treat enjoyed by many.

Perhaps you have had them before during a study session or with coffee or tea. You might be wondering what the best brands of mini muffins are. Should you go with something as recognizable as Entenmann’s Little Bites Muffins or something else such as Walmart Marketside Mini Muffins. 

There are many things to consider when selecting the best muffin. Are you looking for something that is the best overall?

Perhaps you need something widely available? Maybe you are looking for something that tastes great for the picky eaters at home. Perhaps you are looking for the best value, or maybe you want something that is at a convenient location. No matter your issue we’ve covered it here. 

Best Mini Muffin Brands

Here is a quick breakdown of our favorite mini muffin brands and their defining features. 

  • Hostess Mini Muffins – Best Overall Muffin
  • Entenmann’s Little Bites Muffins– Best Widely Available Muffin
  • Little Debbie Mini Muffin– Best Tasting Muffin
  • Walmart’s Great Value and Marketside brand mini muffins- Best Store Brand Muffin
  • Bakers Treat Mini Muffins– Best Calorie Count Muffin
  •  7-Eleven Selects brand Mini Muffin– Best Convenience Store Muffin

These are the top picks for mini muffin brands. There are a lot of things to go over, so we put together this article on top mini muffin brands. We will cover many details regarding the muffins going forward.

Top Mini Muffin Brands

1.Hostess Mini Muffins – Best Overall Muffin

These snack cakes are produced by Hostess brands and cme in flavors like chocolate chip and blueberry. They are very flavorful and retain their freshness for up to fifty-five days. Due to this, you may want to buy a large quantity at once! They are made with eight grams of whole grain.

They come in a wide selection. There is no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors in these mini muffins. There are four muffins per pouch. They are so delicious and affordable and come in at number one on our list for all of those reasons.  


  • Now made with 8 grams of whole grain
  • Wide selection
  • No high fructose corn Syrup
  • No artificial colors


  • Only 4 muffins per pouch 

2.Entenmann’s Little Bites Muffins– Best Widely Available Muffin

Little bites are baked moist and soft with real ingredients since 1999. In addition to all of their varieties, they make other dessert cakes as well. Little bites are preportioned for children but can also be enjoyed by adults. They are widely available.

There is no high fructose corn syrup. However, there are only four muffins per pouch and the first ingredient is sugar. The muffins are 190 calories per pouch. These muffins are super tasty and come in a wide variety of flavors for you to enjoy. 


  • Widely available
  • No high fructose corn syrup


  • Only four muffins per pouch
  • The first ingredient is sugar
  • 190 Calories per pouch

3.Little Debbie Mini Muffin– Best Tasting Muffin

These muffins are ready to grab for a quick snack. You might see these muffins as an answer to an early morning sweet craving, packed in a lunch, or a snack for after school.

They are widely available and baked with real chocolate chips. There are only four muffins per pouch and they are 190 calories per serving. You probably won’t be able to believe how good they are when you are having them. They are very good tasting and come in a variety of flavors. 


  • Widely available
  • Baked with real chocolate chips


  • Only 4 muffins per pouch
  • 190 calories per pouch


4.Walmart’s Great Value and Marketside brand mini muffins- Best Store Brand Muffin

Walmart store brand muffins are both Great Value and Marketside. You’ll see people happily putting them in their carts while they are shopping at your local Walmart. They come with as many as 9 per package and are available in-store and online.

They have had issues with recalls in the past, however. These muffins are delicious and there’s enough to share between friends and relatives. They would be great to bring to a party for people to enjoy on an individual basis. 


  • 9 muffins per package
  • Available at Walmart and on


  • Recalled in 2021

5.Bakers Treat Mini Muffins– Best Calorie Count Muffin

When people want to save money you might see them shopping at Aldi. These Bakers Treat Mini muffins are available there in several flavors such as chocolate chip, blueberry, and confetti cake.

They are a lower calorie option than some others on this list coming in at 160 calories per serving.

However, since they are an Aldi brand they are not as widely available as some others. You’ll be saving money on this tasty treat when you go to the store next to you or order online through Instacart. 


  • 3 flavors: Chocolate chip, blueberry, and confetti cake
  • 160 calories per serving


  • Not widely available

6.7-Eleven Selects brand Mini Muffin– Best Convenience Store Muffin

These mini muffins in banana or blueberry are delicious in every mini bite. They are conveniently sold at your local 711. They are a little more high calorie per package with 210 calories, you get 3 muffins per package.

They have been issues with recalls in the past, and since they are a 711 brand they may be harder to find. However, these muffins are great and they pair deliciously with a coffee you can get at your nearest 711. 


  • Available at 711


  • 210 calories (70 per muffin)
  • 3 per package
  • Recalled in 2021
  • Not widely available

Tips for Buying Mini Muffins

  • Check out the ingredients. Sometimes the first ingredient is sugar, and if you are watching your sugar intake that could be an issue. Granted, muffins aren’t a healthier food choice but you can incorporate them occasionally into your diet. 
  • Watch the calorie count. You want to make sure you aren’t going over your daily limits. Some people might be tracking calories in a food app, so don’t forget to check out the label on the muffin box. 
  • Consider taste. Do you want a specific flavor? Many of these mini muffins come in multiple flavors for your to try, such as banana or chocolate chip. 
  • Keep an eye on the price. You might save money with store brands. Did you see that the Walmart brand muffins come in packs of 9? Time to save some money!
  • Consider availability. If you like them, are they easily available in your area to buy again? You might have to pass on a store brand muffin in that case. 
  • Check the quantity. Make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. You want to be paying as little as possible for as many muffins as you can get. Sometimes the muffins come in large boxes despite only being in servings of 4. 


Mini muffins are a delicious snack that is enjoyed by many people. Hopefully, after reading this article you are more likely to make the perfect choice when you are at the store.

You want to make sure that the muffins are the right price, taste, and calorie count for you. There can be a lot of factors going into purchasing just the right food item. 

Perhaps you are dieting and you’re ready to celebrate your success? No need to look further than a small pouch of delicious mini muffins. You won’t be going over your calorie count too much and you still get a great-tasting bunch of mini muffins. 

Maybe you are looking for a lunch snack for the kids or something for them to eat after school. You’ll be certain to see plenty of smiles with a pack of mini muffins. 

Alternatively, maybe you want a nice snack to have with a quick cup of coffee early in the morning, but don’t want to eat a whole muffin. Why not then choose to have a pouch of 4 mini muffins instead? 

Now the next thing to do is buy them and eat them! Delicious. 

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