Top 10 Korean Shoe Brands [Sneakers & Dress Shoes & More]

If you love K-Fashion, you might be already aware of the fact that Korean Fashion is full of new designs in clothes, shoes and accessories. They’re recognized for their designs that are up-to-date, affordable and high-quality. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, or formal shoes, Korea has it all. Additionally, many influencers and trendsetters describe their wonderful experience shopping in Korea.

Most Korean shoe brands offer modern and youthful designs which cater to people of all ages and gender, but there is a particular focus on the younger generation. There is a wide range of shoe choices, from formal wear to sneakers and sandals. Lastly, affordable pricing is cherry on the top. Here is a list of Korean shoe brands worth your time!

The ten shoe brands are as follow:

  • MLB
  • RIU & VIU
  • DADAWEN Store
  • Suecomma Bonnie
  • Wise Enough
  • Login
  • Spur

Korean Shoe Brands


If you are a Korean brand enthusiast, you must have heard about SHOOPEN. They specialize in shoes, offering versatile range and high quality at affordable rates. The styles available are ideal for all, from the elderly to children. If you are searching for essential and everyday wear, SHOOPEN is an ideal option.

They place immense focus on quality manufacturing of shoes at affordable costs. They ensure that no customer goes empty-handed, gets the best value for money, and gets perfect shoes for all occasions.

Why is SHOOPEN ideal for you?

  • Huge range of colors and styles for males and females.
  • They are incredibly affordable.
  • They make shoes for all occasions.
  • All shoes are extremely comfortable.

2.MLB (Major League Baseball)

Major League Baseball is a professional sports organization of the baseball game. The company specializes in making products from shoes, hats, fashion accessories, bags, etc. Their production process is meticulous to ensure high quality, comfort and style. This ensures that the final product is outstanding in every way.

To offer customers the best sports shoes and casual wear sneakers, they are the best in town with high-quality and stylish designs, patterns, and colors. Apart from colors and designs, they also provide simplistic patterns of famous baseball team logos, making them one-of-a-kind. They offer the best for all genders and age groups.

Why is Major League Baseball ideal for you?

  • They pay attention to detail to ensure high quality.
  • They provide sneakers in all sizes.
  • The shoes are durable.
  • They have a wide range of designs.


Whenever the Korean shoe brand is in the discussion, it is impossible not to mention the DOMBA brand. It is a relatively newer brand that has attracted many young people with an excellent and sleek look, guaranteed quality, and affordable prices.

The DOMBA shoes have also attracted middle-aged people because of their simple but stylish look. The boots are ideal for formal or casual wear while offering extreme comfort for extended wear. Additionally, the quality makes them super long-lasting and perfect to pair with most outfits.

Why is DOMBA ideal for you?

  • The colors used are incredibly unique and offer a classic look.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Superior quality product.
  • Highly durable in use.


RIU & VIU is a brand representing a reimagined idea of Korean traditional footwear and aspires to grow as a complete fashion brand. The brand has successfully come up with beautiful pair of traditional Korean shoes which offer comfort like modern day shoes offer. Their products offer a unique style and unmatched quality.

This brand has successfully restored the history and tradition of Korea by extracting essence from history and recreating it in most unique manner.

Why is RIU & VIU ideal for you?

  • Restoring traditional style with modern comfort.
  • Superior quality
  • Unique designs
  • Stylish look with traditional touch in every piece.


DADAWEN Store came into being in 2013 and has grown ever since with exceptional quality and variety. They are known for the huge variety of shoes they offer for kids, teens and adults. The shoes offer extreme comfort and longevity with price being extremely pocket-friendly. Additionally, they include range of sport sandals and stylish oxford dress shoes which work well for all formal occasion or everyday office wear.

They also offer male and female boots, dress shoes, sandals and much more with superior quality. With the convenient delivery, unique style, high-quality, and efficient services, they have paved to become one of the most relied and trustworthy Korean shoe brand.

