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10 Best Mexican Cigarette Brands

Tourists flock to Mexico for its turquoise beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and rich history. Not only do they enjoy palatable Mexican cuisines, but they also enjoy Mexican cigarette brands. Mexican businesses have a long history of selling potent and flavorful cigarettes. 

The best cigarette brands in Mexico include Chesterfield, Alas, and Armada. These brands sell cigarettes packed with rich flavors that help create the ultimate smoking experience. There’s also a handful of other cigarette brands you must try while you’re in Mexico, such as Faros and Gratos.

Want to learn more about some of the best cigarette brands in Mexico? Take a look at our list of the top 10 Mexican cigarette brands. 

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Top Mexican Cigarette Brands


The first brand to make our top-ten list is Chesterfield. Mexicans called these cigarettes “Delicados” before Altria changed the name to Chesterfield. The Delicados brand was one of the oldest in Mexico.

It’s not uncommon for locals to still call Chesterfield cigarettes Delicados. Smokers on a budget bought Delicados because of their low price. In addition to being cheap, Delicados had no filter and rich tobacco.

You can find the now-Chesterfield cigarettes in various countries around the world. Initially introduced in 1873, almost every smoker knows of the Chesterfield name. Altria has introduced multiple types of Chesterfield cigarettes to the Mexican market, including “Remix Passion: Exotic Flavor.” 

Mexican stores sell a wide selection of Chesterfield cigarettes: Agate Super Slims, Blue (Lights), Bronze (Ultra Lights), Ivory Super Slims, and Red (Classic) cigarettes. Many smokers love Chesterfields for their bold flavors and mildness. Compared to the American version of Chesterfield cigarettes, the Mexican version is much more affordable. You get the same great tobacco without sacrificing the quality. 


Alas is a brand of cigarettes that comes from Mexico City. You’ll see that all Alas packages come with a stamp that proudly reads “hecho en Mexico” – “made in Mexico.”

As this is one of the few brands made in Mexico, you’ll find many vintage packages for sale on the internet. Some of these packages are empty, while others still have cigarettes inside. 

Both smokers and collectors enjoy Alas’ unique packaging. The front of the package has a plane embarking from a runway, complemented by red, white and blue. When you flip the container around, you’ll see a coat of arms.

Given the design of its packaging, many describe Alas as an “art deco” brand. Art deco is a style of art that has roots in 1940s France. Regardless of the design of their package, Alas cigarettes are a smooth smoke at a reasonable price. 


Although initially manufactured in Russia, Armada has a Mexican branch in Guadalajara. Many people in Europe and Asia buy Armada cigarettes if they’re looking for high-quality cigarettes at a reasonable price.

The parent company that owns Armada cigarettes is Innovation Tobacco. In Mexico, you can find Armada cigarettes scattered across the country in small corner stores and large shops.

The company behind Armada makes its cigarettes with tobacco from Italy, Russia, and Turkey. It mixes the tobacco with honey and vanilla to create a better smoking experience. Unlike other Mexican brands, Armada cigarettes have a filter and are much smoother.

In Spanish, “Armada” means navy, which signifies that strong and noble men choose to smoke Armada cigarettes. Like the other brands on our list, Armada cigarettes are cheap, and you can get yourself a pack of 20 for only a couple of dollars.

While there doesn’t appear to be much variety amongst the Armada product line, these cigarettes are pleasant and flavorful.  

4.Camel Mexico

Camel is inarguably one of the world’s most popular cigarette brands. Manufactured by Japan Tobacco outside of the United States, Camel has a product line that it offers to the Mexican market. Camel cigarettes come in various flavors and are widely available in Mexican convenience stores.

Some of the offerings in Mexico include Camel Crush, Blue, Menthol, and Turkish Gold cigarettes. With Mexico’s proximity to the United States, it’s not uncommon to see many of the same types of Camel cigarettes in Mexico.

However, because of lower taxes, Mexican Camel Cigarettes are much cheaper. A pack of Camel cigarettes in Mexico costs around 63 MXN (around $3.16).


Like Delicados, Faros are classic Mexican cigarettes. The word “Faro” translates to “Lighthouse” in English. In the early 20th century, Mexican workers had no other choice but to smoke Faros. These cigarettes were some of the cheapest and most potent on the market.

