Top 10 Mexican Motorcycle Brands [Domestic & Import]

In the past decade, Mexico’s motorcycle market has nearly doubled. The market has reached a surprising one million units sold per year. The Mexican Motorcycle market is only second to Brazil’s in South America.

This rise in the market is due to the local and international brands working in Mexico. The Mexican market grew with local brands such as Italika, Vento, etc., and international brands such as Suzuki, Honda, etc. It is one of the most successful markets in the world.

Top 10 Mexican Motorcycles Brands

1.Italika – Best Selling

Italika, with headquarters in Toluca, Mexico, was born in 2005. The intention was to assemble low-cost two-wheelers. Italika’s motorcycles were based on Asian design, technology, parts, etc.

Italika, in the beginning, imported parts from a Korean firm that supplied motorcycle and scooter parts to Hyosung. These parts in Mexico were then manufactured in local plants and distributed locally.

With the support of its parent company, Italika successfully moved the designing and manufacturing plants in the company. And its local plants allow it to manufacture up to 750,000 units per year.

Italika mainly targets low-income customers. That’s why it makes sure that it doesn’t cost that much to them. For this, Italika has to make some sacrifices to its bikes. 

They use cheap quality parts that make the motorcycles less reliable. But if you maintain your bike, you will find that you don’t have to go to the mechanic that often.


  • Well recognized brand.
  • Parts are available at all auto parts shops.


  • Uses cheap quality parts.
  • Mandatory insurance with Italika owned insurance company.

2.Veloci – Best Overall

Veloci has stayed far away from spotlights and worked on their motorcycles in the dark. This has allowed them to experiment on different motorcycles. With their experience, they have released a line of motorcycles for everyone.

Veloci motors fall in the middle category of motorcycles. From the premium motorcycles to the budget-friendly motorcycles. The features they provide with their motorcycles make them stand out. 

Over the last 60 years, Veloci has been in the motorcycle business, and it has stood strong. Their innovations and technologies stay in the motorcycles business even with strong competition.

3 years or 36,000 Km warranty (whichever occurs first) makes Veloci motorcycles premium. They have an app to check your motorcycle’s condition. It has 800 Veloci Service Centers in the country ready to serve you for service.


  • Budget-friendly motorcycles.
  • 3 years or 36,000 KM warranty.
  • The motorcycles are up to date with technology.


  • Requires an app to check for services required.

3.Dinamo motos – Large Variety

Dinamo motos is one of the top brands of motorcycles in Mexico. It offers a large variety of products. These include motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, etc. In addition, motorcycles are further classified into different types. This helps the Mexican customers understand which one is best suitable for their needs.

The motorcycles for work are suitable for those who need a commute to their offices. Whereas sports or classics are for those who want premium quality. All these motors use high-efficiency engines that provide remarkable mileage.

Dinamo motos has assembly plants all over Mexico, providing locally assembled motorcycles. Its motorcycles are cheaper, starting from roughly 24,000 Mexican dollars.

Dinamo motos has agencies all over the country, providing all the services in one place. They also offer accessories to their customers.


  • Provides a 24 months or 21,000 KM warranty.
  • A large variety of models to satisfy all types of customers.
  • Accessories are available for all models.


  • Has strict warranty conditions.
  • After-sales customer care is slow.

4.Vento – Most Affordable Motorcycles

Vento is the second best seller for motorcycles in Mexico. Although not as successful as Italika, it has proved itself to be one of the remarkable motorcycle manufacturers. With a wide range of motorcycles available, it had made its ground in the Mexican market.

Vento provides a warranty of 36 months or 33,000 Km, whichever comes first, for all its motorcycles. With this, the customer is satisfied that they’d get full support for their motorcycles for a long time. For this, it has over 800 service centers spreading all over the country.

You’d get models that go as low as 19,000 to 80,000 Mexican dollars. Meaning, you can get a cost-friendly motorcycle, or a sports motorcycle, whichever needs your suits at Vento.


  • 36 months or 33,000 KM warranty on all models.
  • A large variety of motorcycles.
  • 800 service centers all around the country.


  • Cheaper models don’t last long enough.

5.Kawasaki De Mexico – Best Luxury Motorcycle

Kawasaki is a Japan-based motorcycle, engines, aerospace, and defense manufacturer. The Mexican branch, known as Kawasaki De Mexico, was founded in 1988 in Monterey, NL. 

KDM has gained growth due to the quality of motorcycles. It is backed by Grupo Motomex, a leader in the Mexican motorcycle industry. 

Grupo Motomex’s 60 years of experience and Kawasaki De Mexico’s capable team had provided them with resources. This has allowed them to produce some of the finest motorcycles in Mexico.

KDM has focused on the premium motorcycles market. They have motorcycles of the sports category and the classic category. If you want to get a premium experience, Kawasaki De Mexico has everything for you.


  • Has premium models of motorcycles.
  • The KLX series are available for off-road experience.


  • No cheaper option is available.
  • Not a strong foothold in Mexico.

6.BMW Motorrad Mexico – Best Innovations

BMW is a brand that requires no introduction. And since 1923, BMW has been manufacturing motorcycles under the name ‘BMW Motorrad.’ This company has since ensured that the BMW motorcycles sub-branch stays relevant, and it has been successful in that too.

