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Korean Sunglasses Brands [Top 10]

If you’ve ever seen a K-Pop music video, you should know that fashion is an integral part of everyday life in South Korea. Even though South Korea isn’t the sunniest or warmest country, that doesn’t stop the locals from sporting unique and stylish sunglasses. Koreans love to wear foreign brands, but there’s also massive demand for sunglasses made in South Korea.

Double Lovers, Carin, Projekt Produkt, and HONGHOL are the most popular Korean sunglasses brands. These brands topped our list for their extensive collection of products, unique designs, and excellent customer service. Every brand on the list offers premium sunglasses that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Nothing stops you from wearing sunglasses on an overcast day. More often than not, sunglasses are a way to complement your look. Some of the most fashionable sunglasses brands hail from South Korea. Most of these brands ship their products worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can get a sleek pair of Korean sunglasses. 

Korean Eyeglasses Brands

Korean Sunglasses Brands

1.Double Lovers

Double Lovers boasts an expansive collection of both glasses and sunglasses. Founded in 2015, Double Lovers creates sunglasses with bold and unique designs. You can choose from various eccentric tints – blood pink, rose gold, and gold blue, to name a few. 

The available styles include rimless designs, vintage throwbacks, and standard interchangeable sunglasses. Whether you’re walking the streets of Incheon or New York City, these sunglasses will undoubtedly make a statement. Double Lovers has frequent promotions, such as a 10,000-won discount if you sign up for their club. 


Koreans love Carin sunglasses for their modern and sophisticated design. Carin sunglasses are typically rounder and come in various tints. Its flagship store is in Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city. 

Albeit a Korean brand, Carin’s inspiration doesn’t come from South Korea. Instead, the brand’s inspiration lies in the modern yet practical design aesthetics of Scandinavia. You’ll find influencers from Milan to New York wearing Carin sunglasses. 

3.Projekt Produkt  

Based out of Seoul, Projekt Produkt is a designer sunglasses brand that has an elaborate product line. The brand’s styles range from square-shaped front frames to aviators.

Every design has a bold and brilliant aesthetic. Best of all, if you like a particular pair of sunglasses, you can likely purchase them in five or six different colors and shades.

 Every year, Projekt Produkt releases multiple collections, often collaborating with other designers.

For example, in 2020, the Seoul-based company unveiled viaplain X PROJEKT PRODUKT, a collection inspired by jazz musicians of the 1970s. You can purchase Projekt Produkt in various stores around the world, including the United States and Canada.


The next brand to make our list is HONGHOL. This Korean-based company sells artistic sunglasses with high-resolution and shatterproof lenses. The sunglasses have unique and eccentric shapes – similar to the sunglasses you see K-pop stars wearing.

HONGHOL’s sunglasses also boast VISION BOOSTER™ technology. HONGHOL has four different product lines: Avant-Courier, Trendy, Sport, and Cultural Heritage. 

HONGHOL sells its products in-person in Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon-si. There are currently no physical stores outside of South Korea.

However, if you’re outside of South Korea, you can buy HONGHOL sunglasses online. HONGHOL is continuing to innovate and expand its already eccentric line of sunglasses.

5.Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster might be one of the most well-known sunglasses brands in South Korea. Hankook Kim, the company’s CEO, founded the Seoul-based brand in 2011.

Gentle Monster gained fame for its quirky, out-of-this-world, and limited-edition sunglass designs. The renowned brand has a wide selection of styles – contemporary, experimental, aviator, and cat-eye, to name a few.

Thanks to Gentle Monster’s worldwide success, you can find these sunglasses from the streets of Los Angeles to New York City.

The brand frequently collaborates with designers and artists, such as Alexander Wang and Diplo. Gentle Monster even partnered with World of Warcraft to make its green Spectral Sight square-frame sunglasses.


Who would have thought that a German brand would create Korean sunglasses? YUN is doing just that. Based out of Berlin, YUN uses cutting-edge technology to create stunning sunglasses. Since YUN is so confident in the quality of its products, it gives shoppers a two-year warranty with each purchase.

YUN sells sunglasses made from metal, acetate, and combi. You’ll find various styles available, ranging from clip-on to oval-shaped glasses. Most of YUN’s sunglasses boast 99.9% UV protection and anti-scratch material.