However, since they didn’t have a filter, they weren’t the smoothest cigarettes. To make these cigarettes more tolerable, the original manufacturer added sugar.

Nowadays, you can find Faros with and without filters. Many people sell mid-to-late 1900s Faros as a vintage collectible. However, you can still buy Faros in local stores throughout Mexico. Since it’s a local brand, you can expect to pay a little less for Faros compared to Camel and Pall Mall, for example. 


If you’re outside of Mexico, you won’t find much information about Gratos. However, research shows that these cigarettes come in a pack of 20, and the package says “tabaco suaves” – “smooth tobacco.”

These are short cigarettes that measure 70mm. Most images online show the menthol version of Gratos, undoubtedly the most popular. 

You can’t buy Gratos on the internet. Based on the packaging, Gratos appear much smoother than Faros and other brands with no filter. Unless you buy a vintage version, the most you should expect to pay for a pack of Gratos is around $3. 

7.Pall Mall Mexico

Like Camel, Pall Mall is another brand that almost every smoker recognizes. In Mexico, British American Tobacco (BAT) makes Pall Mall cigarettes. While Pall Malls are not originally from Mexico, unique types of Pall Mall cigarettes are available in this Latin American country.

British American Tobacco focuses on producing Pall Mall cigarettes full of flavor, with eye-catching packaging.

Some of the flavors you’ll find in Mexico include strawberry, New York Moonrise, and cucumber. Pall Mall also has menthol options available in Mexico. The cost of a 20-pack of Pall Mall cigarettes is around $3.30 or 65 MXN.  


The next brand to make our list is Raleigh. You’re probably thinking, “this doesn’t sound like a Mexican brand.” If so, you’re right. Raleigh cigarettes hit the American market in the mid-20th century.

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation was the company that originally manufactured and sold Raleigh cigarettes. Raleigh cigarettes come in a pack of 20 and measure 85mm. 

These cigarettes boast a filter, and the package reads “hecho in Mexico.” Like many Mexican brands, you won’t find a lot of information online about Raleigh cigarettes.

It isn’t very easy to order the Mexican version online. Suppose you want to get your hand on a pack of Raleigh cigarettes. In that case, you’ll need to take a trip to Mexico and visit local corner stores and supermarkets.


In Spanish, “Fortuna” means “fortune” or “good luck.” Although they originally hail from Spain, Fortuna cigarettes are popular in Mexico. Originally released to the Spanish market in 1974, Fortuna cigarettes reached the Americas in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Fortuna cigarettes are still made in Spain but have a blend of tobacco from various countries, including the United States.

Consumers have the option to choose from three different Fortuna products – Red, Blue, and Menthol. In their homeland of Spain, Fortuna cigarettes come in Oriental and Savannah Origin selections.

The cigarettes measure 85mm and come in a pack of 10, 20, or a carton of 40 packages. Fortuna’s mission is to provide smokers with a flavorful and bold smoking experience. Many big-name stores in the United States and Mexico sell Fortuna cigarettes, including Sam’s Club. No matter where you are, you won’t have difficulty finding a pack of Fortuna smokes.


The last brand to make our list is Kent. Although Kent is an American brand, the parent company, British American Tobacco, makes a Mexican version of the popular cigarettes. With roots dating back to 1952, this cigarette brand has a long history in North America.

Lorillard Tobacco Company first introduced the cigarette brand to the American market. Since its introduction, Kent’s popularity took off, and you can now buy these cigarettes in multiple countries worldwide.

British American Tobacco makes both standard and king-sized Kent cigarettes in Mexico. The cigarettes come with a filter and only cost a couple of dollars. Smokers enjoy the brand’s slow-burning, aromatic flavor. With a Kent cigarette, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy all that Mexico has to offer.

The Best Cigarette Brands in Mexico

Whether you’re going to Mexico for leisure or business, don’t forget to try some of Mexico’s unique cigarette brands.

You’ll enjoy an aromatic smoke for a fraction of what you’d pay in the United States or Europe. Be it Chesterfield or Armada, Mexico has some of the best cigarette offerings in Latin America. If you enjoy the smoke, why not take a carton or two home with you?

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