Since the company started supplying motorcycles in Mexico, it has ensured that it supplies high-quality models. These motorcycles fit in the luxury and premium category. Thanks to the innovations of the ‘BMW Motorrad’ company as a whole.

At first, BMW was providing a warranty for 2 years. But since 2019, every model sold afterward received a 3 years warranty. This is a unique warranty as it doesn’t have any mileage limit like other companies. This makes BMW a favorite in the luxury category.


  • A motorcycle manufacturing experience of approximately 100 years.
  • 36 months repair warrant without any mileage limit.
  • After-sales support is helpful.


  • Terms and Conditions for Warranty are Strict.

8.Harley Davidson – Best Premium Motorcycles

Harley Davidson is called the uncrowned king of motorcycles. And when it comes to the king, there’s no compromise on quality. That has stayed true with Harley Davidson since its foundation.

The company has been providing motorcycles to its customers in Mexico for a long time. These motorcycles have shown the customers what luxury truly means.

One thing is to be noted here is that Harley Davidson only targets the premium market. So, you won’t find its cheaper models at all. 

Their motorcycles, even in Mexico, have all technological advancements. They don’t compromise on the quality of the motorcycle at all.


  • Luxury motorcycles.
  • Parts and accessories are available for all models.
  • Motorcycles have the latest technology inside.


  • There are not enough service centers in Mexico.
  • Heavy taxes and import fees are imposed on the bikes.

9.Bajaj – Best for Mileage

Bajaj is a motorcycle company hailing from India. The company was created in 1945. And since then, the company has proved its worth. It now exports over 5 million motorcycles annually from 3 manufacturing centers in India.

Bajaj is a newer motorcycles manufacturer in Mexico. It announced installing a plant in Mexico to assemble 50,000 units per year. 

This provides Mexican customers with locally assembled motorcycles. Even though the company is newer than other giants producing or manufacturing motorcycles in Mexico. 

It has a strong product line available for its customers. The motorcycles available range from 30,000 to 70,000 Mexican dollars.


  • Variety of motorcycles available.
  • Latest patented technology in their motorcycles.
  • Good quality products used in production.


  • No cheaper models are under the 25,000 Mexican dollars category.
  • The resale value is not good enough.

10.Suzuki – Best for Commuting

Suzuki motors is a well-known motorcycles and motorcars brand hailing from japan. Suzuki’s motorcycles are available in almost all countries. And one such is Mexico.

Suzuki Motors Mexico has some remarkable models. These motorcycles, ranging from 20,000 to 420,000 Mexican dollars, are durable motorcycles found in Mexico. 

This wide range has allowed Suzuki to be a customer favorite. Whatever the needs are, Suzuki has a model for it. The cheap models are for jobs whereas the expensive models are for sports.

Suzuki has service centers spread all over the country. These service centers are available for customers claiming warranty.


  • Cheap motorcycles with good quality parts.
  • Models range from cheap jobs to luxury sports.
  • Durable motorcycles.


  • Not enough service centers.
  • The spare parts are expensive for job models.

11.Honda – Best Quality

Honda Motorcycles is another brand from Japan that is supplying motorcycles to Mexico. It has been in Mexico for a long time. However, slowly and gradually, it has increased its influence in the motorcycle market.

Honda has provided the best quality models for years in Mexico. These motorcycles are durable and have proved to be remarkable. 

The motorcycles are designed to fit the requirements. Even the cheaper models have cargo options, thus allowing for full customization.

The motorcycles range from 26,000 to 320,000 Mexican dollars. The job category motorcycles are expensive. But they make up for it by providing high-quality parts for the motorcycles. All in all, the Honda motorcycles are high-quality motorcycles.


  • The motorcycles are durable.
  • A variety of job motorcycles and scooters are available.


  • The cheapest motorcycle available is expensive compared to the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Motorcycles Popular in Mexico?

Yes, motorcycles have become quite popular in Mexico. The sales have gone up from a few hundred thousand to 1 million per year. This is mainly because of cheaper motorcycles available for workers. 

And the foundation of the local brand Italika has changed the market of Mexico. Italika dominates the market with its 70% share.

How Much Are Mexican Motorcycles?

Mexican motorcycles are not cheap. They cost from 20,000 Mexican dollars to 400,000 Mexican dollars. Some of the cheaper models are locally produced. Whereas the premium ones are imported from their respective countries. These models come with a hefty import fee.

Can I Bring a Motorcycle from Mexico to the USA?

Yes, you can bring a bike from Mexico to the USA. But for this, you either need to be a US citizen, a US company or have legal status to live and work in the US. You can bring in a bike that was originally designed for the USA. You’ll have to get it inspected and maybe modify it to meet US standards if some other.

Are There Motorcycle Clubs in Mexico?

Yes, there are several motorcycle clubs in Mexico. But these clubs don’t cause gang violence. The bikers in these clubs hang out together. They elect officials, go on group rides, and hold meetings. The members of the clubs support each other.


The rise of Mexico’s motorcycle brands gave rise to the local and international brands working in Mexico. Kawasaki, Italika, Dinamo motos, Vento, etc., have been working in Mexico for a long time. 

But this economic boom has allowed many international brands to start their work in Mexico. The best example is Bajaj, which has installed a manufacturing plant to install 50,000 units every year.

With these companies working in Mexico, the competition gets tough. This is better for the local consumer as they’d eventually get better and market competitive options to choose from.

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