YUN maintains a store in Berlin and Seoul, but you can also purchase sunglasses and eyeglasses online. If visiting one of YUN’s shops, the staff can customize your glasses in a matter of hours.


Another Korean sunglass brand that has ties in two countries is NYBK. This brand fuses the styles of Seoul and New York City.

With styles for men and women, “simplistic” and “sophisticated” are the best words to describe NYBK sunglasses. NYBK makes sunglasses by hand, and the colors range from silver to rose gold. 

The main goal behind NBYK is to provide “handmade frames at a reasonable cost.” Customers get a free warranty and 30-day shipping with each purchase. NBYK does not have a physical storefront; however, it notes that it ships products from Seoul.  


Founded in 2006, ALO is a well-known sunglass brand with numerous kiosks and storefronts in South Korea’s larger cities.

Customers can choose from a variety of styles, including round, square, hageum, and boeing sunglasses. ALO also sells its sunglasses online through its website.  

Although ALO’s collection of styles of sunglasses isn’t as expansive as other brands, they are relatively affordable given their high-quality materials.

ALO focuses on practicality and lightweight sunglasses that are perfect for everyday use. If you’re in South Korea, you get free shipping with every order. Those who purchase before 3 PM can expect to receive their order on the same day.


Headquartered in Seoul, MUZIK is a boutique brand with a unique collection of unconventional sunglasses. Customers can choose from various styles, including oversized, round, square, aviator, and cat-eye.

Most of MUZIK’s sunglasses come in multiple colors, ranging from navy blue to rose. MUZIK often collaborates with other design studios to create limited-edition sunglasses, such as the MUZIK X SUPERFICTION ‘IMAGINE, HOMMAGE PROJECT,’ a tribute to John Lennon.

MUZIK ships to nearly every country in the world via EMS. If you’re in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, you can expect your order to arrive within four to five business days. The Seoul-based brand also offers a custom laser-engraving service that allows you to personalize your sunglasses. 


The last Korean sunglass brand to make our list is LAPIZ. Based out of Hwaseong-si, LAPIZ sells sunglasses for women, men, and kids.

On the company’s website, you’ll find sunglasses made by other brands and LAPIZ’s brand, LAPIZ Sensible. In Spanish, ‘LAPIZ Sensible’ means simple pencil. The translation represents the company’s abstract and modern designs.

LAPIZ primarily focuses on the South Korean market. If you’re in South Korea and buy LAPIZ sunglasses, you can expect to receive your order in between two to three business days. You can also buy LAPIZ sunglasses at a few stores around South Korea. 

How Do Korean Sunglasses Differ from American Sunglasses?

The difference between Korean and American sunglasses boils down to the brand. Simplistic brands such as YUN and NYBK sell sunglasses very similar to what you’ll find in the United States. On the other hand, some Korean brands go out of their way to make futuristic-looking sunglasses that make people’s heads turn. 

Compared to American brands, Korean brands try to deliver a meaning with each product they sell. Furthermore, Korean companies often collaborate with celebrities and design studios. Based on our comparison of the two countries, such collaborations are not as common in the United States. 

How Much Do Korean Sunglasses Cost?

You can get Korean sunglasses for as little as $10 or as much as $1,000 and upwards. Out of the brands listed, Gentle Monster is a bit on the pricier side.

The brand’s sunglasses average around $300 to $400. Nonetheless, Korean sunglasses do not cost more than designer sunglasses that you’ll find in the United States and Europe. Given their quality and unique designs, Korean sunglasses are often a good deal. 

Can You Buy Korean Sunglasses From the USA?

Yes, you can buy Korean sunglasses from the USA. Most Korean sunglasses brands ship their products to countries around the world.

However, you don’t always get the chance to try on the sunglasses before buying them. A few Korean brands offer technologies that allow you to see how the sunglasses will look before you purchase them.

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A Final Glance

It’s no surprise that sunglasses are popular amongst South Koreans. However, the quality will vary greatly depending on the brand. Depending on your budget, you should start with Double Lovers or Carin. Both brands make high-quality sunglasses that will last years. They also have a wide selection of sunglasses. 

If you don’t find a product you like from the first two brands on the list, check out every brand’s website. Each brand boasts superb and stylish sunglasses that will complement virtually any outfit.