Why is DADAWEN Store ideal for you?

  • They have a subtle color combination which makes them elegant and sophisticated.
  • Offer detailed comfort for extended wear.
  • Huge variety of fashion or sports-specific products.
  • Can pair the shoes with vas variety of clothes.

6.Suecomma Bonnie

Bonnie Lie calls herself one of the “first generations of Korean shoe designers,” and she is right! She inaugurated a store with her self-designed generations003 at Cheongdam. She expanded her business to Japan after a year of operation and then continued to grow to Europe by 2011.

She designed most of the shoes in the outlet herself and used the best possible method to create the final product. This allows it to provide customers with a beautiful collection and high-quality shoes and sandals for women, ranging from average to high-end. The quality and make justify the price because of its quality and uniqueness.

Why is Suecomma Bonnie ideal for you?

  • Unique and distinct designs.
  • High-quality products.
  • Offer a vast range of shoe options for females.
  • A product is worthy of the price.

7.Wise Enough

Wise Enough was launched in 2014 as a male shoe brand. It was created by Director Seungjoon Lee ad Designer Junho Park who, to the present date, create without doubt outclass footwear. The products are made from the highest-quality leather coupled with Park’s very own patented P-Welt method. The products are not limited to any season or time frame but instead highly long-lasting.

The cost of the product might take a good portion of the paycheck but will provide you with a lifelong investment. The quality, color, and design are long-lasting so, you can keep it for years and decades without being out of trend or compromising on quality.

Why is Wise Enough ideal for you?

  • Specialized technique to create outclass products every single time.
  • Customized designs to ensure the product is one of its kind.
  • High-quality leather product to offer quality and looks.
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting.


YUUL YIE is a Korean brand which flamed the fire from Instagram. It was founded by Sunyuul Yie in 2010, she offers custom-made Italian leather shoes using only the finest materials. The brand offers high quality products which caters customer requirements of casual fashion with the unique touch. Their extra ordinary look and feel have helped it become the top selling brand. It develops concise design and exclusive for all season and they are available online for easy access by all.

Why is YUUL YIE ideal for you?

  • Detailed designing and exceptional quality shoes.
  • They are designed not only for looks but for comfort too.
  • Ideal fit for foot and detailed comfort. The prices are extremely pocket-friendly, given the quality and design.


If you are looking for female wear that is not harsh on foot and gives an elegant view, then Loyiq is the right pick for you. The designer of this brand Dong Hyun Lee makes classic and elite women’s footwear that won’t break your bank. The brand can be defined with simple, practical, and chic words. All of the designs are clean and contemporary, which you can utilize in all four seasons.

The designer Dong Hyun takes inspiration from the feet of trend followers in Paris and New York. Therefore, the products offered are classic but at a much lesser cost.

Why is Loyiq ideal for you?

  • Affordable products with classic and designs similar to high-end brands.
  • Offer comfort with a chic look to wear at all events.
  • Wide variety of food products.
  • Multi-cultural footwear designs.


It is famous for its statement products 100 percent hand-crafted in Korea. Regardless of their massive number of stores in Korea and abroad, they offer handmade products to ensure high quality to design and comfort in one. Apart from the sophisticated collection, their slips-on, pumps, and sandals are playful and colorful for daily wear. Lastly, regardless of the efforts gone in, the prices are highly affordable.

Why is Spur ideal for you?

  • Fresh designs for all to wear.
  • High-quality products which can last a lifetime.
  • Hand-crafted designs.

Korean Sandal Brands

Menore Slippers for Women and Men

Massage Foam Bathroom Slippers Non-Slip Spa Shower Sandal for Mens/Womens

Korean shoe brands are popular for a variety of reasons. Some, like Nike and Adidas, are well known and highly respected worldwide. Others, like Asics and New Balance, are more affordable and geared towards everyday use. Regardless of the brand, all Korean shoes are typically well-made and comfortable.